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A Diamond in My Pocket (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Diamond in My Heart (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diamond of Freedom (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diamond Bearer's Secret (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diamond Bearers' Destiny (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diamond Bearers' Rising (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diamond Bearer's Ring (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Lorena Angell grew up reading female authors like Madeleine L’Engle and Beverly Cleary, enjoying the way they were able to weave a story. She is married with three kids (all of whom are girls); she married her husband in the year 1989. She is the fourth kid in her family that has nine kids.

The only time she got an A for a book report, while she was in high school, was for a book she did not read.

She tried writing some of the stories in her head because of the Harry Potter books. A quote of J. K. Rowling’s helped, as well. She was hooked on the series by her kids.

After writing her first book, she allowed her husband to read a rough draft. It floored him. He told her that he had to keep reminding himself that his own wife wrote it, and it made him wonder who he was married to.

A lot of her books begin as detailed and vivid dreams that she has. Her series “Scars of Defiance” started as a recurring dream she had many years back, and it took her many years before she started writing things down. Part of her problem was that she never did all that well in English, a subject she probably should have paid better attention to while she was in school.

Something different happened before she began writing “A Diamond In My Pocket”. She dreamt the entire story, and it was all fantasy, something she never dreams. She woke up, and knew she had to write it all down. It took her four whole days to get it all down, with a lot changing through editing.

“A Diamond In My Pocket” is the first novel in the “Unaltered” series, which was released in the year 2011. Calli Courtnae is invited to prepare for National tryouts in Montana after she breaks the 100m World Record. When she gets there, though, she finds out, by using her lip reading ability, that she has been lied to or not told the entire truth. She is superhuman, one of the Runners. Part of her new world includes transporting packages for many other of the supernatural groups.

She is stuck with a Gothic roommate who is overly anxious. constantly gets glared down by Chris (who feels she does not belong and is the top dog). She is assigned to be a part of a delivery team to take a magic diamond to a group of terrorists who is able to kill people with just their thoughts.

Chris, who leads the team, is given the diamond, but Calli gets the actual stone. She has a vision, where she sees the future and is told why she was picked to carry the mission out. Just about immediately the hidden diamond oozes some more unprecedented powers and abilities in Calli. It makes her far more sought after than just the diamond by itself.

“A Diamond In My Heart” is the second novel in the “Unaltered” series, which was released in the year 2012. Calli Courtnae (just sixteen years old) is afraid of the fact that she is no match for some of the creatures that are turning up with different paranormal powers. There is the teen that is able to rewind time, and has some romantic fantasy going on in his head. There are more challenges ahead of her with the guy as he tries to save the entire world.

She is assigned by Maetha (who is her paranormal guide) to begin investigating the young man and show him what a real superhero is supposed to look like. Before that is possible, though, she is going to need to determine what his power really is. During this, someone is kidnapping clan leader that wear these near magical diamond amulets.

Calli feels like she is overwhelmed, seeing as how she has to keep the balance and figure it all out. All of her powers: her ability to see the future, read minds, locate the other Sanguine Diamond Bearers, should be good. They start becoming sour, though, when she finds out about some traitors that side with the United States government. It threatens her loved ones and this new world.

Even with all the powers she has, she feels up against big odds and extremely alone. She starts to question friendship and loyalty of those around her. Calli’s got no one to go to when she is faced with something that was inevitable, the reuniting of diamond shards.

“The Diamond of Freedom” is the third novel in the “Unaltered” series, which was released in the year 2013. Chris and Calli race against time to try and figure out the identity of the stone that is able to neutralize powers, which is able to prevent her from healing all of her injuries. Calli has to counter the effects of it, as well, before she will be able to fight against Freedom, the rogue Diamond Bearer so that she can save the guy she loves and her friends’ world.

During the huge battle between the extreme cosmic holders of power, weaknesses are used against one another and lifetime relationships are destroyed in an instant to get the upper hand. Times like these makes those who have no special abilities the most powerful of all. General Harding (Chris’ dad) made it a mission to wipe out all those with powers. He believes the lies he is fed, and misuses the status he has with the United States government. A weapon is about to finish being made that is designed to destroy those that have cosmic energy.

Calli meets Deus Ex (who is Brand Safferson’s half-sister and a proclaimed mercenary). The repeating abilities that she has are quite valuable in the effort to rescue Brand from the compound of General Harding. The risks of getting her to join Maetha’s side, after abandoning the Freedom side could be deadly.

Maetha gives proof that she is able to heal the DNA of a human that has been altered. This creates an Unaltered individual.

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