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Louise Jensen is an author of fiction that specializes in psychological thriller novels.

She became a published author with the release of her full-length fictional novel, The Sister. It was released in 2016 and hit number one on the Amazon chart for Canada and the United Kingdom within 3 weeks of its initial release.

The Sister is Louise Jensen’s first full-length novel. In this story, the main character is named Grace. Grace never foresaw her life changing, but now it has changed forever. She herself has not been quite the same ever since her best friend died. Charlie and Grace were really close and Grace thought that she knew Charlie really well, but did she really?

On top of that, Grace can’t forget the last words that Charlie said to her. That was when her friend told her that she had done something terrible– and that she hoped Grace could forgive her. Charlie never found out what that was. The last time that she saw Charlie sticks out in her mind– the fact that she can’t forget it makes her want to track down some answers. She’s now 25 years old and she hasn’t seen her friend for ten years.

Grace decides that she wants to open the box that they buried all those years ago. In the memory capsule box, they put things that were precious to them at the time. Charlie had also managed to put in an envelope before it was buried in the ground, and she had no idea what was in that pink envelope at the time. Hoping to find some answers, she deliberately digs up the capsule.

At the very least, it will provide her with either answers or a lack of them and she’ll know for sure. For the past few months, Grace has been thinking about her friend nonstop. She can’t turn her thoughts off, and they’re starting to take up so much of her time that she feels she can’t go on any more without attempting to find the answers. It’s even affecting how she interacts with her boyfriend Dan.

She finds out that there were plenty of things about her best friend forever that she never even knew about. They met in middle school and had become fast friends, staying close even as they became teens.

Grace decides eventually that she wants to track down Charlie’s father. But then something unexpectedly happens and a girl that says she is Charlie’s sister comes to the forefront. Anna could very well be the long lost sister of her best friend– who knows? Then again, Anna doesn’t really fit the whole picture in a neat way. If she is Charlie’s sister, then how come Grace has no idea who she is and never heard of her before?

It all doesn’t matter too much, and Grace finds herself growing very close to Anna in a way that she didn’t expect. Meeting her is like getting a friend back and even so far as finding new family. Soon Anna is hanging out with Grace and her boyfriend all the time. Before they both know it, Anna has settled into Dan and Grace’s home just like she had always been there all along.

Even though everything starts out great at first, it seems like things have taken a turn and not for the better. Things are starting to disappear from their home together, and something definitely seems strange. Grace is getting weird calls out of nowhere all the time. Dan is also acting weird, and for her part, Grace is starting to suspect that someone is following her. Could it all be contained in her head– just a strange figment of her imagination?

Grace has no idea what’s going on, but she knows one thing: this isn’t normal. It turns out that there may also be some things that she doesn’t know about not only her dead friend but her living sister– if that is indeed who she is. Grace doesn’t know at this point that anyone is who they say that they are.

With someone tailing her, Grace feels that she very much could be in danger. With the death of Charlie fresh in her mind, she experiences fresh guilt in the situation– wondering if there is anything that she might have been able to do that might have been able to save her.

Is Grace innocent in this situation, or is she forgetting something that could be crucial? Is Anna really who she says she is, or is she someone totally different? As things start to get steadily more creepy and the whole situation starts to get darker than she bargained for, Could this all be a result of some unfinished business regarding her best friend?

Grace doesn’t feel safe and doesn’t know where to turn. She gets the feeling that she’s in the sights of someone or something– but who? If you love a psychological thriller novel, you will certainly enjoy this book by Louise Jensen. Pick up The Sister by this dynamic author to find out what happens for sure!

The Gift is Jensen’s second novel. If you love reading dramatic stories, this is the book for you! Jenna experiences a bit of bad luck when she comes down with an infection that ends up totally taking out her heart. She needs a transplant from a donor, and is lucky enough to receive one.

Jenna recovers from her surgery and finds out that she got her heart from a donor. She feels grateful for the organ and that the transplant went well. Callie was her name, and Jenna wants to find out everything about her. But when she starts to experience strange feelings that seems like they could have been what the donor felt before she died, can Jenna figure out what really happened to Callie?

Things continue to progress as Jenna unlocks more of Callie by talking to people that she knew in life. That’s when the heart really starts picking up. With more dreams and flashbacks from a mind and life that wasn’t hers, is cellular memory real? Is Callie talking to her from the beyond, or is the heart simply the key to her death?

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