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Publication Order of Lost Lords Books

Loving a Lost Lord (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Less Than a Lady (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nowhere Near Respectable (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Longer a Gentleman (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sometimes a Rogue (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Quite a Wife (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Always a Saint (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mary Jo Putney is a top historic romance author. Mary Jo is especially recognized today for her series titles, which are inclined to center on maverick men with formidable friendship networks. The Lost Lords series is having characters that are associated by their presence at Westerfield Academia.

In this Regency and dazzling romantic series, Mary Jo Putney features maverick childhood buddies, the lost lords with a sparkle for repel convention. Each is about to find the woman who’s his ideal match, but the perfection doesn’t occur effortlessly.

Loving a Lost Lord

Adam forgets everything about his past, his rank, his shipwreck that almost professed his life as he was struggling by the sea. However, he is excited to know that the golden haired lady looking after his injuries is his wife. Mariah’s face and name might not be familiar for him but her touching, her warmness, feels delightfully perfect.

When Mariah prayed for a solution to prevent a annoying suitor, she didn’t visualize she would discover the solution washed on land on a isolated beach. Making Adam to believe that she is his wife is remarkably easy. Dealing with the temptations to behave as his wife, in every single way, will show and now an enduring passion started in dream happens to be alarmingly real and totally irresistible

Never Less than a Lady

This is a sensual tale of a edgy noble man attracted to an attractive widow with a stunning past.

Alexander Randall, the only heir outstanding in the Era of Daventry understands his duty of finding a wife and gets a son of his very own. An ideal bride for him will be a biddable youthful girl of excellent dynasty. A village mid-wife, Julia Bancroft who haunts his imagination with a dark top secret which thrusts her into Alexander’s safety. Within a day, Julia continues to be kidnapped by her very first husband’s cronies, saved, and proposed to by a stranger. A marriage with Alexander Randall may benefit both of them, but Julia worries she can actually believe in her heart again, or fervent drive Randall ignites. However possibly just a Lost Lord can help a woman like Julia that everything a true marriage can be

Nowhere Near Respectable

This reveals a top limits noble plot which might verify simpler for Damian Mackenzie to deal with than his very own wild desire. He is a gambler and a bastard and society’s popular reprobate. But to Kiri Lawford he is a hero, a braver compared to smugglers as he saves her from, more respectable than any lord she has actually met, and much more appealing than any guy has a right to be.

But Damian has insider secrets that keep no space in his life for relationship high born young women particularly not the sibling of one of his older friends. However when Kiri’s fast thinking unveils a fatal risk to England’s crown, Damian discovers that she’s nowhere close to prim and respected as he initially thought and the woman is much more attractive than any man can avoid.

No Longer a Gentleman

Grey Sommers, in no way faced a scenario he could not find his exit of. Then there is a tryst with a govt official’s spouse after a bit of informal espionage in France, puts him to a few years in a dungeon, leaving behind a shadow of his previous self. However his biggest challenge could be the enigmatic secret agent sent to totally free his body, the only real woman who may possibly mend his soul.

Cassie Fox lost all in the turmoil of revolution, leaving behind merely a perseverance to help ruin Napoleon’s empire by means of her dangerous contacting. Saving Grey is only her one mission. She had not relied on a man with the plain appeal of a ravaged angel, whose determined bravery and weakness unfreeze her frozen heart. But a secret agent and a lord are split by a passage that is impassable even when they find a way to endure one final, frightening mission.

Sometimes a Rogue

When Miss Sarah Clarke impulsively changes the place of her twin sister, it puts her very own life in danger. If the kidnappers after her sibling find out they have kidnapped Sarah instead of her sister, she’ll surely shell out with her life. Rob Carmichael made it his devastating family by transforming his back on his history and becoming a powerful Bow Street Runner with an expertise for saving damsels in problems. Sarah is one damsel who’s equal to what ever arrives. No matter if rushing across Ireland along with her roguish rescuer or putting herself into his hands, she challenges Rob at each turn.

Not Quite a Wife

Lord Kirkland, James possess a shipping navy, 1 / 2 a London gaming property, and is an efficient spymaster. He is rarely self-indulgent besides in terms of the indomitable and gentle beauty who was his wife once.

Laurel Herbert as a young girl offered her heart to James until she observed him carry out an act of alarming violence in front of her eyes. That day she left her husband, and he also allows her go with no word of opposition and ten years later, an opportunity turns zealous, with outcomes that can’t be overlooked. But as they make an effort to reconstruct what was shattered, they have to face typical enemies and a very unusual love.

Not Always a Saint

Following the demise of his partner when he was at college, Daniel Herbert interred his agony in his studies and his enthusiasm for healing. Seen as a saint by people who know him, in his personal mind he never ever seems to meet his own higher standard. He doesn’t anticipate to become intoxicated by a Black Widow who’s as mystical as she’s shockingly gorgeous.

Jessie Kelham is now alone with a little daughter and a risky secret; she’s trying to find protection. But perilously attractive Daniel Herbert isn’t the type of husband she’s got in mind. If he identifies her, the devils of her past will certainly erupt. Yet they can’t keep separate and shortly they are attracted into a marriage that could bring delight or breaking danger.

This wonderful series is the best example that the New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney is a writer with great vision.

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