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Love Under the Big Sky Books In Order

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Publication Order of Love Under the Big Sky Books

Loving Cara (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seducing Lauren (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for Jillian (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saving Grace (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Love under the Big Sky is a series of romance novels authored by an American romance writer Kristen Proby. Proby was born on November 27, 1994, in Montana but later moved out in her mid-twenties into the Pacific Northwest where she spent a substantial amount of time balancing between work and writing doing the latter on a part-time basis. Before she moved entirely into self-publishing, she had a rough time with most of her manuscripts being rejected.

When she finally decided to self-publish back in the summers of 2012, she created titles that have been listed on the New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal Bestsellers Lists. Despite coming up with close to thirty titles as she, continues authoring and also partners with William Morrow. Kristen Proby began her Love under the Big Sky series in 2014 when Loving Cara, the first book in the series was published.

Loving Cara

Loving Cara sets of the series Love Under the Big Sky. This is a USA Today Bestselling piece that gives the story of a girl, Cara who goes to tutor the nephew of her former classmate but things turn around as love grows between the two. Josh King is a great person when it comes to the managing of the family’s ranch in Montana. He is a genius when it comes to running the multimillion dollar piece of property, but when it comes to taking care of an adolescent, everything becomes impossible which forces him to look for help.

Cara Donovan is a teacher who has a quiet life in the sleepy hometown. On hearing of this opportunity, she picks it up as she wants to earn some extra money during the summer. The tutoring does not go as expected as she is wholly drawn away by Josh. The same case happens to Josh who sees a beautiful and irresistible woman different from the girl she used to tease in high school. The more they spend time together, the more she discovers that there is something that is beyond normal friendship of which Josh is going through the same thing.

While all this is happening, Seth who was previously difficult to handle and failing terribly at school begins to reform with the help of Cara. Josh response is incredible which further draws the attention of Josh to Cara. The events that follow are dramatic, emotional and exciting as the two walks on a journey that seems to have started several years ago while in high school where Cara had a huge crash for King but could not let it out from fear.
Kristen has a unique way of painting the picture of the environment and even the characters in her story that makes the reader feel like they are part of what is going on in the book. Simple but one that is irresistible once you pick it up.

Seducing Lauren

Seducing Lauren is the second book in the Love Under the Big Sky series. The USA Today bestselling author sets out to give a story of a woman who signs off to a divorce but at the same time starts out on an affair with the same lawyer.

The lawyer, Ty Sullivan, was the best friend to Josh king who is now happily married to Cara. He finds it worth to do the same and the person whom he sees as fitting is Lauren, his client. However, Lauren is not ready for another relationship after the divorce which gives him a very tough time convincing her to get into a relationship with him. Lauren is still hurt, and furthermore, she has a case that her ex-husband has raised on her giving her a load of pressure. Betrayal has item up Lauren and convincing her that a man can be trusted is a nightmare, and this is precisely what Ty has to change around to win her love
Sullivan is an honest, straightforward and focused person. At the same time, he is protective and loyal but Lauren takes forever to see all this in him making the task very complicated for him, but he is still determined to get what he wants. The feelings on her side are mutual, but the fear that it will turn up the same way as it did with her ex-gives her a nightmare and scares her off. She, however, opens up to Josh and some of her friends, and this gives her the comfort of a family. Things escalate with time and the feelings between the two grow.

Falling for Jillian

Falling for Jillian is the third book in Love Under the Big Sky Series. The book introduces veteran suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder and a woman who is the only one who can help him recover and even better learn to love again.

Jillian comes to Montana to mourn after she discovers that her ex-husband has a child with another woman, something that she had tried to no avail. She cries on the shoulders of her best friend, Cara but that is not enough as she would better be comforted by another person and that is Zach. Zach, on the other hand, has returned from the Iraq war and is under so many pressures since he has got to take care of his son Seth at the same time deal with the PTSD which he sustained from the war, to add onto the basket of problems, his wife has run off leaving him alone with his son.

The chemistry between the two is delightful, but the past seems to set them aside. However, despite this, he has to fight with all that is in his basket of problems and get Jillian as his heart is strongly urging him to do so. The two make advances to each other, but Zach still has to put in check his son whom he wants to develop a bond with since most of the time he has been away.

Kristen offers a sweet and romantic story between the two who are determined to go past their fears and pasts and create a new life together. The pace is excellent, and the story is easily understood by the average reader while creating a calm sense of emotion and romance. It is an excellent to read for that person that is broken and yearning to love all over as love heals all wounds.

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