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Lucy Carol is a bestselling romantic comedy fiction author best known for the “Madison Cruz” series of novels. Just like her lead in the series, the author is just a quirky and likable protagonist who can never sit still when there is some music playing.

She is also a huge lover of flowers, martinis and avocados and a good hair day for her is when her curls are not frizzing. Her dining table is typically full of colorful jigsaw puzzles as she finds this is the best way she finds to wind down at the end of her day.

While she can always turn out the light in her home office and go for a walk, she says that working on jigsaw puzzles is the thing that calms her mind. They distract her from her worries as she gets endorphins with each piece that she puts together towards the solving of the puzzle.

Carol has a background in the performing arts as she has been a singing telegram, actress, choreographer, and voiceover artist. She worked all manner of strange jobs in her earlier days and she makes use of these experiences in writing her novels.

She still remembers when she was sent by an agent to go be an irate customer railing against a funeral home. In addition to acting, Carol is also into dancing but because of an injury she had to quit dancing.
It was during this downtime that she started writing as she recovered.

Lucy Carol just like every great author credits her writing to a great support system. Her biggest supporter is her husband, the brilliant and hilarious fellow that she loves to call Irrational Man.

Even though Carol is a self published author, publishing can be very nerve wracking without a great support system. However, with her husband’s encouragement she left just a little bit of herself on the keyboard everyday trying to perfect her manuscript.

Humor was always a strength she had and hence designing those moments have never been a problem. However, planting red herrings and clues can be harder work. She can also get fretful when a story she is writing does not move as fast as she would like it to.

After years of hard work, Carol finally published “Hot Scheming Mess,” the debut novel of the “Madison Cruz” mystery series in 2013 and has never looked back since. She now has more than a dozen novels across two series.

“Hot Scheming Mess” by Lucy Carol is a romantic suspense novel filled with the dangerous escapes, spies, near kidnappings and secrets. It is a zany novel that features Madison, an aspiring actress who is so desperate that she will take any gig just to pay the rent.
She will do anything from singing to a corpse in pregnancy garb, singing telegrams, to punking others while acting as “The Clumsy Waitress.”
Her life is just as chaotic as she cannot meet anyone since they either want to be fuck buddies or she cannot communicate properly. She is something in between where there seems to be no one.

A few days ago, her grandfather had dragged her into a mystery to do with her mother who is an FBI agent that has never had the best relationship with her.
Carol also includes a ton of fun subsidiary characters Madison’s best friend Spenser, Target the operator of the ultimate prop shop and the old woman that was once upon a strong woman that ran shows in Vegas.

The story zooms along with butterfly turns and twists until the author finally makes a satisfying climax while leaving open some threads for the next novel in the series.

Lucy Carol’s novel “Kill the Crazy” follows on from the excitement of the debut novel of the series. Madison Cruz is coming from improving her relationship with her Fed mother, learning about her former KGB grandmother and about the dark secret her grandfather had kept from them all.

After all this, she needs several days off and Nika, her grandmother, invites Madison, her best friend and her mother to a day at one of the best spas in town. After she is done with work, she heads to the spa thinking of facials, manicures, massages and pedicures.

But at the spa, she meets a plot for revenge that may be deadly: a spa manager that happens to be an ex actor she had butted heads with, her new boyfriend and a woman he says is his crazy stalker former girlfriend.

Madison often appears superficial and flighty, but underneath the veneer of dark curls and pretty green eyes, she turns out to be a very smart woman that manages to scrape through some hair raising moments.

The relationship between Madison, her mother and grandmother continues to have many challenges mostly because all of them are very strong personalities. But above it all, there is a feeling that they have a real familial relationship even if they cannot stop butting heads.

“Stiff Competition” by Lucy Carol sees Madison Cruz make a comeback for yet another adventure. She has been dating Jason for a while but as is usual in her life’ things have not been going very well. Jason wants her to change her life to the ideal he has in mind but that would mean abandoning her acting career.
Meanwhile, her career is not doing so well and she has been working as a telegram singer to make a living. When she arrives to work at a swanky restaurant, she is told there must have been a mix up but before she leaves things get interesting.

Trying to sort out a dangerous situation, she stumbles into what she believes is an illegal operation that may explain the mystery of the missing chef. On top of everything, she goes off the tracks trying to help a friend who is running a speed dating business.

Add to that the fact that she has recently become very attracted to a handsome FBI agent and you have the perfect recipe for a fun and zany mystery.

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