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Publication Order of Lost and Found Books

Fern Michaels was born Ruth Kuczkir on the 9th of April, 1933. She was born a tiny thing, weighing only 4.5 at birth. Her father gave her the nickname “Dink” because she was so little. Close family and friends still call Fern “Dink”.

After getting married to her high school sweetheart, they had five children. She’s still married to her sweetheart.

Ms Michaels started her writing career after her youngest child started college. Like most writing careers, hers didn’t come easy. Again, like most new writers, her first manuscript didn’t sell.

Ms Michaels did sell her second story and, of course, since then she has had dozens of books make the New York Times best-seller list. As a best-selling author since 1975 she has sold millions of books. She writes her beloved romance stories. She writes thrillers under the pen-name Iris Summers.

Ms Michaels has a particularly intense love for animals that she puts into remarkable action. For example, upon learning about the heroic in the line of duty death of a local police dog, she had bulletproof vests made for all the dogs in the police department.

Ms Michaels is serious about her writing career in a way that’s endearing and inspiring. She thinks the best part of writing is her connection with her readers.

As one would expect, she gets a lot of email from readers. One lady touched her in a way more special than others. A book Ms Michaels wrote, Dear Emily, is about overweight people. She hesitated because she didn’t want to offend with such a sensitive topic.

After publication she received a touching letter from a reader. This lady had read the story so many times, she was on her third copy of the book; she knew it by heart. She wrote to Ms Michaels, “You saved my life.” Ms Michaels: “It doesn’t get any better than that.” No it doesn’t.

In the Lost and Found Series we meet Luna. Luna Sage Bodman is a thirty-year-old woman who likes to dress like a hippie, with lots of rings, bracelets, and hair to her waist held back with a headband. She looks like she stepped out of 1969 Haight Ashbury.

Luna dabbles in psychology and occasionally does psychic “cold readings”. In college she was a psychology major and took classes in paranormal-psychology and also studied the principals of body language. With her college background she dabbles in the occasional psychic “cold readings”. After all, it is a way to make a bit of extra cash.

Her thirty-two year-old brother, Cullan Bodman, is as different from Luna as a brother can be. He’s logical, responsible, and very business like in manor and dress. However he is highly protective of his eccentric little sister when she is sneered at for her odd behavior.

Cullan is more sure about things that can measured by mathematics. He is not confident she does, in fact, have extraordinary talents, but either way, he won’t allow Luna to be disparaged.

When Cullan and Luna’s parents retired, Cullan and Luna became the managers of the family owned antique businesses. The family have antique stores and Cullan and Luna go in search of specific, requested items their high-paying clients seek.

Cullan and Luna make a good team. Cullan’s sharpness of dress and his excellent knowledge of business gives him the sharpness to be an excellent negotiator to the haughty clientele. Luna is a sensitive artist with an eye for high-value pieces. Because of her talents the haughty clientele puts up with her, most of the time.

In the Lost and Found Series by Fern Michaels, each book tells the tale of a specific antique and tell the story of its secrets, possible lies, and always a very dangerous past. The unsavory history of these lost, forgotten, moved, or misplaced will have to be sorted out by Luna with her special talents.

Hidden, the first of the Lost and Found Series, we find the siblings going about their work of inventorying a quantity of goods they bought from a salvage company. When Luna gets strange feelings from an old, worn farmhouse table, she’s compelled to investigate. Her brother helps her pry open a drawer and she finds an envelope stuck in the slide.

It’s the Last Will and Testament of Arthur Millstone, who as it happens, recently died. It was rumored the Late Mr Millstone had recently changed his will but it couldn’t be found.

Mr Millstone’s heir and greedy “trophy-wife” are going to guard what they believe is theirs. They will guard it ruthlessly. Unbeknownst to each other, Luna is looking for the previous owner and the two heirs are looking for the missing piece of furniture. They will collide in a horrible way.

Along the way, Luna’s intuition is guiding her and Cullan loves his sister and tries to humor her special talents. However, he is coming to the realization that Luna has a true gift for untangling secrets.

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  1. Barbara R Barden: 6 months ago

    I have read all 3 books in this series which I have really enjoyed. Now I have to wait again for the next one, which I’m sure will be worth the wait.

  2. Valerie Guida: 9 months ago

    Hello Fern I read all of your books they are amazing
    I was just wondering what the 4th and 5th book from the series
    Lost and found coming out and the titles
    Keep up the good work👍📖
    Stay safe and be well
    Valerie Guida


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