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Louise Emma Clarke
Louise Emma Clarke is the award winning writer of the blog ‘Mum of Boys & Mabel’.

She was educated at Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School and the University of Southampton, before she moved to London to start a career in publishing at newspapers and magazines including Take a Break, Woman’s Weekly, Daily Express, That’s Life, and Best Magazine.

After Louise got married in the year 2010, she moved to Dubai and worked as a freelance journalist for such publications as Gulf News, Time Out Kids, Time Out Dubai, Baby & Child Magzine, Dubai Confidential, and Aquarius Magazine.

She started writing her blog in the year 2014, just a few months after her second baby was born. It soon attracted a loyal following of more than 100,000 moms across the globe and it won numerous awards for its humorous and relatable content.

Louise always knew that she wanted to write a book, but was initially keen on writing a nonfiction book, about her life as a mother and blogger, and she found an agent to sign her on this basis. However a lot of brainstorming, they felt the market was already quite saturated on that front and when her agent asked if she’d ever thought about writing fiction, the seed was sown.

The idea to write “From Mum With Love” came to Louise shortly after that, while she was on a holiday in Italy during the summer of 2017, and she sat down that same night and began writing it on her laptop.

The book is certainly fiction, however some of the characters and storylines are inspired by things which have happened to her as a blogger and some of the people she has met along the way. Jessica isn’t Louise, but their stories do overlap at certain times. Jessica started writing her blog and a couple of her posts went viral, exploding her following and her online presence really fast.

A few book bloggers that read Louise’s book before publication said they found it all a bit tough to believe, however Louise’s own experience with blogging was quite similar to Jessica’s, with her following exploding rapidly after just a few posts went viral. Despite this being a made up tale, readers can read this knowing they’ve got an inside glimpse into the world of being a mummy blogger.

Louise got writers’ block really bad after the fifth chapter, however once she got through that, she knew she just had to keep going or it’d end up being a monumental waste of her time. She is certainly not a gambler, so it was very frightening to put all of these hours in each day without any guarantee that anybody would even publish it, yet once she got through a certain point, that thought gave her the motivation to finish it to stand any chance of making it work.

Since she’s been a freelance journalist for so very long, she has seen her name in print a bunch of times, so it was not the surreal moment that she probably had been imagining it would be. However it was still lovely to hold it and see the words that she had written printed out on real book pages. She still cannot bring herself to read it properly, however, because every time she begins flicking through, she sees things that she would now want to change.

“From Mum With Love” is the first novel in the “Jess” series and was released in 2019. Jess, a mother of one, has had enough of endless diaper filled days and Chris, her husband, has just the solution for her to vent all her frustrations. A blog.

Jess loves her daughter more than anything else, however she sometimes only wants a tiny bit of freedom, some time to herself. Cue a glass of wine, a laptop, and the start of a life changing journey.

Overnight, her inbox is filled to the brim with notifications and before too long she is a ‘mummy blogger’ however this new life comes with its own set of regulations and rules. With Tiggy, Queen of the Bloggers, blanking her in public, people recognizing her out on the street, and her life choices all of a sudden being judged by strangers Jess’ idea of ‘me time’ is slowly but surely becoming a full-time job.

Is she going to be able to find the right work/life balance? Or is she going to wish she had never turned to a world online?

Readers found Jessica’s life and her posts highly relatable, bringing back some moms’ memories of the first months they had with their little one. It’s a well written novel and deals with important issues of identity, family support, and friendships, even loneliness in an entertaining and lighthearted kind of way. It was also pretty exciting to get a glimpse into the world of celebrity bloggers and blogging. Jessica is a fantastic character to follow because she’s like the rest of us; doesn’t have it together, sometimes has irrational fears and thoughts, and is only trying to make it through the day.

“Mum’s Big Break” is the second novel in the “Jess” series and was released in 2020. Life in the spotlight was never going to be easy.

Jess’ life got turned upside down when her blog went viral. Now that she has hundreds of thousands of followers, she now navigates through the trials and tribulations of a world online.

Being a mummy blogger was originally an escape, however it now seems like it’s turning into a career for her. And after just one wrong post on her social media channels, Jess learns that life in the spotlight is not always so peachy. With a new baby on the way, the possibility of starring in a reality show, and a husband that struggles with his wife’s new found fame, she has a ton going on at the moment.

Jess needs to figure out whether or not this is everything that she wanted it to be or whether this is all just a bit too much for her? Can she persevere against all the haters, rise up above the pettiness and find that perfect balance of life online and life in the real world?

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