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Louann Brizendine is a noteworthy American neuropsychiatrist, novelist, and scientist. She is also a popular practicing clinician, public speaker, media commentator, etc. As an author, she has written two books, both of which have achieved the best selling status. Author Louann is also a researcher and a Professor at the California University, San Francisco. She was born on December 30, 1952. The research works of Louann are mainly concerned with the hormones and moods of women. She holds a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from UC Berkeley. Following this, she studied at the Yale School of medicine and also completed a course in psychiatry from the Medical School of Harvard. After her graduation, Louann obtained a board certificate in neurology and psychiatry and began her practice in clinical neuropsychiatry. In 1988, she joined the UCSF Medical Center at the Psychiatric Institute of Langley Porter as a faculty. Currently, she holds a psychiatry chair endowed by Lynne & Marc Benioff.

At UCSF, Louann is involved in carrying out clinical, writing, research and teaching activities. In 1994, she laid the foundation of the UCSF Women’s Mood & Hormone Clinic. She serves as the clinic’s director even today. The teaching work of author Louann consists of teaching courses to residents, physicians, and medical students throughout the nation. The subjects that she usually covers under the courses include the neurobiology of hormones, anxiety problems, mood disorders, changes in sexual interests because of changes in hormones, etc. Louann entered the writing field with the first book called The Female Brain. This book received both positive as well as negative reviews from the critics all over the world. One particular section of the book that received more negative reviews pertained to the language and linguistics. Later, Louann acknowledged the fact that she overemphasized certain topics related to gender-based differences. She also accepted the fact that men and women are more alike than different as they belong to the same species.

In spite of the negative reviews, the book went on to get listed as a bestseller. It was loosely adapted into a romantic comedy film in 2017 having the same name. Author Louann was the inspiration behind the main character of the film. Following her first successful attempt at writing a novel, she tried writing another novel and named it The Male Brain. When this book also received some strong comments from the critics related to some sensitive aspects, Louann agreed to the fact that she likes to emphasize the differences between male & female. According to her, this is one of the main reasons why her books become bestsellers. Louann’s books have been translated into as many as 26 international languages and have been sold all over the world with great successes. She believes that had it not been for her specialization in the study of the dynamic relationship of the neurobiology of the brains of men & women, she would have not been able to write the two novels that brought her so much of success in her literary career. Louann hopes to write a few more books in the years to come and become a more successful author. She is grateful to her fans for liking her books and appreciating her efforts, and hopes that they like her future projects as well.

The debut book written by author Louann Brizendine is entitled ‘The Female Brain’. This book was released in 2006 by the Morgan Road Books. The book appears to be a hormonal roller coaster and describes the different aspects of women’s lives at the cellular level. Many readers see it as a user’s guide to the brain of females and neurobehavioral systems that make them women. Louann has provided a lot of information through this book and has also given stunning insights. Even though the manuscript is referred to as research work, Louann’s style of writing seems fully accessible. She has given a fascinating description of the life cycle of a female brain from their birth to giving birth to Menopause and beyond.

Louann further adds that when females are young girls their brains connect emotionally in ways different than those of boys’ brains. And when they attain motherhood, they undergo several changes as their brain is altered functionally, structurally, and in many irreversible ways. Menopause is a stage when the brain of a woman resists to retire. The further sections of the book deal with the reviewing of the basics of a female brain. No one says that a woman believes she is different or more sophisticated than other women, but the basic equipment and mental outlook are the same. In the end, the author says that this book can be interesting to all those readers who wonder about the differences between male and female brains, and particularly to those parents and women who have girl children.

The next book penned by Louann is called The Male Brain. It was published by the Harmony publication in 2010. After giving a detailed explanation about the differences in hormones and behavior of a female brain in the previous book, Louann has shifted her focus towards the male brain in this book. She has shown that there is a fundamental difference between the realities of men & women as they go through different phases of life. Louann has explored the latest breakthroughs in male neurology and psychology and has revealed certain things about the brain of males. She has said that it is a mean, lean, problem-solving machine. Whenever a man faces personal problems, he tends to use the analytical structures of his brain instead of the emotional ones for finding a solution. Further, she says that the male brain tends to play rough and live under competition. It is often obsessed with hierarchy and rank.

There is an area inside a male brain that makes it have a sexual pursuit that is 2.5 times more than its female counterpart. Another aspect of a male brain explained in this novel is that it experiences a large increase in the testosterone level at puberty. This makes it perceive the faces of others for becoming more aggressive. By writing this book, Louann has tried to overturn the stereotypes. She has done vast research and has used scientific knowledge for describing the various elements of the novel. And just like her previous novel, this novel also found a lot of takers across the globe. Several prominent critics believe that this book is a must read for every man who wishes to keep his brain under control. The book can also be read by those women who feel bedeviled by the opposite gender.

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