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Publication Order of Gates of Thread and Stone Books

Gates of Thread and Stone (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Infinite (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Pahua and the Soul Stealer (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shamanborn Books

Forest of Souls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken Web (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Calling of Light (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

A Thousand Beginnings and Endings(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lori M. Lee is a young adult and fantasy fiction author, lover of unicorns and an artist. She loves everything about magic, family, and manipulation and has a borderline compulsive interest in unicorns. Lee was born in Laos and her family was forced to flee her home and become refugees in Thailand before they moved to the US when she was three. She has wanted to become an author ever since she was in the third grade and as a preteen, she wrote her first fantasy romance as a self-insert portal. The novel never went anywhere but it convinced her that she could write. As a teen, she got a degree in creative writing as she believed that it would help her in her writing career. The voracious reader likes to read young adult fiction and says that mentally, she has never grown beyond fifteen. She is currently married to a social worker that thinks he is a comedian and together with their children and a Pitbull, the family loves in Wisconsin. Lori published her first novel “Gates of Thread and Stone” in 2014.

Growing up Lori had terrible grades until she discovered that she loved reading while she was in the second grade. This was probably because she was a stranger in a new country and did not yet speak English very well. Once she discovered reading and books, everything changed and she got into writing soon after and has never stopped since. She has written several short stories, an essay about her grandmother while she was in the seventh grade and several exchanges of letters and notebooks written in story format with family and friends. The idea for her debut novel came to her from something another writer friend said something in passing about time. She had always been fascinated with mind-controlled super combatants and this sparked the idea for her debut novel “Gates of Thread and Stone.” She started to write during National Novel Writing Month in 2009 and queried several authors to review her work. She was lucky to get representation in 2011 and after several revisions, the novel was published by Skyscape in 2014.

Lori M. Lee’s love story with storytelling and folktales was imparted by her family. Since her culture never had written language until about six decades ago, it had developed an amazing system of beautifully stitched story clothes and story traditions. As a teen that had struggled with identity issues that included a desire to distance herself from her culture and skin color. However she always felt a connection to folktales from her home country. Her mother told her a lot of stories from Laos and her brothers read to her from books of Hmong folktales ,even as she was also interested in Western and medieval fantasy. As a teen, she read a lot of romance and horror with pretty common tropes such as vengeful ghosts killing teens that had fallen in love with them. Some of her favorite authors were Leigh Bardugo and his “Grishaverse” series, Holly Black’s “The Cruel Prince” series, Rebecca Roanhorse’s “Trail of Lightning” and Emily X.R. Pan’s “The Astonishing Color of After” among many others. Her obsession with the paranormal and especially unicorns started during this time, as she believed they represented the best of fantasy and were just gorgeous. However much as she loved fantasy, they brought to the fore her identity issues since she could not see herself in the novels she loved. As such, she set out to write novels that have the same adventure, magic and characters and also incorporate the culture and identity she is now proud of.

Lori M. Lee’s debut novel “Gates of Thread and Stone” is set in a city full of secrets and walls. The lead is Kai, a seventeen-year-old teen who has a secret – she is an expert at manipulating the threads of time. As an eight-year-old, Kai had been found by Reev and had been in his care ever since. She does not know of her origin or where she got her strange but powerful and useful ability. All she knows is that they need to stay together if they are to survive. They are hoping to one day escape the labyrinth of the city and live in a real house and not in the freight container that they have lived in for years. Avan the shopkeeper’s son is the only friend that Kai has though he has a disreputable character that both intrigues and frightens her. But then her brother Reev goes missing and Kai vows to find him since keeping safe and silent could mean losing the only person she calls family forever. She decides to leave her home and go on a quest that may get her entangled in a revolution that has been brewing for centuries. But to save her brother, she needs to confront shocking truths about Reev and unravel threads about her past, her unique powers, and friendship with Avan.

Lee’s second novel “The Infinite” of the “Gates of Thread and Stone” series opens to Kai now resident in White Court after battling and killing the last Kahl of The City of Ninurta. Her brother and the Sentinels have now been freed from his control but Kai is still struggling to get to grips with the many changes in her life. It was the first time she had taken a life and even though Ninu the Kahl was a dangerous and vile man, she is still haunted by the memory. She had accomplished almost everything she set out to do but she finds it difficult to deal with the drastic evolution of Avan the love of her life and longtime crush. He had been murdered but she had brought him back to life as a powerful man and this has made him a very different man from the Avan she knew. But her issues with Avan become less significant once a new threat presents itself at the gates of Ninurta. They thought they were alone but now they learn that they will need the help of Ninurta if they are to survive the threat. Kai had restored the power to the people and the Sentinels when she defeated the last Kahl but now she is chosen to lead the fight for the city and its inhabitants. But she was never prepared for what is in store and quickly discovers that she may need every last bit of her powers and strength if she is to save the city once again.

Lori M. Lee’s newest series debuted with “Forest of Souls” that she published in 2020. The lead is Sircha Ashwyn a woman who is determined to make something of herself though she came from nothing. After she spends years in school hoping to graduate and become the queen’s chief spy, her plans go awry when her best friend Saengo is attacked and murdered by Shamans. She somehow resurrects Saengo and then becomes unveiled as a soul guide. What nobody knows is that he had spent centuries enforcing peace between the kingdoms of the Dead Wood. But the forests of the kingdoms are now growing untamed and wild and the only person who can hold them and the souls they hold is a soul guide. War is looming between the world of the living and the dead and it is now up to Sircha to use her paranormal powers to claim back Saengo who the dead deem one of their own.

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