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Baking Made Easy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home Cooking Made Easy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lorraine Pascale's Fast, Fresh and Easy Food (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lighter Way to Bake (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Everyday Easy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to be a Better Cook (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eating Well Made Easy (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bake (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lorraine Pascale is a television personality from England that has garnered a reputation for her cooking abilities. When Lorraine isn’t hosting cooking shows on BBC, she is writing books about cooking and baking.


Lorraine Pascale was born in 1972 in Hackney. The author had a rather rocky start in life. Lorraine went into foster care as soon as she came into this world, only receiving a bit of a reprieve when a white family adopted her at the age of eighteen months and took her to their home in Oxfordshire.

That should have marked the beginning of a happy and healthy childhood for Lorraine. Unfortunately for the author, her new family wasn’t particularly stable. By the time she was three, divorce had entered into the picture.

Lorraine spent the next few years with her adoptive mother but she eventually fell ill and Lorraine had to be fostered with a few other families. The arrangement only lasted a few months before the author was returned to her adoptive mother.

Lorraine Pascale believes that she came out of that experience largely whole, and her childhood wasn’t completely gloomy. She got lucky later on. She was awarded a scholarship by an organization known as Buttle. At age eleven, Buttle agreed to finance her education for the next few years.

Lorraine appreciates the fact that the institute she attended at the time was a boarding school. Being away from her mother gave Lorraine a chance to escape the chaos of her home life.

As such, she was able to enjoy the benefits of a stable education. In fact, that is where Lorraine began to emerge as a person. Her world started to expand as she made new friends and participated in school activities.

The frightened reserved girl from Oxfordshire all but disappeared over time. The author’s love for cooking manifested slowly. Lorraine Pascale had plenty of passions at school, from drama to sports and even biology. But it wasn’t until she encountered cookery in home economics that the author knew she had found her calling.

Lorraine Pascale was drawn to cooking in ways she couldn’t describe. She loved the art and the skill involved in taking disparate ingredients and turning them into a complete meal.

The magic of it all moved her heart. The author was especially taken by baking. She remembers the first few times she stuffed concoctions of ingredients into an oven and drew them out, later on, to find that they had completely transformed. It was an experience like no other.

Lorraine has been cooking for a very long time and she still finds that the magic of cooking and baking can brighten her darkest days. Interestingly enough, for all the love she had for cooking, Lorraine didn’t pursue that particular path, at least not once she finished school.

Rather, Lorraine saw fit to become a fashion model. Her work took her from Australia to Ireland, Paris to London, and it gave her access to some of her favorite fashion icons. Lorraine was drawn back to her love of cooking primarily by her father.

Lorraine was often astounded by the level of contentment her father elicited from teaching Spanish. The man loved his work, and it took a while for Lorraine to realize that she didn’t have that as a model.

There was an emptiness in her soul that she wanted dearly to feel. So after a bit of soul-searching, and after settling into her marriage and her role as the mother of a beautiful daughter, Lorraine went looking for work that she could love.

You would think that Lorraine Pascale would immediately run to the kitchen to bask in that fire that cooking gave her in school. But Lorraine had run so far from the world of cooking that a career in that field did not immediately come into consideration.

Instead, Lorraine tried her hand at everything from interior design to hypnotherapy. It wasn’t until the author enrolled at Leiths School of Food and Wine that she realized what she had been yearning for.

Lorraine got her diploma, followed it up with a degree from the University of West London and then she started moving through some of the best kitchens in London. Rising through the cooking ranks wasn’t easy.

The hours were brutal but Lorraine persevered. And it wasn’t long before she opened her own bakery. That started the author on the path to stardom. She got herself a few book deals, largely because of all the TV offers coming her way.

Her brand hasn’t stopped growing since. Lorraine has made it her mission to help other people lead happier lives. She does this not only through the charities she supports – most of them related to adoption – but also with the books she writes.

Lorraine Pascale is happiest when she is giving back in some way.

The author knows who her biological parents are. She knows they have four children. However, she has no interest in reaching out to them.

Lorraine was once married to a Polish Musician. The couple eventually divorced.

The author’s filmography includes shows like ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’, ‘Baking Made Easy’ and ‘How to Be a Better Cook’ to mention but a few.

+Home Cooking Made Easy

Lorraine Pascale is a popular television chef that made a splash in the literary arena with ‘Baking Made Easy’. ‘Home Cooking Made’ easy is a sequel of sorts. Like its predecessor, this book is packed with recipes that have been simplified to make home cooking a relaxed and enjoyable activity.

As one might expect, unlike ‘Baking Made Easy’, ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’ goes beyond baking. From roasts to cozy soups and bread, this book has a rich offering of wide-ranging recipes for all manner of meals.

+100 Fabulous Easy to Bake Recipes

There are few chefs that know their way around an oven as well as Lorraine Pascal. This book provides a peek into her mind; readers are treated to a myriad of foolproof tips and techniques for achieving a successful baking experience.

From desserts to cakes and bread, there’s a recipe in here for any day, month, year or season. It doesn’t even really matter how well-versed you are in kitchen matters. Lorraine Pascale tells you everything you need to know.

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