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Publication Order of Lisa Jamison Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Lori Duffy Foster is a former journalist who currently makes her home in provincial Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband and four children.

The author grew up in Saranac Lake deep in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Even though she has lived in many places, she has said that her heart will always be in Saranac Lake.
When she grew up to become an adult, she worked for “The Post Standard” in Syracuse where she spent nearly a dozen years reporting and writing on crime.

Working as a journalist, her work has been featured in several magazines, anthologies, and journals.

Some of the places she has had her works featured include Aethlon, Mountain Home, Short Story America, Crimespree, Childhood Regained, Literary Mama, and Healthy Living.
She loved working as a journalist, but she always felt a pull toward fiction. Duffy Foster published “A Dead Man’s Eyes,” her debut novel and the first of the “Lisa Jamison Mystery” series of novels in 2021.

When Lori Duffy Foster was a kid, she loved writing short stories and poems and never imagined that she would one day become a fiction author.

It was in college that she was infected with the writing bug but since she needed financial security, she decided to major in geochemistry.

In the last semester, she finally gave in and decided to major in interpersonal communications and creative writing. It was from this that she ended up becoming a journalist which she loved doing, particularly working the crime beat.
During this time, she took several graduate writing courses as she tried to find her narrative voice. Ultimately, she decided to take a creative writing master’s degree which made things very real.

Suddenly she had novel-length stories and stories in her head that pushed her to write them down. By this time, she had gotten married to her husband who worked as a nonfiction author and journalist.
When her husband got a job in Arizona, they decided that she would be better off changing her career since they did not like the many changes in the journalism industry.

Since she was pregnant and spending a lot of time at home, she began writing a novel.

A little-known fact is that Lori Duffy Foster never meant to be an author of thrillers and mysteries and used to love reading the likes of Russell Banks, John Irving, Wally Lamb, Toni Morrison, Philip Roth, and Anita Shreve.
When she wrote her first debut work, she came to the realization that there was nothing that was better at offering insights into human behavior.

While working as a journalist, she developed a fascination with the forces that push people to violate their own moral and social codes.

She was also intrigued by how people usually adjust their definitions of bad and good to always put themselves on the good side. Lori found there was no better way of exploring such dynamics than through thriller and mystery fiction.
Since she had loved reading the likes of The Lovely Bones, Room, A Time to Kill, and Gone Girl she thought she could write similar works herself. Now that she has a few under her belt, there is nothing she loves better than being a fiction author.

“A Dead Man’s Eyes” by Lori Duffy Foster is the story of Lisa Jamison who got pregnant at fifteen but has since done so well for herself.

She works for a well-respected newspaper as a reporter and her teenage daughter had grown up to become an honors student and athlete.

While they have recently been having a very rocky relationship, Lisa has accomplished what she has always wanted as her daughter is having the life she had always wished she had.
However, things changed when in the eyes of a dead man he sees her daughter. According to the police, this is a drug killing but Lisa is skeptical of their finding.
Her former boyfriend was not a drug dealer even though it has been sixteen years since she last set her eyes on him.

Lisa does not believe the warnings from her friend who is a medical examiner and ignores the thinly veiled threats from a neighboring county’s sheriff.
Instead, she risks her daughter’s, her best friend’s, and her own life as she embarks on a dangerous quest for vengeance.

The investigation leaves Lisa in a huge fight to protect her family in a dark morbid world she never imagined existed.

Lori Duffy Foster’s novel “Never Broken” opens with Lisa working on in-depth longer stories as a project writer.

At the moment, she is working on an urban renewal project in a seedy run-down part of town. The development has been controversial but things get interesting as she comes back from a press conference to find a half-dead man in the back of her car.

It is clear that the man has been treated badly given his emaciated look. She insists on taking him to the hospital but he refuses the offer as he is not interested in the police or going to the hospital.
He says he just ran away from a sweatshop where he had been enslaved for more than a dozen years. When he mentions the name of a woman who had gone missing 7 years earlier, Lisa smells an explosive story.

Lisa takes Saul home and calls her friend who is a doctor to check him out. She tells Lisa that the man needs a hospital but Saul says he will be found and killed and hence Lisa needs to come up with a solution fast.
After stashing him at a friend’s place in the country, she starts snooping around to try to find the sweatshop. But things will get even more complicated.

Lori Duffy Foster’s novel No Time to Breathe is another interesting addition to the Lisa Jamison series of novels.

The lead has just had a major blowout with her boyfriend and now needs some time to cool off. She heads to the kickboxing studio that belongs to Rocky her friend so that she can get rid of the stress of the fight with a workout.
She was expecting to find her friend setting up for the day’s class but someone had been there before she arrived. But she finds Ricky shot dead moments before she arrived making her the lead suspect as she was the first on the scene.
The only things that Lisa is desirous of is to find justice for Ricky and clear her name. However, the more she investigates the more dangerous things become. Will she be able to locate the killer before he silences her for good?

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