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Publication Order of Love Stories in Sheet Cake, Texas Books

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“Love Stories in Sheet Cake” is a set of romance fiction novels by Emma St. Clair.
She is a bestselling author of romance fiction novels who is best known for her stories, which are usually filled with heart and humor, witty banter, and populated by sassy heroines.

At some point, she went to college where she graduated with her master’s degree in Fine arts before she decided that she was ready to start writing.

She published “Cold Feet, Hot Summer” her debut novel in 2018, and has since become one of the most prolific authors in the genre. Emma now has more than 30 works to her name and is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.
Over the years, she has become known for inspirational and fun reads which are usually written in both short story and long format novels.

Emma St. Clair currently makes her home in Texas where she lives with her husband, five kids, and their Great Dane.

When she is not writing her blockbuster romance fiction novels, she can usually be found on the elliptical machine while still somehow managing to use her phone.
She usually provides free novellas to her subscribers on her website and updates and bonus content on her Instagram profile.

The “Love Stories in the Sheet Cake” series of novels are some enthralling romances set in the small quirky town of Sheet Cake Texas.

It is a town that comes with some quirky characters that bring to life the town with the vibes of “Stars Hollow” meets “Schitt’s Creek.”

These are all sweet, charming, and heartfelt romantic comedies with a lot of feelings that will have you crying, and laughing as you get wrapped up in the charm of the story.
“The Buy-In,” which is the first novel of the series is the classic marriage of convenience romantic comedy.

It tells the story of Pat a former ball player who got injured and moves into town where he meets Lindy who believes herself stuck in the small town.
The second novel is “The Bluff,” which is a grumpy boss and enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy that tells the story of James and Winnie.

He had moved into town to set up a brewery and hired Winnie only to find out that she pushes all his buttons and drives him mad.

The Pocket Pair is the third novel of the Love Stories in Sheet Cake series of novels that is more of a best friend’s brother-to-friends romantic comedy featuring Val and Chewy.
Val has always had a crush on Chewy but believed he did not feel the same.

“The Buy-In” is the first novel of the “Love Stories in Sheet Cake” series of novels.

Lindy the lead is a woman who has had a troubled past and hence she does not let down her guard or trust easily. She also deals with a demented mother and a sister who upped and left leaving her to raise Jojo her daughter all alone.
The five-year-old kid has become a sweet little darling as she soaks up the love Lindy bestows on her.

Out of the blue, Jojo’s mother is back and wants back her daughter and Lindy will do anything she can including getting into a marriage of convenience to keep the child.
Patrick the man she intends to marry had once broken her heart but she has never forgotten him. Ever since he had moved away to go play ball and had a career-ending injury, he had been bouncing from idea to idea, job to job, and short relationships.
But when his father buys land in Sheet Cake, he sees his purpose as going back to the small town, where he will try to win back Lindy the woman he let get away.

He manages to get back in her life and ingratiates himself with Cindy who he showers with love.

When she is threatened, he will do anything including get into a marriage of convenience so that he can protect Lindy and the sweet little niece he has come to love just like his own.

The second novel of the “Sheet Cake” series of novels is “The Bluff,” which tells the story of James and Winnie.

The very popular sheet cake festival is on the horizon and James is working hard to ensure his brewery is up and running.

Since it is just too much work, he hired Winnie to help with the social media and website development aspects but she is good at much more than that.
What will happen when they begin butting heads over everything from the ins and outs of the Dark Horse Brewery all the way to feral cats? While they clash often, they share a very intense attraction.
James is a grumpy man who struggles with social anxiety, trusting others, self-doubt, and letting down his guard. While he could never be mistaken for being a people person, he loves his friends and family.
Winnie is the total opposite as she has a 50’s chic style going on, is very bubbly, and is the best at reading others and what they need.

While she is the yin to his yang, she has her own quirks as she tends to push too hard and often seeks other people’s approval desperately.

Overall, it is an enthralling romantic comedy with plenty of sweet romance, humor, and heartfelt moments.

The third novel of the “Love Stories in Sheet Cake” is “The Pocket Pair,” which tells the story of Val and Chevy.

She has been in love with Chewy who is the brother of her best friend Winnie for years. But he has always treated her like a sister and she thinks there is nothing there.
Recently, she has been delighted with the small moments they have been having and she starts thinking that maybe he is feeling something too.

Val works at a gallery owned by Mr. Silver and she hates it but does not have the courage to quit. What pains her even more is that the man has refused to let her display any of her paintings.
As for her love interest Chevy, he is a deputy in the small town who has recently been struggling with his feelings for Val.

When he is in close proximity to Val who he likes to call Tiny will be able to handle his conflicted feelings of betrayal and take a chance at love?

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