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Publication Order of The Lost Stars Books

Tarnished Knight (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perilous Shield (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imperfect Sword (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shattered Spear (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Lost Stars book series is an exciting series of space opera, science fiction, military fiction, and space war stories. It is written by a reputed American writer named John G. Henry under the pseudonym of Jack Campbell. The series started in 2012 and comprised of 4 books until 2016. Author Jack Campbell has set this series in the original Lost Fleet universe created by him. It features a space team called Lost Stars, which was formerly known as The Phoenix Stars, that is required to deal with the Syndicate Worlds’ collapse. As the series progresses further, it is shown that the CEO commanders of Midway Systems and ground forces are forced to put in special efforts to deal with the events that unfold after the collapse.

Jack Campbell has expanded the series to include the point of view of the citizens of the Syndicate Worlds and the reaction of the Midway System’s leaders to the central authority’s collapse. The events of this series occur in synchrony with those mentioned in the Beyond the Frontier novel series. Some of the essential characters created by Jack Campbell for this series include Gwen Iceni, Asima Marphissa, Artur Drakon, and several others. Jack Campbell has filled the novels with action-packed sequences and high octane drama.

An exciting novel of the Lost Stars series written by author Jack Campbell is entitled ‘Perilous Shield’. It was released by the Ace Hardcover publication in 2012. The book opens by showing that a successful coup takes place at the hands of the Midway Star System’s rebel leaders, after which they struggle to form a government that is strong enough and free enough to secure its power and please the citizens respectively. The world has changed so much that the ex-rulers have turned into new enemies. When an alien attack threatens to wipe out humanity, old adversaries decide to come forward and become allies. General Artur Drakon appears to be a man of his words. He thinks that those who confide in a CEO of the Syndicate are betrayed, stupid, and dead.

In spite of his misgivings, he decides to partner up with a former CEO for overthrowing the Syndic forces. When an enigma fleet endangers the hard-earned independence of the rebels, Artur Drakon feels he cannot afford to lose or trust the new partner. President Gwen Iceni, the new ally of General Drakon, believes that the best defense of humanity against the alien fleet is Midway. She has received training of self-preservation from the Syndicate that she often uses to overcome crisis situations. Gwen Iceni is fully determined to stand up for the fate of the star system and is willing to do everything in her capacity. She doesn’t mind joining hands with Artur Drakon even though she knows that he has always hated the Alliance.

With the hope of achieving greater reward, Gwen and Artur plan to place the Midway System’s fleet at great risk. They recruit personnel capable of manning warships in the battle against the enigma fleet. Before going on to face the alien attack, Artur Drakon and Gwen Iceni are forced to deal with the hidden dangers that are closer to their home. These dangers are in the form of human threats and can jeopardize the freedom of the Midway System as well as their lives.

Another interesting book of this series is known as ‘Imperfect Sword’. It was also published by Ace Hardcover in 2013. This novel opens by mentioning that Drakon and Iceni succeed in liberating the Midway System. They know that the Syndicate Worlds’ former rulers are not going to surrender without fighting until their last breath. The former CEOs of the Syndicate are ordered for termination by the dictatorial regime with extreme prejudice along with punishment for the citizens of the system for showing defiance. The Midway warships are outnumbered and are headed by junior officers, who have been given a promotion hastily because of the uprising. So, the warships don’t seem to be a match for the vast fleet preparing to attack them.

However, Iceni and Drakon don’t just face a threat from the Syndicate. They learn that another ex-CEO has taken the Ulindi System under his control in an attempt to establish his own empire. Therefore, they are forced to send some of their forces to Ulindi to prevent it from getting overtaken. Shortly after, violence erupts in Midway as the agents of Syndicate and other enemies attack Gwen Iceni’s fleet, leaving her vulnerable. Drakon also seems helpless in this situation. Both of them fear getting betrayed at the hands of their most trusted officers, who seem to be waiting for a moment like this to catch up on.

Jack Campbell is a renowned American writer of military science fiction stories. The name is actually a pen name used by John G Hemry for writing such types of novels. He is a retired Navy officer and uses his experience to write the Paul Sinclair and Stark’s War series under his original name. As Jack Campbell, he has penned the popular book series called Lost Fleet. Additionally, John has written more than a dozen articles and short stories that have been published the Analog magazine. He has even penned some nonfiction works in his career. Following the grand success of the Lost Fleet books, John developed a spin-off series and named it Beyond the Frontier. The spin-off series focused on the primary characters from the original series. Thereafter, several other successful novel series also followed, including Pillars of Reality, Lost Stars, Legacy of Dragons, Genesis Fleet, etc.

John was born on April 14, 1956, and grew up in places like San Diego, Midway Island, and Pensacola due to his father’s service in the US Navy. He used to idolize his father and followed in his footsteps to join the Navy. Before that, John completed his schooling in 1974 from Lyons High School and then graduated from the United States Naval School in 1978. Currently, he resides in Maryland with his better half and their 3 children. John continues to write even today and is a proud SFWA member. He also looks to interact with his fans on social media and give out updates regarding the latest developments in his career. In his spare time, John likes to be in the company of his family members and look after his two autistic children. He sees them as his hope and motivation to work harder and come up with excellent stories every time.

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