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Publication Order of Lt. Leary / RCN Books

With the Lightnings (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lt. Leary, Commanding (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Far Side of the Stars (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Way to Glory (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Some Golden Harbor (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Tide Rises (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Stormy Red Sky (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Distant Deeps (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Road of Danger (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sea Without a Shore (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death's Bright Day (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Though Hell Should Bar the Way (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Clear Away the Shadows (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The RCN series is a series of sci-fi novels written by American author David Drake. The series has a total of ten novels, published between 1998 and 2014, and an eleventh one to be published on June 2016. The plots of the series are mainly based on historic incidents from Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. The series revolves around the character of Daniel Leary, an officer in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy and Adele Mundy, a master spy and librarian. The author, David Brake, describes the series as a science fiction version of the popular Aubrey/Maturin series authored by Patrick O’Brian. The author has described the RCN series to feature political intrigue, grueling battles as well as a very character driven plot. The series also feature quite a number of advanced technologies like the High Drive to help in Sublight-speed travel and also weapons based on electromagnetism concepts.

The character of Daniel Leary is described as that of a five foot nine man with fine blond hair. He is born on Republic of Cinnabar in the year 5125 to Corder Leary and Lady Bergen Leary. His father, Corder, is at that time the revered Speaker of Cinnabar Senate and visits the family when his work allows its. Leary has a sister named Deidre who spends most of her time in the family’s townhouse located in Xenon. He grew with his mother on the family land in Bantry. Sixteen-year-old Daniel had an angry falling out with his father regarding his new wife Anise. This was after the death of his mother. Daniel called Anise a whore causing his father to disown him. Daniel opted to join the Navy, serving about four years in RCN Academy before becoming an officer. He is generally depicted as a charismatic leader, a charmer of women and a brilliant strategist. His character is partly based on the John “Lucky Jack” Aubrey character from O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series.

The first novel in the RCN series “With the Lightnings” published in 1998, as described by the author finds Lt. Daniel Leary and an émigré librarian Adele Mundy in the middle of the action of a war between the Republic of Cinnabar and the Alliance of Free Stars. Daniel is broke with little to no prospects and still recovering from his falling out with his politically powerful father. The two unlikely Cinnabar natives gather a ragtag team and together they attempt to restore diplomacy in the wealthy planet of Kostroma. Kostroma is home to the two super powers Cinnabar and the Alliance who frequently battle for supremacy.

The second novel was published under the title “Lt. Leary, Commanding” in 2000. Lt. Daniel Leary is hailed as the Hero of Kostroma and is given permanent command of the RCS Princess Cecile, which is the corvette he had captured on Kostroma. Together with Adele Mundy and her latest spy apparatus they set out on a mission accompanied by their crack crew to the Strymon system. Their mission is to evaluate the loyalty of the local government to the Republic of Cinnabar. Daniel gets to exercise his leadership skills on the seemingly loyal and competent team. However, his team is later to be faced with challenges ranging from traitors, strains from the voyage as well as the winds of the barren desert.

The Far side of the Stars, is the third novel in the series and was published in 2003. The Republic of Cinnabar and the Alliance being at peace, Lt. Daniel Leary and Signals Officer Adele Mundy are forced to look for work. The Princess Corvette- everything intact including her weaponry- has been sold as a private yacht. Daniel is hired to be the master of the now refitted vessel and he in turn hires his former RCN crew. They then set out to escort a pair of wealthy nobles on perilous expeditions. Lt. Daniel Leary and his crew encounter winged dragons, a mysterious oracle, an Alliance auxiliary cruiser and jealous lovers.

The fourth novel in the series, The Way to Glory, was published in 2005. The Alliance of Free Stars is again at war with the Republic of Cinnabar. Lt. Daniel Leary having earned himself a spot as one the most senior lieutenants serves under a paranoid officer, who has already led to the execution of crewmen. This bundled with an on-going space battle against an overpowering Alliance force, Leary and Mundy find it difficult to triumph and almost inconceivable to survive.

Some Golden Harbor, the fifth novel in the series was published in 2006. The war against the tyrannical Alliance intensifies. David Leary has just been promoted to Commander; together with his crew they have a new mission. Commander Leary and his crew must stop Dunbar’s World from falling due to an invasion by the planet Pellegrino. Commanding a virtually unarmed corvette, Princess Cecile he is to overcome Nataniel Arruns’ large contingent who are backed up by a heavily armed warship. Nataniel is the son of the dictator of Pellegrino and has landed to topple Dunbar’s world leadership and set himself as the ruling warlord.

In the sixth novel, When the Tide Rises, Commander Leary and his friend master spy Adele Mundy are sent to assist the Bagarian cluster in its revolt against the powerful Alliance. Leary and Mundy quickly find out that the worst threats to the rebels are actually the treacherous politicians. They use electronic espionage, ship killing missiles and sub-machine guns to outwit political rivals, capture an Alliance fortress as well as put down mutiny. Admiral Vocaine sends Commander Leary on the assignment mostly to avoid his annoyance.

“In the Stormy Red Sky” is the seventh novel in the RCN series. It was published in 2009. Daniel is Cinnabar’s most successful space captain, now commanding a powerful warship; he faces yet another set of incredible events. Daniel and his friend Adele Mundy set out on what seems like a diplomatic mission. They encounter a vile aristocrat who deals in slave labor and a local warlord who is ready to overthrow Cinnabar from the region. Leary and Mundy fight the Alliance stronghold in the seemingly impregnable Monserrat cluster.

What Distant Deeps, the eighth novel in the RCN series was published in 2010. The war between the Alliance of Free Stars and the Republic of Cinnabar has come to an end. Captain Daniel Leary is sent on a peaceful mission to a distant planet of Zenobia where he is to deliver a new commissioner. What should have been a peaceful mission turns tragic as he is faced with barbarian pirates. The Princess Cecile, in command of Captain Leary and his right-hand aide Adele Mundy, faces the barbarian pirates’ starships head on. “What distant Deeps” has a lead-in to the plot of the ninth novel of the series. The ninth novel of the RCN series, The Road of Danger, was published in 2012. As peace between Alliance and Cinnabar prevails, a few conspirators set to shatter the fragile truce. Capt. Leary and Adele Mundy embark on an urgent mission to the Macotta region after receiving information as depicted in the previous novel. Leary and his aide are to assist a local admiral put down a coup before it happens. However, the admiral gets sends them on a wild goose chase in a bid to get rid of them. He sends them to a region where commerce is supreme and business is accomplished through gunfights and extortion. Meanwhile, a rogue intelligence officer schemes the war that will destroy mankind and even enlists the help of a ruthless brute. Captain Leary and Mundy have to put a stop all this insanity.

The tenth novel in the RCN series was published in 2014 under the title “The Sea Without a Shore”. Cinnabar’s master spy Adele Mundy and RCN’s troubleshooter Captain Daniel Leary are faced with kidnappers, pirates, hijackers and a death squad in their bid to end the war in the planet Corcyra. Leary and Mundy are private citizens on a mining colony that is in rebellion against its home-world.

Daniel Leary is an excellent leader, a ladies man as well as a top strategist. David Drake brings out this character quite well throughout the series.

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