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Publication Order of Lou Mason Mystery Books

Lou Mason or, better still, the Lou Mason Mystery series, is the title of a series of books written by American sexagenarian author Joel K. Goldman. Joel Goldman is a resident of Kansas City in Missouri. He has been a trial attorney, operating from the same region. These two aspects, both his real-life profession and his residential area, mostly form the backdrop of his acclaimed Lou Mason series. What’s more, Lou Mason denotes the name of the main character in the said series.

Lou Mason, who is a trial attorney like the actual profession of his creator author Goldman, is the featured protagonist in the Lou Mason series of books penned by Joel Goldman. This fictitious and dedicated trial attorney is also domiciled in Kansas City, Missouri state. There are several editions of the first book in the aforementioned series. But the earliest edition of the first book with protagonist Lou Mason contained therein was published in February 2002 and is titled Motion To Kill. The Lou Mason series of novels is classified under the mystery and suspense genres, and the legal thriller sub-genre.

There is a plethora of issues which occur in the Lou Mason series. They range from organized crime such as extortion to series of murders to sex to mobsters to corruption. All in all, this series of legal books paints a grim picture of the dark underbelly of Kansas City, the underhand operations of law firms in the cut-throat corporate America, and what transpires behind the facade of impressive suits clad by who’s who. Meet Lou Mason. He is a junior partner in a Kansas City-based law firm called Sullivan and Christenson. The senior partner in the firm is Richard Sullivan; incidentally, Sullivan also has a business associate and high-profile client called Victor O’Malley.

The turning point of Motion To Kill is the death, which is seemingly murder, of Mason’s fellow partner Richard Sullivan. In the run up to Sullivan’s suspicious death, Richard Sullivan and his associate Victor O’Malley had been conducting some suspicious business operations which warranted the FBI to start investigating them. Just before he died, Sullivan tried in a vain attempt to sacrifice Mason at the altar of a deal gone bad. Worse still, Mason survived an assassination attempt whereby the prospective killer was looking forward to murdering him and making it appear like he motor accident.

Mason’s position is complicated by the fact that, shortly before Sullivan died, the latter had directed him to destroy some files in a bid to exonerate the firm from a criminal investigation. Unfortunately for Sullivan, Mason disregarded the direction and, ordinarily, he is now being fingered for Sullivan’s murder. By and by, Mason is mandated to search through Sullivan’s documents and find out what transpired between their law firm and its client O’Malley.

Lou Mason series: Nominated for Awards
The Lou Mason series has been nominated for prestigious awards. For instance, in 2004, author Joel Goldman was nominated for the coveted Edgar Awards. His 2003 book entitled The Last Witness was a finalist in the Best Paperback Original category. Goldman was also been nominated for the Shamus Awards in 2006. In this context, it was by virtue of his book titled Deadlocked; this book, which was published in 2005, is the forth book in the Lou Mason series. The book was nominated in the Best Paperback Original Private Investigator Novel category.

Lou Mason series: Best Books
The books in the Lou Mason series are marvelous in their own right. However, the following are three of the best books in that series, either by virtue of popular opinion or being nominated for a notable award. The first book, titled Motion To Kill, is one of them. Without seemingly laboring the point, this book is all about the murder involving two partners in a Kansas City-based law firm; protagonist Lou Mason embarks on a sleuthing mission in a bid to track their murderers.

The other awesome book in the Lou Mason series is titled The Last Witness. This book, which was published in March 2003 and is the second in this series, is all about being targeted for an assassination and the target doing his level best to outwit the assassin. Hereby, Mason’s father is defending his bosom friend and former law enforcer called Wilson Bluestone Jr. Incidentally, Bluestone Jr. has been arrested by Mason’s father, Harry Ryman, who is a homicide investigator, for allegedly murdering a high-profile lawyer called Jack Cullan.

Another notable book in the Lou Mason series is Deadlocked. It is among the three best by virtue of being nominated for the Shamus Awards. Treachery, killing, and sleaze are some of the issues contained therein. The launch pad of the plot is the court’s decision to sentence a suspect to death and execute him. In this case, the suspect is Ryan Kowalczyk who has been charged with murdering a youthful couple. Worse still, a hitherto friend has now become an enemy. Trial attorney Lou Mason comes in in this context; the defendants seek his services in their quest for proving that the so-called suspect is not guilty. But attorney Mason has an uphill task because the more he delves into the circumstances concerning the case, the more he endangers his life.

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The second one is called Diagnosis Murder series and is authored by Lee Goldberg. This are novelizations of a television series titled Diagnosis Murder which aired between 1993 and 2001. It features Dr. Mark Sloan who is a consultant with the Los Angeles Police Department. He is involved in a case where his knowledge of medicine might make or break the case. Another impressive series is entitled A Blanco County Mystery and is authored by Ben Rehder.This series is set in Blanco County and features John Marlin, a game warden faced with poaching issues and a person dressed like an animal being murdered, and Herbert Mackey, a local sheriff.

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