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Publication Order of Lucky Starr Books

David Starr, Space Ranger (1952)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids (1953)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus (1954)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury (1956)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American writer of science-fiction Isaac Asimov has a name that’s synonymous with the genre, creating some of its most memorable works. Taking the medium forwards, he was well known for his forward thinking ideas, and being particularly ahead of the curve when it came to approaching the medium. His themes and concepts are still admired to this very day, as his work has inspired a legacy that continues to live on. The series of ‘Lucky Starr’ novels is a franchise that he’s particularly well known for, as it sees an early and exciting entry into Asimov’s career. Following the character of David ‘Lucky’ Starr, it sees him as a space ranger, as he travels about the galaxy undertaking a series of different adventures. Moving about the solar system, he manages to discover something new every time, all whilst dealing with another challenge head-on.

This particular 1950s science-fiction serial lasted for a total of six books during the lifetime of Isaac Asimov. Showing him in his early stages, these books are ideal for any fans of the author looking to gain a deeper insight into his working process. Starting out with the title ‘David Starr, Space Ranger’ in 1952, they ran till 1958 with the final book ‘Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn’.

David Starr, Space Ranger

First published in 1952, this would be a very early entry from Isaac Asimov as an author, showing him in the early stages of his writing career. Brought out through the ‘Del Rey’ publishing imprint, it would also set up the long-running ‘Lucky Starr’ series of novels, which would help create Asimov’s name. Set firmly within the fifties space adventure mold, it’s definitely a title of its time and genre, having fun all and excitement all the way.

Set firmly within the world of the 1950s serial space adventure, this was to be a novel, and a series, that was very much of its time. Creating an action packed adventure, it would carry the narrative in a fun a breezy style that many would come to replicate over the years. It would also lay out the early stages of much that would come to define the writing of Asimov over the course of his career too. With the character of David Starr himself, he’s a strong and heroic leading protagonist in the most classic traditional sense. Resourceful and always willing to do the right thing, he manages to persevere despite the many odds that are set against him. This then tends to become a recurring theme throughout the rest of the series, as he finds himself up against numerous different challenges. The space setting is also extremely well realized too, as the expanse of the galaxy is brought into full effect for the reader. It also manages to work against that of the characters, giving them a sense of scope to develop themselves within and around. In regards to the planet of Mars itself, it’s a well drawn landscape as it’s a well defined setting, seen through the various descriptions.

With Earth currently on the edge of catastrophe it seems that time is running out for the human race, and it is up to David Starr to help save them. With their ever vital foodstuffs being supplied by Martian colonists, it appears that the supplies are actively being poisoned. Taking on the case to find out why, David Starr is sent by the Council of Science up to Mars, as he’s their youngest member, and it is up to him to inspect the Martian farmlands. Will he find the truth? Who is doing the poisoning? What will become of David Starr, Space Ranger?

Lucky Starr and Pirates of the Asteroids

Brought out in 1953, this was to be the second title in the ongoing ‘Lucky Starr’ collection of much loved novels. Published the following year after the first, it would continue in much the same vein as the first, with it also being released through the ‘Del Rey’ label. This would set the template for a lot of Asimov’s novels to follow, as he would use it to find his voice before moving on to more serious work.

Following on from where the last left off, this manages to continue many of the themes that came beforehand in the previous novel. The ideas would be expanded upon here, taking them forwards, allowing them to move towards their most logical conclusion. With concepts of heroism and vengeance, this combines many elements in order to create a highly compelling pot-boiler. The character of David ‘Lucky Starr’ returns once more to defend himself a series of increasingly dangerous challenges. Facing up against a number of obstacles, he’s made to come to terms with his past as well, having to deal with some seemingly forgotten traumatic events. This means that he is to be fully tested this time, really taking him to the edge as a character and seeing what he is ultimately made of. Using space fully once more too, this manages to convey a clear sense of how desolate it is up in the great expanse.

The parents of Lucky Starr were destroyed twenty years prior during a pirate raid out on the Terrestrial Empire. Currently working as an officer for the Council of Science, Starr is ready for vengeance, as he holsters his blaster beside him. With his ship being heavily armed he faces off against them once again, as the pirates are approaching for a major showdown. Will he be able to defend himself? Can he defeat the enemy? What will become of Lucky Starr and the pirates of the asteroids?

The Lucky Starr Series

Very much of their time, these books are ideal for anyone hoping to gain an even deeper insight into the author and how he progressed over the years. Showing him very much in his early stages, it sees how far he came over the years, whilst also providing a solid space action adventure in the process. With a legacy that will carry on for many years to come, this is a series that will continue to endure for a long time

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