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A Secret History of Witches (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Witch's Kind (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Age of Witches (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Great Witch of Brittany (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Louisa Morgan loves to describe herself as an author, mother, dog lover, and yogini but not necessarily in that order. When she was about five years old she had already started pursuing a professional career as a singer of classical and folk music.
Music is something that she would pursue with a passion for the entire first half of her professional career. Later on, she would get interested in writing and started writing fiction.

While it may seem arbitrary that she moved from music to writing, nothing could be further from the truth. She loved reading from a very young age and for the longest time thought about a career as a fiction author, even though music always won that battle.
The first work that she read that made her start thinking of a career as an author is Will James’ “Smoky, the Story of a Horse.” The book was gifted to her by her father who was an enthusiast about everything horses and she probably has read it twenty times through the years.
Writing as Louisa Morgan, she published her debut novel “A Secret History of Witches” in 2017 and has never looked back since.

Morgan is lucky to make her home in the Pacific Northwest which is chockful with resources for authors. In fact, she has said that one of the biggest influences in her development as a writer was attending the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop.

It was there that she met a host of people that encouraged and supported her in her writing journey. Some of the people she regularly meets and consults with include Cat Rambo, Greg Bear, Brenda Cooper, Vonda McIntyre, Richard Paul Russo, and Robin Hobb among many others.
In addition to authors her small town is also full of all manner of artists that daily provide inspiration. Outside of her writing passions, she is an enthusiastic cook, happy golfer, and avid yogini. She also loves to dabble in languages and speaks a fair amount of French and is working on her Italian.

Louisa Morgan Loves to read for pleasure as she believes books do need to be fun. She sometimes visits high schools and idle schools to talk about speculative fiction and writing.

She greatly appreciated notes and emails from readers and will from time to time attend conferences and conventions to meet with writers and fans. Louisa has said that they usually provide her with the friendship, inspiration, community, and input she needs to write.

Louisa Morgan currently writes, and lives, in the beautiful scenic wildlands of Idaho. As a yogini and musician, she finds time to teach conventions and workshops here and there. She also finds inspiration for her writing in the waters, mountains, and woods of the Northern Panhandle.

While she initially began penning science fiction and fantasy as Louise Marley she has said that loves writing about witches a Louisa Morgan.

Louisa Morgan’s novel “A Secret History of Witches” is a work set in 1821 Brittany that tells the story of the Orchieres, a family of witches. They are Romani and it is a given that they are automatically suspected whenever the community wants to persecute a witch.
This is why Ursule the Grandmere decides to one night hide the family from a priest that is out hunting witches. She tells her family to head to Cornwall across the channel and they take with them a large crystal and a grimoire that had been in the family’s possession for generations.

Seventeen years later, they have finally settled in an abandoned farmstead but then the priest who had been on their trail on the night Ursule died finds them yet again. The youngest member of the family soon realizes that Ursule’s magical powers had been passed on to her.
She teams up with her sisters to make a protection spell and over the generations, they leave behind one very powerful woman. While some may have the knack for small spells or potions only one can activate the crystal.

The author writes about five generations of women some you will dislike intensely while others you will adore. Over the years, some are lucky in love, while others don’t perform rituals even as fortunes change over the years.

“The Age of Witches” by Louisa Morgan tells the story of a woman named Harriet Bishop. Since he comes from a long line of witches he is the custodian of some powerful magic that he makes use of to help all manner of women.
She is forced to intervene when one of her cousins threatens to use dangerous magic to alter the lives of some young people. It just happens that one of the people being targeted might be a witch in her own right.

Frances Allington has made use of her witchcraft and her wiles to get married to one of the wealthiest tycoons in New York and to get out of poverty. She will do anything to ensure Allington takes his place among the top families in the city by any means necessary.
She is even ready to scheme to ensure that Annis her reluctant stepdaughter gets a glorious aristocratic match. She intends to use the same power that he has used to ensnare her daughter’s father a few decades earlier.

To save the little girl from the dark magic, Harriet tells Frances that their birthright is being misused and fires Kindle to take up her own nascent powers. Together, Annis and Harriet have to resist their evil stepmother, or else he and the young lord she now loves will lose at least their freedom and at worst their lives.

Louisa Morgan’s novel “The Witch’s Kind” is a work that follows the life and times of Barrie Anne Blythe who lives in the early to the mid-20th century. She is a young woman who had been brought up by Charlotte her aunt after losing her parents.

Following the Second World War, the two women make their home on the coast of the Pacific Northwest where Barrie is the owner of the small farmstead beside the sea. One evening, she notices some strange lights across the sea but thinks that it is probably nothing.
But the following day, her dog brings home a bundle from the beach. Inside the bundle is a tiny infant that Barrie decides to keep and names Emma. Working with Charlotte, Barrei comes up with a plan to explain how she came to have a child.

She wants to protect it from government operatives and curious neighbors that have been coming around ever since the strange lights had been espied in the night sky.

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