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Publication Order of Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller Books

C.J Lyons was born and raised in the regions of central Pennsylvania. While attending school, C.J Lyons earned the reputation of doing things differently from what the other children were doing. Lyons sums up this period of her life, by saying she has always been a storyteller ever since she was young. When she was young, Lyons has always had a difficult time of telling the difference between fiction and reality. In school, some of her teachers noticed Lyons unique writing ability and encouraged her to continue writing. When she was 12 years old, C.J Lyons published a story in her school’s official magazine. At 13 years, C.J Lyons emerged the winner at her school’s writing contest. While she still writes during her free time, C.J Lyons still has her eyes on other pursuits as well.

Ever since Lyons was young, she has always had this desire to change the world. The desire to change the world in turn led C.J Lyons to the field of medicine. After completing her education at State College, C.J Lyons later on moved to North Carolina, where she attended one of the local colleges. After completing her college, Lyons was admitted to Medicine School. Lyons then moved to back to Pennsylvania, where she completed a residency at the local, Children’s Hospital. Throughout her life, Lyons has always fancied telling and writing stories. For Lyons, writing became a way in which she could cope up with the world. Initially, Lyons had never thought of making a career out of writing, however, everything changed during her internship, when one of the interns was murdered.

Trying to understand her grief and shock, Lyons eventually turned to writing crime fiction. To date, C.J Lyons continues to pen down fantasy novels and science fiction as well. However, Lyons attention shifted to crime fiction. After the successful completion of her internship, Lyons has continued to specialise in the field of Paediatric Emergency Medicine. Faced daily with everyday heroes and gruesome horrors, Lyons has in turn plunged herself much deeper into penning down novels. Lyons also began to channel the experiences that she got in the Emergency Room into her books. As Lyons continued to build her relationship with other writers, they began encouraging C.J Lyons to publish her works. Despite being initially reluctant, it did not take long before she eventually realised the power of words.

Motivated by her desire and will to make an impact to the world, Lyons submitted one of work to the Golden Heart contest, which was being conducted by Romance Writers of America. To Lyons surprise, she became a finalist and even received a call from one of the publishers. However, Lyon’s road to success was not as easy as she would have expected it to be. A few weeks before her book was to be published, the publishing company backed out of the deal. Luckily, Lyons was picked up by another publishing company, which in turn led to the publishing of the series, Angels of Mercy. The concept of Angels of Mercy came after a TV producer approached Lyons. The idea of the television producer was to create a show that was an amalgamation of Grey’s Anatomy and ER. With Lyons exceedingly strong writing skills and background in medicine, Lyons was definitely the perfect choice for the project.

Set in the fictional medical centre, Angels of Mercy is described as a top-flight trauma centre and teaching hospital. People came to Angels of Mercy because of the hospital reputation of offering the best medical care. However, behind the scenes is where the real action lies. The book series, Angels of Mercy, focuses on four female protagonists, all with different personalities and backgrounds. While saving lives, the female protagonists interact with each other, develop friendships and even fall in love. Eventually, the four become each other’s heroines. By using her real life experiences as an Emergency Room doctor as well as her numerous consultations with the prosecutors and the local police, C.J Lyons clearly portrays the real life struggles in the Emergency Room.

Lucy Gurdiano Series

Blood Stained is the second instalment in the Lucy Gurdiano book series. In this book, Lucy Gurdiano has just landed another job; she is now the head of the FBI Field Office Sexual Enforcement squad in Pittsburgh. Apart from Lucy, we are introduced to another significant character, Jenna Galloway, an exceedingly young United States postal inspector. Jenna Galloway believes that she knows much more compared to Lucy on how to handle an investigation. While working at New Hope, a case that happened more than 4 years ago re-emerges. With that said, as the protagonist, Lucy Gurdiano is quite believable. Despite the fact that she is vulnerable from time to time, she constantly tries to hide her vulnerability.

However, despite being vulnerable, she is an exceedingly tough woman, whom men cannot easily manipulate. Furthermore, Blood Stained has been well written and is full of characters that you are going to love and despise others as well. Kill Zone is the third book in the Lucy Gurdiano book series. A Mexiacan drug cartel, a psychopathic killer, a former marine, local gangs and a former marine make the city Pittsburgh, an exceedingly hostile place to live. Lucy Guardiano together with Jenna, Taylor and Walden return once more in this book series. Their main task is to restore a city that is on the verge of collapsing. The brutal killing of two teenage girls brings Lucy and his team of experts to the city to carry out their own investigation. However, while conducting their own investigation, things do not add up and in turn begin to turn for the worse.

While fighting to save themselves the team also fight to ensure that they also protect the civilians as well. With that said, Kill Zone is a dark thriller that can be compared to an octane ride. It is full of twists and turns. However, the dark subjects in Kill Zone may not be ideal for everyone. Nonetheless, C.J Lyons manages to tell an exceedingly great story. She has also managed to creators exceedingly brave characters who are more than determined to ensure that justice is served regardless of the cost.

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