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Lorenzo Carcaterra is known as the number one bestselling author of the New York Times. He has highly successful career of over twenty years and has written for the various segments of fiction, non-fiction, film and television.

He was born and grew up in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York, USA. He joined the newspaper industry in his first job at the position of a copy boy in the year 1976. He successfully got promoted asan entertainment reporter just before quitting the paper to join the growing brand of that time, Time Inc. as a senior writer in 1982. After nine months the magazine ramped down and he was left unemployed. He worked at People Magazine for a brief period of four months and then started writing for a series of start-up publications like Special Reports Magazine, Picture Week and Entertainment Tonight Magazine along withfreelancing for many others.

Lorenzo Carcaterra switched to the television industry as creative consultant for the popular syndicated weekly television series produced by Grosso-Jacobson Productions, ‘Cop Talk: Behind the Shield’. The success of the show led him to the job of Managing Editor for the CBS weekly show ‘Top Cops’ also produced by Grosso-Jacobson Productions. The show ran for consecutive four years from 1990-94 and it continues to be in syndication today as well worldwide. Further he worked on a number of other pilots but they did not go on air.

He still resides in New York along with his pet, an english bulldog and two young children.


Lorenzo Carcaterra wrote the first two of his books – ‘A Safe Place’ and ‘Sleepers’ while he was working at Grosso-Jacobson Productions.

The first book published in the year 1993 was- ‘ A Safe Place’ which attracted extensive critical acclaim and the Newsweek defined it as ‘Unforgettable and a remarkable book.’ It is a beautiful piece of work by the author where the reader is left wondering at the destruction of Carcaterra’s youth, his survival to the adulthood and at the elegance that allowed him to craft this painful chronicle. The book narrates his story of growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York between the 1950s and ’60s in a relatively confusing world of fear and love for his ironically violent and affectionate father. He builds up powerful intensity for the reader when Lorenzo discovered that his father had murdered his first wife and he keeps wondering how could he love his father again. Does he still have the same murderous ferocity and would he again someday all of a sudden lash out at his loved ones? Whenever his father’s physical abuse increased, Lorenzo sought frenetically for a safer place, somewhere he could find peace, hope and reconciliation and set free from his father’s horrible shadow lingering around him. Lorenzo finally came to terms with the dreadful truth about his father in the book .

A Safe Place’ turned out to be a brilliant result for his first attempt at book writing and currently the book is in the 10th printing and has already sold around 200,000 copies in ten countries.

His second book Sleepers’ which published in 1995, turned out to be the number one bestseller in New York Times doing equally well in the hardcover as well as the paperback and gave him the national attention.

Sleepers’ is an extraordinary true story of four lifelong friends from the Hell’s kitchen area in New York who take the law into their hands. He succeeded in drawing a scorching portrait – of a system gone wrong and of the people, some of whom are innocent and some guilty and have to suffer the consequences. Author has magnificently crafted a sensational murder trial plot at the heart of Sleepers’ which eventually gives devastating, yet thrilling proof of street justice and accurately defines the meaning of love and loyalty between friends. Scripted with great humor and compassion, even at its most distressing , Sleeper’ gives you an unforgettable reading experience. The book recorded sales of more than 1.4 million copies having been sold in 35 countries, and is currently in the 30th printing.

‘Sleepers’ was turned into a film with superhit starcast like Robert DeNiro, Brad Pitt and Dustin Hoffman in the year 1996. It was directed by Barry Levinson and Lorenzo Carcaterra worked as a co-producer for the project. The movie has engrossed earnings in excess of $625 million worldwide from the combined sales from box-office, DVD, video and TV.

Lorenzo Carcaterra turned tofiction in his first novel, ‘Apaches’, which also turned out to be a bestseller in both the paperback and hardcover. It was published in more than a dozen countries and the book registered sales of more than 450,000 copies. ‘Apaches’ novel has also been optioned by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer, with Lorenzo Carcaterra slatedas an associate producer for this project.

He followed it up with ‘Gangster’ which published in the year 2001 in hardcover and became a superhit in the United Kingdom with over 400,000 copies sold.

He then wrote ‘Street Boys’ which is based on World War II story inspired by an incident in Naples, Italy during the fall in1943. ‘Street Boys’ book released in July, 2003 and crossed sales mark of 200,000 paperbacks in eight foreign countries. Bel Air Entertainment and Warner Bros. purchased the rights of the story in 2001 even prior to being completely written, and are working on the project with director Barry Levinson. Lorenzo Carcaterra has written the screenplay for the movie and will also be the executive producer.
In 2006, he published the ‘Chasers’ which was a sequel to Apaches’ and the movie rights for the book were taken by producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Till date, more than 75,000 copies have been sold.

The Wolf’ is his latest novel and the first one in the series of terrorists vs mob thrillers. Movie rights for the novel have already been purchased by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura.

In addition to the books, Lorenzo Carcaterra also wrote a number of teleplays and feature scripts which includes – ‘Dreamer,’ which is the story of famous singer Bobby Darin and directed by Barry Levinson for producers Warner Bros., and ‘Doubt’- another thriller story for Disney/Touchstone. In 2005, he also tailored his novel, ‘Gangster’, featured for the producer cum director Joe Roth. He has recently completed ‘The Ghost’, which is a script for the producer David Hoberman and Touchstone Television. Carcaterra also wrote ‘The Hall’ which was co- written with Jacqueline Zambrano as a pilot on Fox-TV, Rounders’, a pilot for NBC, and The Force’ for which was filmed in Toronto for the WB network.

Lorenzo Carcaterra also wrote for a video game for Atari/Eden named as -‘alone in the dark: near death investigation’.He is also an active contributor for The National Geographic Traveler’ and Maxim Magazine’. He is currently working on a new novel called ‘The Witch’ to be publishe in the summer of 2015.

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