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Publication Order of Lou Prophet Books

Stagecoach to Purgatory / The Devil and Lou Prophet (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood at Sundown / Dealt the Devil's Hand (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Riding with the Devil's Mistress / The Cost of Dying (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil Gets His Due / The Graves at Seven Devils (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Staring Down the Devil / Helldorado (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Lair / The Devil's Winchester (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Laughter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killing Melvin Badthunder (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hell's Angel (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Bride (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil's Ambush (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lou Prophet (Series by Peter Brandvold) is a Western book series based around the main character of the same name. Lou is a bounty hunter who loves his job and enjoys the spoils that come along with it. A character who enjoys keeping himself busy and entertained by both wine and his love for women. He dislikes staying stagnant for too long and enjoys the fact that his job is never dull. Lou is a tough and strong-willed character but has the basic cracks and flaws that make up any quality protagonist. Described as a very sincere character, Lou draws the reader into his world and his sharp personality as most of the people knew him.

The author Peter Brandvold has written over 75 stories and many popular series. The Lou Prophet series being one of his more popular works. With long-term experience, he works on mostly western style novels and was born in North Dakota.

With a total of 12 books in this long-running series, readers will have plenty of meat to sink their teeth into. It is your typical Western with quick action and witty one-liners. With a deep and complex array of characters and a rather strong and interesting protagonist, it definitely provides what is needed for an interesting series.

Many of the great qualities of this character are wrapped up in the typical lead western protagonist role. He is strong and smart and always ready for whatever might come next. Lou never ceases to push through his obstacles, even after being shot and nearly killed. This makes the reader rather intrigued by his non-stop strength and internal will-power. Lou has a soft spot for beautiful women, playing perfectly in time with the type of character that the author should create in any quality western story. With a bit of a pithy personality, Lou is constantly keeping the readers excited and intrigued by his next move.

If you enjoy a character who always seems to find his way out of whatever mess he gets into, then the Lou Prophet series is one for you. It keeps the reader interested constantly and doesn’t have many dull spots.

The first book in the Lou Prophet Series is entitled The Devil and Lou Prophet and is over 300 pages. Is follows the sturdy main character Lou through his story as a bounty hunter. His next job is one based on a rather beautiful young woman named Lola Diamond. A rather intriguingly named character, which follows the typical western style and direction. Lola is a showgirl who is the prime witness in a murder trial that is taking place without her presence. Lou is meant to find out where Lola is and then bring her to the courthouse. He is supposed to bring her there whether she agrees to it or not. His job becomes rather tricky when a strange group of men begins to move in him and Lola. They intend to keep them from arriving at the courthouse and Lou intends to do whatever it takes to the get the job was done. It is an action-packed story that constantly keeps the reader on their toes and unprepared for what will happen next. For anyone who enjoys the drama and powerful action of a western novel, this is definitely an excellent in and to fitting series.

With a long list of amazing reviews, this series begins strong with its first book and continues on with many more well-established novels. The second book entitled Dealt the Devil’s hand occurs after a card game goes completely awry. Lou is entered into a game of life and death after he shoots the wrong man in a card game spat. Of course, the incident was not at all his fault, but the dead man just happens to be the son of someone rather big. Lou begins to develop some compelling feels for a young woman who comes to his aid, almost wanting to leave his life of trouble behind him. This book is packed full of action and steamy sex, never ceasing to keep things interesting.

There is always an interesting and compelling slew of women to keep Lou distracted. With these typical and intense female leads, it somewhat resembles the theme of a James Bond film, simply set in a Western environment. Lou falls for many of these women, but his dangerous lifestyle leads him in other directions that ultimately tears him from their side.

The most recent book in the series is titled The Devil’s Ambush and follows Lou and his sometimes lover and sidekick Louisa Bonaventure. It is a somewhat more contemplative and slow-paced installment, which switches it up from the previous action-packed books. After being ambushed Louisa ends up seriously injured and Lou has to tend to her. It is still rather filled with action and excitement but has a different tone than some of the previous stories as far as it’s concerned.

With a gruff and intense main character this series is a long-running one for a good reason. It keeps the readers interested and is definitely a western action series. For anyone who often becomes bored easily with their books, it will help to create a constant stream of a story that will keep you engrossed. Spanning 12 books in the series, in which different and intriguing characters are introduced in each story. There are also excellent bad guys brought into each book, which plays into an excellent root of antagonist villains. Very similar to some of the author’s other novels, it won’t disappoint if you have read some of his previous works.

Ultimately this is a quality and well-written series that is great for anyone who wants to dive into something that will last them a while. One that is hard to put down and keeps the action constantly spinning throughout. It fits into the typical western themes and doesn’t tend to deviate from its accurate representation. Each character is rather intriguing but none quite as engrossing as Lou Prophet himself.

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