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Publication Order of Callie Cassidy Mysteries Books

Suitable for Framing (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Exposure (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Frozen in Motion (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Photo Finished (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Negative Reaction (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Graven Images (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lori Roberts Herbst made her fiction writing debut with the publishing of “Suitable for Framing” in 2021. The novel went on to win the Chanticleer International Book Award in its category.

She is a former educator who spent much of her life psychoanalyzing, editing, and writing. Lori also has a deeply rooted passion for psychology, darkrooms, and writing, as she loves inventing characters and building stories.
She spent more than three decades counseling teenagers, teaching journalism, instructing budding photographers, and advising yearbook and newspaper staff, and yet she surprisingly managed to remain sane.

Aside from her writing, she is also very active in the writing community. She is the secretary of the North Dallas chapter of the Sisters in Crime. She also has membership in the Mystery Writers of America and the national Guppy chapter.

As a child, Lori Roberts Herbst never imagined that she would grow up and become an author. When she was a student in junior high school, she thought she would become a popular actress and act on The Partridge Family as a girlfriend to David Cassidy.

By the time she got to high school, she realized she would never be that and got into journalism which is where she discovered that she loved telling people’s stories and writing.
Nonetheless, Lori had always been an avid reader who used to read her Beverly Cleary books until they were dog-eared and torn. Later, her love for fiction included anything from Stephen King to Louisa May Alcott.
Throughout her life, she used to scribble a few chapters and stories here and there, but the demands of her career and family prevented her from finishing it. Several years after she retired, she decided to combine her passion for reading and storytelling.

Lori Roberts began writing Suitable for Framing as a fifty-five-year-old and after a lot of editing and revision, she published it when she was fifty-eight.

When Lori Roberts Herbst is not writing her novels, she loves spending time in the mountains. Sometimes, she loves the beach and also explores the big cities which she finds a lot of fun.
It is for this reason that Callie Cassidy sets her life in Colorado, even though she is a lifelong Texan. She used to vacation in The Rocky Mountains with her family since she was a child and often dreamed of one day making her home there.
She now gets to transport herself there every day that she is writing. In the real world, she makes her home in a high-rise in Dallas with her husband whom she has been with for more than four decades.
Over the years, she has won several prestigious awards including Best Book of 2021 Silver Falchion and the Best Cocy Mystery Award Silver Falchion.
She sometimes communicates with her fans and readers through her newsletter where she provides her latest news.

Lori Roberts Herbst’s novel “Suitable for Framing” sees Callie Cassidy the prize-winning photojournalist back in the mountainside village where she grew up.
She believes that she had put the corpses and crime scenes in her rearview mirror. But once again she finds herself having to photograph a gruesome murder.

She has never been a stranger to corpses as she has spent more than twenty years working as a photojournalist in a big newspaper in the city that she had been nicknamed the Queen of the Dead.
She had been disgraced and had to go back home to the ski resort property on Rocky Mountain. She had been content to lay in the fetal position but her mother manages to get her out of the house so that she can go work at the Snowflake Swirl winter ball.

Her foray soon has her right into the middle of drama in town as she stumbles upon a deadly scene, even before the arrival of the first partygoer. On an office floor lays a former classmate that had been one of the meanest girls from her high school years.

On top of that body is another woman holding a bloody letter opener, Raul Sanchez a rookie detective believes she is the killer but Callie has other ideas.

“Double Exposure” by Lori Roberts Herbst is set in Rock Creek Village in Colorado during the summer. While the colorful sunsets and blooming wildflowers make everything feel picture-perfect, there is a murder inside the Sundance Studio.
Callie Cassidy is a former photojournalist from the city that finally is adjusting to life in the place where she grew up. She got back with an old boyfriend, made friends, and even bought her own townhouse.
The best thing is that her photography business has been booming too. When several journalists from her old employer come into town for a retreat, she cannot wait to meet and catch up.

She throws a wildly successful happy hour only for an old rival to turn up dead in Callie’s darkroom. Callie is sure she had locked up the room since there had been a lot of vandalism in town in the recent past.
Most residents are thrown into a tizzy and they push for the crime to be solved as soon as possible. If the crime is not resolved the Chamber of Commerce may cancel everything and they would all lose a lot of money.
Callie runs her own investigation alongside that of Detective Raul Sanchez but always feels like there is someone watching her too closely.

Will she be able to find the killer before it is too late?

Lori Roberts Herbst’s novel “Frozen in Motion” is another thrilling murder mystery in the Callie Cassidy Mysteries. Callie Cassidy is left nursing several injuries following a gruesome killing at the local hockey rink.
However, she is determined to catch the villain before he takes out someone else. Callie had hesitated when Renata Sanchez the hockey coach had asked for his help in exposing the nefarious activities of her ex-husband.

After all Raul Sanchez, the detective who is Renata’s brother has always hated it when Callie interferes with his cases. But now that she has been having a lot of problems with her husband she thinks she needs the distraction.
Before she embarks on her investigation, there is a confrontation that involves Raul, Renata, and her ex-husband. But then Renata’s former husband falls from the hockey arena catwalk to his death and she is the lead suspect.
Time is running out and Callie will need all the help she can get to exonerate her friend and find the real killer.

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