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Publication Order of Los Lobos Books

Someone Like You (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for Gracie (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daughters of the Bride (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Los Logos book series is a wonderful series of romance and contemporary stories. It is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2004 and 2016. The romance series is written by a NY Times bestselling writer named Susan Mallory. Each of the books of this series consists of a different set of primary characters, who are shown getting involved in romantic relationships. Some of the most important characters mentioned by Mallory include Jill Strathern, Mac Kendreck, Gracie, Riley, Courtney Watson, Sienna Watson, Rachel Watson, and several others. The books are mainly set in a small town in Los Angeles called Los Lobos. Because of this typical setting, the series got its name as Los Lobos series. Each pair of characters depicted in every single book are mentioned as going through various adverse situations that test their patience.

They stick together and help each other in overcoming the difficulties. Finally, they end up cherishing their passionate romance. The books received a lot of appreciation in all the places of their publishing. Numerous readers from all across the globe have read and liked the stories very much. They have praised the characters, story-line, and settings, and have given excellent reviews on various literary platforms. Also, a number of critics have given rave reviews about the books and its characters in many literary magazines and journals. The fellow writers of Susan Mallory have also praised her for coming up with such interesting stories. Their praising comments have motivated her to keep writing interesting romance stories in her career.

Susan Mallory book’s have sold over 25 million printed copies throughout the world. She was listed as the number of one bestselling author on the New York Times. In all, Susan Mallory has penned over 150 novels. Her stories are mostly based on friendships, family, romantic relationships defining the lives of women. Author Mallory is well known for describing the nuanced characters into real life and emotionally complex situations with various twists & turns. Mallory likes to take active participation in the animal welfare activities and workshops. Because of her love for animals, she describes pets playing important roles in her stories. Mallory’s novels have been translated into as many as 28 foreign languages. For 4 continuous years, Mallory’s books have appeared in Top Ten Romances of Booklist. Throughout her writing career, Mallory has entertained her fans with her exciting stories. Many reviewers have described her stories as emotional, entertaining, heartwarming, hilarious, and intense.

Because of her huge success in the genre of romance stories, Mallory is regarded as romantic fiction stories’ queen. Seeing the enthusiasm of the readers worldwide towards her stories has made Mallory honored. Mallory’s birth took place in California. Currently, she resides in Seattle with her loving husband. Prior to the beginning of her career in the field of writing novels, Mallory obtained her bachelor’s degree in the subject of accounting. She also earned her master’s degree and then went on to study story structure under the courses of screen writing. The first published book of author Mallory came out soon after she finished college. Now, she has successful penned over twenty book series that have spanned 3 decades. Mallory seems quite content with the way her career has turned out to be. She intends to keep writing many more exciting books in the years to come and continue to entertain her fans all over the globe. Even her fans wait in eagerness for the release of her novels. Knowing this makes Mallory realize that she has done some good work indeed.

The debut book of the Los Lobos series is entitled ‘Someone Like You’. It was released by the HQN publication in the year 2004. The lead characters depicted in this book include Mac Kendreck and Jill Strathern. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that Jill Strathern moved out of her small town to explore life in a big city. She did not look back for many years. She makes a return to Los Lobos after several years to set up her private law practice. Jill comes to know that her crush from childhood, Mac Kendreck, has also come back to Los Lobos. He has become a cop in the Los Angeles Police Department. Even though Jill Strathern was rejected by Mac Kendreck in the high school days, she still has feelings for him. Jill is unable to deny the strong attraction she has for Mac. As the days pass by, Mac and Jill get entangled in drama for satisfying the jaded denizens of LA that includes social workers, mafia dons, angry exes, etc. They realize that a quirky 8-year old is capable of turning simple romances into complex ones. In the end, it is proved that in the matters related to heart, home is the best place for anyone to be.

The series’ next installment is called ‘Falling For Gracie’. It was also published by Harlequin in 2005. The chief characters of this novel include Gracie Landon and Riley Whitefield. Author Mallory has done the setting in California, United States. At the beginning of the book’s story, it is depicted that when Gracie Landon reaches the age of 14 she plans to fall in love first and then get married. Gracie comes across the 18-year old Riley Whitefield and begins a desperate affair with the heartthrob that makes her a legend in the entire town. Even after growing up into an adult, the Los Lobos locals don’t let Gracie forget about her teenage crush. She is not able to do it even if she wishes to because she keeps meeting him every now and then. Riley used to be a bad boy once. He had left town as he could not bear the disgrace. Now, Riley has returned with the intention of seeking respect in the eyes of others for him. He has undergone a lot of changes in his personality that make everyone notice that he is really serious about turning himself into a respectable citizen. However, the attraction between Riley and Gracie does not look respectable at all. Gracie looks determined to keep herself at a distance from Riley in order to prevent any other problem in her life. But, there is someone is Los Lobos who seems determined to spoil the reputations of both Riley & Gracie. In such a testing time, they realize that first love looks much better when it is given a second chance. So, they begin to embrace their love without any hesitation.

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