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The “Lucas Brothers” is a series of mystery novels by Jordan Marie, a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense and suspense novels. She often refers to herself as a small town country girl who pens sweet stories about beautiful women and the alpha men who love them. Marie always knew that writing was something she wanted to do as she always thought she could write better stories than everything that she read. She believes all the stories had terrible endings and wrote just to have stories with happy endings. Marie writes emotional stories that take her readers on a journey that may have laughter, tears, or steamy hot fun. She made her debut with the publishing of “The Breaking Dragon,” a romantic suspense novel in 2015. She has become a prolific author since then writing more than fifty titles in several series including the “Lucas Brothers” series. She has also been a contributing author to several collections including the 2015 published “Rev the Engine.” Even though she is now a renowned author, she still has a surreal feeling when she sees her novels in print and reads the reviews from the many readers of her works.

Marie is a resident of London, Kentucky, and went to the University of Kentucky. Upon graduation, she got a job as a paralegal where she worked for years. As a second-grader, she showed that she was made for a life of writing when she wrote a small bedtime story. She was also influenced by books and remembers the first romance that she read was a “Beverly Cleary” before she went on to read Harlequin romances. Marie always found a welcome escape in books especially at the time when she had to take care of a dying father in law that was suffering from cancer. During those times when she was so low, she used to read include the likes of Sam Crescent Nicole Snow or Jenika Snow. She would continue reading her novels long after her father-in-law was deceased and these were what would influence her future career as an author. Among the best novels she remembers reading at the time are the books of Krystal Fhal and Alana Sapphire and Meghan March’s “Dirty Billionaire Trilogy.”

The “Lucas Brothers” Series starts with the light-hearted and funny story of Claudia Cooper and then moves to the story of Kayla and White that is more serious. The third in the series is the story of Petal and Luka which returns to the light-hearted and less serious tones. In “The Perfect Stroke” the first novel of the “Lucas Brothers” series, Gray is introduced as a man who knows and gets what he wants. He meets Claudia and likes her instantly even though she has no inkling that he comes from the famous Lucas family and this just intrigues him more. Most of the women he meets usually throw themselves at him and he thinks it would be an interesting challenge trying to win CC. “Raging Heart On,” the second novel of the series tells of Kayla and White who were raised in the same house and have been close friends for ages. But then a baby is needed and the lines become blurry, Kayla has secret feelings for White and this makes her unable to see what is right in front of her. “Happy Trail” the third of the series is the story of Petal who has had a crush on Luka Fields ever since she can remember. But even though he was the man that had given her many firsts she had given up at some point but now wants him back. For Luka too, Petal was the one person he had always loved and losing her had nearly destroyed him. He had tried to move on with his life but found it impossible.

“The Perfect Stroke” of the “Lucas Brothers” series introduces Claudia Cooper (CC), a woman that had endured a terrible childhood after she was abandoned in Crossville, Kentucky by her own mother. She decides to live with Banger the ex-boyfriend of her mother and hopes to finally have a stable income. Banger is the owner of a garage, ex former POW that had taught Claudia everything she would ever need including a garage to keep him out of trouble. But living in such a small town is driving her crazy and she heads to Lexington where she has a passionate night with a very handsome man she never expects to see again. She never expected to see Grey who has now come to break down her garage even as she intends to talk to his arch enemies. Greyson is the handsome man that had a one-night stand with CC. He is also known on the Gulf circuit as a bad boy and his exploits include a sex tape. He gets the runaround from David Riverton and has to deal with Cammie his annoying daughter. But he never expected that he would meet the girl he had met in the previous week and manages to get her to go out with him. They are two dysfunctional people looking for a long-lasting relationship but nosiness and traveling make it very difficult.

“Raging Heart On” is the story of Kayla and the alpha football star White. He is a sexy alpha beast who can be humorous when he wants to be even though he also loves to growl which usually is a turn-on for Kayla. Her life has never been great and she has White Lucas to thank for taking her in at her lowest point. They had shown her what it meant to have a family which is something she had always craved for. She is now knocking on 30 and desires to have her own family though she does not have a man yet. When White says he would be willing to be the man to make a baby with her she hesitates. Having sex with the man she believed was her best friend could ruin everything they have. For White, Kayla is someone that has been his friend for fifteen years and he has never thought of her as anything other than a pal, a buddy. But they had kissed and all he can now think about was how good it was. When she tells him about a crazy plan to get a baby, he thinks it is his duty to offer himself as a good friend would. The truth is that he wants her really bad.

Luka and Petal are the lead protagonists of “Happy Trail” the third novel of the “Lucas Brothers” series. Petal has been in love with Luka Fields all her life as he was her first time, first kiss, first crush, and first heartbreak. Love has been nothing like the fantasy of movies or novels as she has gone through hard times and even regret at what might have been. For Luka, Petal was the love of his life and he had nearly lost it when he lost her. But they had started their relationship based on a lie and this had made Petal uncertain about Luka’s trust and she could never be straight with him. Luka eventually gets frustrated as he never got to understand why Petal could not be open with him. They would eventually divorce and a year later they are fighting to get back together hoping that things will work out this time around. There is a ton of drama surrounding the duo some of it concerning the fact that the relationship does not have the blessing of the parents. They also have a son and they have to take his needs into account too.

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