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Publication Order of Lucinda Pierce Books

The Trophy Exchange (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Punish the Deed (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistaken Identity (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Reason (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Front (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrong Turn (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chain Reaction (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Lucinda Pierce series is a wonderful series of thriller, suspense, mystery, and crime novels written by a noteworthy writer from the United States named Diane Fanning. The series is comprised of a total of 7 books, which were released between the years 2008 and 2013. Each and every novel of this true crime series features the lead protagonist in the role of a homicide detective named Lucinda Pierce. She hails from Virginia and indulges in investigating murder cases in and around the city. This series was published in the US and UK by the Severn House publishers. As author Fanning is well known for her nonfiction books of the true crime genre, she was described by Publishers Weekly as going through a kind of double duty while writing this series. After debuting in 2008, the series went on to depict intriguing stories of mystery and suspense. Readers from all across the globe liked and appreciated the stories as well as the characters very well.

As the series begins, Lucinda Pierce is shown as losing an eye along with disfiguring her face while responding to a call of domestic violence. Following this incident, life becomes pretty rough for Lucinda Pierce. She faces a lot of challenges, but she overcomes them with great determination. All the difficulties and challenges make Lucinda Pierce even more determined and dedicated towards her work. Whenever a case lands on her desk, she sets herself up to go after the culprit and doesn’t rest until she catches them and makes them pay for their crimes. As the series progresses further, Lucinda Pierce is seen getting indulged in various mysterious cases and solving them at the end of each book. Author Fanning was praised for her efforts in producing emotionally intense, intriguing, and exciting stories. Lucinda was hailed by many critics for being a strong heroine. Her portrayal as a dedicated, quirky, and hard-boiled detective was highly appreciated by many. Some fellow authors praised Fanning for creating realistic situations in her stories.

Diane Fanning is a reputed American writer, who is famous for writing true crime books. She was born in Balitmore, Maryland as Diane Lynn Butcher. Fanning completed her initial studies from the Perry Hall School and then enrolled herself at the Lynchburg College located in Virginia. She obtained a degree in chemistry. After passing out from college author Fanning got involved in the advertising field. Her hard work helped her win the Addy Award for over 70 times. As Fanning’s interest in writing stories had also started at that time, she began writing on a freelance basis. Some time later, author Fanning shifted to New Braunels in Texas and got involved in nonprofit work. She was involved with fundraising groups. It was during her stay in Texas that Fanning came up with her first story.

Author Fanning has received the nomination for the Edgar Award once in her career. After reading her books, a serial killer named Tommy Shells had contacted her through a letter and confessed to her about murdering a 10 year old boy. Fanning gave a testimony based on this confession and it helped prove the innocence of the victim’s mother, who was imprisoned as the convict. For this effort of author Fanning, the Innocence Project of Illinois awarded the Defenders of Innocent Award to her. As of today, she is happily married with 3 kids and resides in Bedford, Virginia along with her children and loving husband named Wayne Fanning.

The debut book of the Lucinda Pierce book series written by author Diane Fanning is entitled ‘The Trophy Exchange’. It was released by the Severn House publication in the year 2008. The book consists of the central characters in the roles of Kathleen Spencer, Lucinda Pierce, Evan Spencer, Charley Spencer, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Lucinda Pierce is a homicide detective, who feels emotionally and physically scarred by realizing how difficult her job is. Over the years, she has become bitter, angry, and hot tempered. But, Lucinda understands that her work is her life.

One day, she is handed over the task of investigating the murder case of Dr Kathleen Spencer. Just as Lucinda begins the investigation, she realizes that this case is linked with the death of a few other women in the past. Lucinda senses the possible presence of a serial killer in the city. After some more investigation, Lucinda Pierce discovers that the killer has the habit of stealing a jewelry piece and placing it on his next victim, and then stealing the new victim’s jewelry piece and planting it on the newer victim, and so on. The book looks fast paced and thrilling. In addition to the main characters, the secondary characters also play important roles. On the whole, the book seems to have done a great job in describing a story full of mystery. It was liked by the readers worldwide and well appreciated by numerous critics.

The next volume of this series is called ‘Punish the Deed’. This book was also published by Severn House in 2009. Author Fanning has mentioned the primary characters of this book as Sharon Flemming and Lucinda Pierce. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is shown that a new case lands on the desk of Lucinda Pierce for her to investigate and solve the mystery. She learns about the brutal killing of Sharon Flemming, a known charity worker for children’s betterment. When she reaches the crime scene, Lucinda finds a note left behind by the murderer that read that the victim was left behind. By looking at the brutality of the murder and the idea of leaving behind a note, Lucinda seems sure that the killer is very violent and he might take the lives of other innocent victims if not stopped in time. So, she sets on the task of tracking down the deadly killer and prevent him from striking again.

Later, she discovers several notes on the windshield of her car and realizes that the killer is keeping a track of her activities. It becomes clear to her that the killer intended on making her the next victim. Lucinda decides to use this opportunity to deceive the killer and catch him. She gets help from some unlikely sources, but trusts only the ones she has complete faith in so as to avoid further complications. This book was liked very much for its content, storyline, and characters. It found a large number of takers, who gave great comments and applauded the efforts of author Fanning. Her fellow authors also enjoyed reading the book and praised her for its amazing characters and plot.

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