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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Black Hour (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Pretty Things (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Day I Died (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under a Dark Sky (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lucky One (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at Greenway (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death of Us (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Murder-a-Go-Go's(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promophobia: Taking the Mystery Out of Promoting Crime Fiction(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lori Rader-Day is an award winning writer from America, who is famous for writing crime, mystery, and suspense novels. She has written all of her books so far as standalone novels. Some of the popular works of author Lori include Little Pretty Things, The Black Hour, Under a Dark Sky, and several others as well. Author Lori has won the Mary Higgins-Clark Award in 2016 and the Anthony Award in 2015. She has won both these awards in the category of the Best Debut Novel. In addition to writing a full length stand alone books, author Loris also likes to write short fiction stories. A few of her short fiction works have appeared in many popular literary magazines, including the Time Out Chicago, Ellery Queen Mystery Journal, Good Housekeeping, etc. Lori Rader Day was born in Thornton, Indiana, United States. She says that she always wanted to become a writer and was always motivated towards this field by her parents.

As of today, she resides in Chicago. Lori holds a chair at the conference of mystery readers called Murder & Mayhem in Chicago. Author Lori always likes to interact with her supporters and fans, so that she can take important suggestions from them for improving her future works. For this purpose, she maintains and manages a personal website in her name, which she uses to keep her fans updated about the recent happenings in her professional and personal life. Lori feels grateful to have found this career field and achieved fame and success through her hard work. She wishes to continue writing many more exciting mystery, suspense, and thriller novels in the years to come.

A very exciting book written by author Lori Rader-Day during the initial days of her literary career is entitled ‘The Black Hour’. It was released by the Seventh Street publication in the year 2014. This book features the chief characters in the roles of Amelia Emmet, Nathaniel Barber, and several others. Author Lori has done the setting of this book’s plot in Chicago. Amelia Emmet is introduced into the book as a professor of sociology living in Chicago. She has a research topic based on the subject of violence. While exploring this topic, she becomes so much involved around the violence that an unknown student shoots her. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that as soon as the student shoots Amelia Emmet, he shoots himself also. Luckily for Amelia, she survives, but the student loses his life. After recovering from the gunshot injury, Amelia Emmet comes back to the college campus and tries to keep up her schedule with the class. Her growing addiction to painkillers becomes a problem to worry about for her. And she also seems disturbed by the question of why the student tried to kill her? The only that Amelia wishes now is that her life becomes normal like before. But, she finds it very difficult to become normal again. At the age of 38, Amelia has to walk with the support of a cane.

The first time she comes to interact with her students after recovering, she ends up being in tears full of emotion. The other faculty members look uncomfortable around her. Also, her former boyfriend seems to have moved on, leaving her all by herself in such testing times. Later, Nathaniel Barber comes into Amelia’s life. He is a graduate student with an interest in the violent history of Chicago. Nathaniel seems very serious about his studies, but he is also quite messed up following the first heartbreak of his life, the death of his mother, and the disapproval of his father. Nathaniel gets assigned as the teaching assistant of Amelia Emmet. While doing this job, he also assists her carrying out the investigation related to her shooting, as she cannot do everything alone because of her broken leg. Being in the company of Amelia, Nathaniel hopes that she will approve the dissertation topic prepared by him, the attack on Amelia Emmet by a student. This is also the real reason behind Nathaniel’s decision to join the grad school. As the story proceeds to the climax, Nathaniel and Amelia stumble upon a path that will take them closer to the truth and reveal the reason behind the attack on her. However, they have to take the darker course and remain alive in order to know the truth.

Another important book penned by author Lori Day in her career is called ‘Little Pretty Things’. It was also published by Seventh Street publishers in 2015. In this particular book, author Lori has mentioned the lead characters in the form of Juliet Townsend, Madeleine Bell, and a few others as well. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Juliet Townsend has the knack of losing as she has been losing all through her life. When she was in high school, she used to lose all the races of the track team to her closest friend named Madeleine Bell. And after graduation, Juliet finds herself still running late from schedule and stuck in a tiresome job. Juliet Townsend works as a housekeeper at a one star motel known as the Midnight Inn. This motel seems to attract only those types of guests, who look to find cheap accomodation or are desperate to get a room as all the luxurious ones get fulled. In spite of all her failures, Juliet Townsend knows that she can get all those things on her own that her life cannot provide for her.

One night at the motel, Juliet sees Madeleine Bell checking in. She is very well dressed and has a precious diamond ring on her finger. Madeleine appears to have everything, in addition to her exquisite beauty. Looking at all the luxuries of Madeleine, Juliet grows jealous of her. But, the jealously does not remain for long, as Juliet is charged as the prime suspect in Madeleine’s murder in the next morning. Now, she realizes that if she wants to prove her innocence and protect herself, she must investigate the case on her own and find out the reality behind Madeleine’s murder. Her investigation reveals a lot of facts about the sparkling life of Madeleine Bell. Juliet understands that learning about Madeleine’s truth might cost her all that she did not realize she already had. Juliet Townsend becomes determined to not give up easily and put up a brave fight against her miserable condition. This book went on to become highly successful and was also awarded the 2016 Mary Higgins Award.

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