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Publication Order of Lost Colony Books

Lost Colony is a series of Science Fiction Romance novels written by Jayne Ann Krentz. The books take readers to distant worlds were men and women must fight tooth and nail to protect their love lives.

+The Story
Jayne Ann Krentz has made quite the name for herself in the publishing field. Even though she primarily writes romance, Jayne has a tendency to push the boundaries of the genre, experimenting with ideas that befuddle her counterparts in the field.

Jayne Ann Krentz fans who think that her penchant for reshaping romance only started in the 1990s and 2000s might find their notions challenged when they read the Lost Colony series which began publication in the 1980s and immediately garnered the author attention because of her decision to so thorough infuse her romance stories with science fiction.

The Lost Colony series takes place in the distant future. Mankind has conquered the stars and the human race has set up roots on different worlds. ‘Sweet Starfire’, the first novel in the series, specifically tells the story of Cidra and Teague.

Cidra hails from a race of intelligent, telepathic beings. Teague is a powerful man whose people emphasizes passion and strength. Cidra and Teague shouldn’t have anything to do with one another.

And yet when Cidra joins Teague on a quest that will awaken her telepathic powers, Cidra quickly finds that the two of them are not so different. They must juggle the minutiae of their love with all the enemies they have to evade.

Sweet Starfire provides the perfect entry point into the Lost Colony series because it gives readers a taste of the idea of romance in a science fiction setting. ‘Sweet Starfire’ is often commended and criticized in equal parts for being the most bizarre of the Lost Colony books.

The novel features strange creatures, alien plants, and futuristic technology. Jayne does what she can to keep the spotlight focused on the romance, and she mostly succeeds. Every adventure that Cidra and Teague encounter is designed to push their relationship forward in some way.

And there is plenty of sex. However, it would be wrong to call ‘Sweet Sacrifice’ a romance novel with elements of Science Fiction. Jayne Ann Krentz works really hard to build an original, fully realized futuristic alien world.

People who read ‘Sweet Starfire’ to completion will find that it is much easier for them to consume the rest of the stories in the Lost Colony series most of which are not quite as bold in their presentation of the science fiction elements.

It is worth mentioning that all the Lost Colony books stand on their own. There is nothing connecting Teague and Cidra’s story from ‘Sweet Starfire’ to Kalena and Firewhip’s romance in ‘Crystal Flame’, the sequel.

All the Lost Colony books take place in the same universe but each novel takes readers to a whole new world with a new set of characters. Even the science fiction concepts on display change, not to mention the flora and fauna, and the technology utilized.

In fact, it could be argued that each Lost Colony novel inhabits a slightly different sub-genre. The first novel is definitely Romance and Science Fiction. But the second novel is more like Romance and Fantasy.

The third novel also shakes things up. One never feels like they are reading the same story told over multiple books. However, the theme definitely stays the same. The heroes are always alpha males.

They are more intelligent than they look but they emphasize brawn above everything else. And even though they do not always know it, the heroes are attractive enough to make most women swoon.

The women are gorgeous. They also have some sort of conflict in their personal lives, a complication that inadvertently drives them into the arms of the hero. While sparks fly between the pair from the moment they meet, the protagonists initially resist their feelings for one another, this resulting from some personal bias or societal obstacle keeping them apart.

Over time, as they involuntarily spend time in one another’s company, love begins to take shape and the protagonists realize that they are ready and willing to fight any personal or societal forces that would deign to keep them apart.

There is plenty of action, adventure, and science fiction mayhem. The same can be said for the sex. Some of the Lost Colony novels are slow burns. The author takes her time building the romance between her characters. Others waste no time before throwing the hero and the heroine into one another’s arms.

Either way, the author spares no effort in delivering steamy, sensual, memorable sex scenes. In fact, the sex is the most commonly lauded aspect of the Lost Colony series.

Some people have complained that Jayne Ann Krentz makes these novels a little too complicated with the science fiction jargon and the technology and the minutiae of the alien cultures and traditions.

+The Author
Jayne Ann Krentz is a bestselling American author that has written several dozen novels in the genres of suspense and romance. A former student of the University of California (Santa Cruz) from where she got her degree in history, Jayyne has written novels under pen names like Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle.

+Sweet Starfire
Cidra comes from a race of telepathic and peaceful humans that favor mental progress and harmony above all else. Teague comes from a race of humans known as wolves.

The wolves live to pursue strength and passion. They also love sex, an activity than Cidra’s people disregard.

Cidra and Teague meet when Cidra boards his ship and asks for help. Cidra doesn’t feel like she belongs with her people. She doesn’t have the telepathic gift that makes her clan so special.

But she has hope that a special artifact will activate her sixth sense. Unfortunately, she needs a ship to undertake the journey that will change her life forever. And that is where Teague comes into the picture, the one man Cidra has no business falling for.

+Crystal Flame
Kalena’s house collapsed when a terrible man killed her parents. Her aunt raised her to do one thing: find and kill the man, Quintel. When her chance at revenge finally comes, Kalena, who loves her freedom more than life itself, is shocked to learn that the only way to put Quintel down is to marry his second in command, Ridge, and then hope that their relationship will grant her access to the man she hates.

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