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“Love Undercover” is a series of novels by award-winning and bestselling novelist Lori Foster. Foster’s work has been on several prestigious bestselling lists including Publishers Weekly, the New York Times and USA Today. She has made a name for herself writing sexy, fun contemporary romances in which independent strong women meet and fall in love with strong alpha males. She has always been a daydreamer and was weaving her stories as a child and into her teens. However, it was not until she was an adult that she finally decided to become an author. She published her first novel “Run the Risk” in 2012 and has never looked back since. She has received a ton of awards including a Career Achievement Award for Contemporary Romance and Romantic Fantasy from RT Book Reviews. Foster has also had the honor to be a clue for the crossword puzzle in the New York Times and USA Today. Her novel “Too Much Temptation” was a bestselling romance title on Amazon. When she is not writing her novels she loves to go on boat rides, water ski, watch horror and action movies, listen to hard rock and travel with her husband in their RV.

Lori’s journey to publishing was not that straight forward though she says she never knew she wanted to go professional until she was an adult. She had worked several jobs and was taking care of her three children when she discovered the flavor of romance novels. She read all kinds of romance novels from historical, comedy, contemporary, paranormal, family-oriented and suspense as long as it was anything with a happy ending. Within two years of starting to read romances, she had graduated from reader to aspiring author and published her first novel in 2012. Foster loves to write novels that she likes to read. As such, her novels are character-driven stories with super sexy heroes and heroines and are full of danger and action. Her women are not the type to fall apart when things go wrong and her alpha males range from the outrageous, intense, outspoken, and quiet. They all have their pasts but they are at the core determined to protect the women they love.

Lori Foster’s romantic suspense series are the type of novels that have the reader creeping towards the edge of their seat. While they have an element of suspense and mystery, they focus more on romance which makes them quite thrilling reads. In “Run the Risk” the first novel of the series, Foster writes about Detective Logan Riske, a sexy as sin alpha hero paired up with Pepper Yates who is always full of surprises. It is a well written romantic suspense that combines humor, romance, action, and intrigue to make for an excellent read and the obligatory happy ending. “Bare it All” the second novel of the Love Undercover series is about a smoking hot alpha male named Reece. He is a protective, understanding, patient and possessive man and all-round good guy. He is paired up with Alice Appleton a tough yet vulnerable woman who gets swept off her feet whenever Reece bares his chest. In “Getting Rowdy,” Rowdy is a crazy protective man particularly over his sister who he wants to keep safe given their shady past. He is sexually uninhibited, coled up and blunt man and wants his newest bartender Avery. Avery is hiding something and has come to love her work but her defenses against the handsome owner are quickly collapsing. But she fears that he may discover her secret though she cannot help but succumb to their mutual desire.

“Run the Risk’ the first novel of the series opens to Detective Logan Riske working undercover. He is searching for a man he thinks witnessed the murder of a man he considered his best friend. He is currently working as a construction worker in his effort to find Rowdy Yates who has so far proved elusive. He took residence in a house next to Pepper the man’s sister, as he believed that given how close they are, she was his best chance of finding the man. Logan is a ruthless man and will do anything in his power to obtain the information and find his man. Pepper Yates has a secrets as she has been hiding from a corrupt club owner who would kill her if he found her. She took the identity of Sue Meeks and now works as the manager of an apartment building, where she thinks she can remain anonymous. She wears no makeup, ugly shoes, and oversized clothes to make herself look older than she was. She also keeps to herself and only contacts her brother through a special phone. It starts out very slow as the two and hide their agendas from each other. Logan never thought he would become attracted to Pepper and is completely thrown off-kilter when he does. On her part, Pepper is lonely and cannot help but be aroused by the handsome man who walks around in low slung shorts that takes her breath away. Can they stick to their undercover personalities and plans or will love unravel everything?

“Bare It All” is an intriguing novel that picks off from the ending of the debut novel. It opens to Detective Reese sleeping on his elusive and sexy neighbor’s couch. The previous night, she had given him the surprise of his life with her gun-toting attitude and quick thinking. He vows to investigate and learn more about the woman as she is certain that she must be hiding something. He is drawn to Alice Appleton as she has so many sides to her aside from the secrets, which always cause things to heat up when they are revealed. The more the noble and sexy detective gets to know about Alice, the more he is attracted to the damaged, complicated and flawed woman she is. She has been a victim of bad men before and in trying to ensure she never has to go through that again, she has walled herself in. But Reese keeps chipping away until she has no choice but to let him in.

“Getting Rowdy” the third novel of the Love Undercover series opens to a bewildered Avery staring into the empty space above the bar. She had left her phone there the night before but now it is nowhere to be found. It turns out that she has a secret that she has worked very hard to keep hidden. She has spent at least a year living another identity and will not run given how confident she is in her cover. As such, when she hears a noise coming from the back she squares her shoulders and creeping down the hall walks in on Rowdy her boss getting a blowjob from a strange woman. She does not take this very well since she had at last decided to hook up with her boss Rowdy who had been too persistent in his offers. Flustered as she was, she still takes him home that night and misses her bus as they are too busy in the bedroom. He thought she would just be a good hookup but finds that she likes her a lot and she might just feel the same. Meanwhile, Avery is getting a lot of phone calls that she tells him are wrong numbers though Rowdy has a feeling she is not being very truthful. She needs to let him in if she wants him to help her.

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