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Like Home (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twice as Perfect (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Melancholy of Summer (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pride and Joy (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Louisa Onomé

The Nigerian-Canadian author Louisa Onomé is well known for her creative and unique brand of fiction that really speaks for itself. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she really understands what it is that readers are looking for with her work. This has seen her reach readers from all around the world, as her writing has engaged readers both far and wide. Inspired with her writing, she brings something different, with her idiosyncratic insights and perspective that are refreshing and new. Largely writing for teenagers, her work is accessible and compelling, as readers from all backgrounds enjoy her writing.

Primarily focusing upon the Young Adult demographic, she’s a gifted novelist who knows how to speak to her audience. Engaging in a manner that feels both authentic and true, she definitely knows how to keep them constantly turning the page. From her well crafted characters to her tightly plotted story, she perfectly understands how to keep it moving at every level. Often vocal on her craft too, she’s highly outspoken about diversity within her field too, always championing new and exciting writers. This has seen many writers find a voice, and she continues to remain an integral and essential part of the literary community.

The characters that she creates feel wholly three dimensional, coming alive essentially upon the page for the reader. This has seen her achieve a huge amount of success, gaining her popularity all around the world, as she becomes a household name for many. With characters that leave an indelible imprint, and stories that are difficult to put down, it’s easy to see why so many have take to her. A keen fan of video-games and learning different languages too, she’s a versatile writer with a number of different interests. This can clearly be seen reflected within her work, as she has a lot of inspiration when it comes to writing, making for some extremely creative pieces.

As a Young Adult author she has really excelled, with much of her work focusing on coming-of-age stories that spoke to people. This would be her first novel too, and would mark her as a definite writer to watch with something clear to say. Drawing heavily from her own life too, she uses a lot of her own experiences, something which gives her books a greater level of authenticity. With a lot more to come in the future, she’s a writer who will continue growing from strength-to-strength for quite some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a strong passion for both reading and writing, Louisa Onomé would harbor a keen interest in literature from early on. This would continue over time, as she would take inspiration, using it to help both her and her work throughout the years. Gaining a BA in profession writing from York University, she would build upon her voice, refining and honing it.

Working as a counsellor as well, she writes as well as counsels others, all whilst being an integral part of the literary community. This is something she has built upon over time, establishing a profile that really stands out, all whilst championing fellow writers in the field. Currently living in Toronto, she continues to write to this very day, and she will carry on doing so for a long time yet.

Writing Career

In 2021 Louisa Onomé would release her first novel titled ‘Like Home,’ which would be a stand-alone coming-of-age title. She wouldn’t focus on creating a long-running series as such, instead opting for a self-contained story and narrative. This would tell of a local community, drawing heavily from her own life and many experiences growing up.

A part of the Author Mentor Match, she would be a round three cohort, helping others to achieve and find their voice as writers. She is currently represented by Claire Freedman based at InkWell Management, who helped publish her first novel. Winning many awards and getting a lot of acclaim, she is a writer whose profile continues to grow, as she maintains a presence both online and off.

Like Home

First published on the 23rd of February, this would initially come out in 2021 to much acclaim, as it would be the debut release from Louisa Onomé as an author. Released through the HarperCollins publishing label, this would be an entirely stand-alone novel, not be a part of any overall series. It’s a Young Adult coming-of-age novel set in a community, with all the characters and people that live there. With a lot to say, it would be well regarded when originally released, marking Onomé as a definite writer to watch in the years to follow.

This book tackles a number of interesting themes and ideas, looking at them all through a unique perspective. Dealing with themes of gentrification and the effect it has on a community, the book really comes to life upon the page for the reader. Speaking in a manner that’s direct and to the point, the characters themselves also feel wholly real too in terms of personality. It’s ideal for anyone looking to learn more on these ideas, as well as enjoying an engaging and compelling novel. The world itself feels extremely real and tactile, allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves within it.

Going by the name of Nelo to her friends, Chinelo is very much a part of her community of Ginger East; a neighbourhood with some character. That’s when a deadly incident occurs at the local community arcade, and she finds that most of her friends have now moved away. Kate’s still there though, her best friend, but the store of Kate’s parents is vandalized, and both the media and the police are soon pointing fingers and placing blame. This leads many to descend upon the community saying they’ll fix it, as Nelo finds herself suddenly in the middle of a national drama. Not only that, but Kate is pushing Nelo away, and Nelo must now fight to make sense of it all and find out what’s really going on, as there’s no place like home.

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