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Death & the Redheaded Woman (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death & the Brewmaster's Widow (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death & the Gravedigger's Angel (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death & the Viking's Daughter (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Apart from being a historian, Loretta is also an established author, who is based in Missouri. After completing her high school education, Loretta Ross joined Cottey College and later on the world-renowned, University of Missouri, where she was awarded with a Bachelor’s degree in Archeology. Ever since Loretta learned how to read, she fell in love with mystery narratives. Loretta Ross debut novel is titled Death and the Redhead Woman and was published in the year 2015.

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Death and the-Redhead-Woman
Death and the-Redhead-Woman is author Loretta Ross debut novel. In Death and the-Redhead-Woman, author Loretta Ross introduces the readers to Wren Morgan, who works as an assistant auctioneer. The book begins as Wren arrives at an extremely old Victorian house, which is the oldest in the entire county. Wren is supposed to inspect the house before it is auctioned. However, just before Wren enters the house, she comes across a dead body on the floor. It is at this, point that Wren realizes that the upcoming auction, was not going to take place, anytime soon. Enter Death Bogart, a bounty hunter, and a private eye. Death recently arrived at the town while chasing down a bail jumper. Apart from being a bounty hunter, Death also happens to be a veteran, who left the military due to his health. Due to the fact that the government was taking quite long to process his health benefits, Death decided to live in his Jeep for the time being.

After getting, his detainee, Death takes him to the local police station and books him. Upon entering the police station, Death immediately notices an extremely beautiful woman sitting across the room. Immediately, Death is captivated by Wren’s astounding beauty. The relationship that eventually develops between Wren and Death was breathtaking, especially as the readers get to see how comfortable Death and Wren grew with one another. While serving in the army, Death has been through much and is in need of someone to share his fears and experiences with. Just as it is the case with many war veterans, Death suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and also physical disability. As expected, Death’s self-esteem is extremely low and has an extremely difficult time accepting assistance. Due to her previous experience, Wren fully understands how to tread carefully, to allow Death to open up and share his experiences with Wren at his own pace.

Nonetheless, Wren has a little bit of drama in her past as well. Death clearly knows that Wren is in need of someone to help her get on with her life and this person, should be someone that she can trust. Author Loretta Ross has penned these two characters in such a manner that the readers will become fully engaged in their lives and also what they are going quite easily. The central mystery of the plot is quite excellent. In Death and the Redheaded Woman, the readers are following the clues to solve a murder mystery and also learn which of the missing items are linked to the items stolen during the Civil War. With that said, the readers are going to fall in love with the two central characters, Death and Wren. Apart from being sweet, Wren is also extremely bright. Nonetheless, many at times, Wren was level-headed. She said things, without thinking twice. Death, on the other hand, was quite scrumptious. Apart from being extremely clever, Death was also quite the detective.

The Mystery of Death and the Redhead Woman was quite clever. It will definitely keep the readers guessing to the end. The mysteries felt quite plausible. The readers are definitely going to fall in love with the way both the mysteries were ultimately solved. Author Loretta Ross did a fantastic job of creating suspicion and suspense with numerous villains to disdain. The romance was quite light, with plenty of laughter and a smidgeon of heat. The interactions and connect felt quite genuine and will definitely have the readers smiling all the way. The location and the secondary characters all ensured that narrative progressed with humor. Author, Loretta Ross has given the readers a real sense of the locals and the town and in the process has allowed the readers to participate in the narrative.

Death and-the-Brewmaster’s Widow
Death and the-Brewmaster’s Widow is the second installment in the Auction Block Mystery. Apart from feeling like a polished narrative, Death and the-Brewmaster’s was quite mature. In Death and the-Brewmaster’s Widow, Randy, Death’s brother who served as a firefighter passed away in an arson. After his brother’s death, Death was handed the badge that belonged to his brother. However, after doing a little bit of digging, Death realized that the badge did not belong to his brother. Thus, Death embarks on a mission to establish what happened to his brother. It does not take long before Wren decided to go back to St. Louis to join Death in his investigation. Apart from the presence of the extra badge, Wren and Death also have to establish why both the badge and the helmet had wrong numbers. Wren and Death first begin by going to the building where Randy died to search for clues.

While all the members who work for the fire company are present to help. Eventually, it is the spouse of Randy’s best friend, who proves to be most helpful. Death eventually finds himself at the center of a local store robbery. Their investigation eventually leads them to the brewery caves, where Death falls ill due to his lung condition. With that said, the Death and the-Brewmaster’s Widow is mainly focused on the St. Louis brewing history, something that very few people know about. The inclusion of the St. Louis Brewing history was fantastic.

Death and-the-Gravedigger’s Angel
Death and-the-Gravedigger’s Angel is the third installment in the Auction Block book series. In Death and the Gravedigger’s Angel, one Tony Dozier, a former medic is accused of murdering one of the members of a group, which disrupted the burial of his wife. The defense attorneys file for premeditated murder, while the defense of the other hand file for temporary insanity. Nonetheless, the ex-marine, Death Bogart and Wren Morgan, the auctioneer believe there is much more to the story.

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