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Publication Order of Libby Lomax Books

A Night in With Audrey Hepburn (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Night in with Marilyn Monroe (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Night in with Grace Kelly (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lucy Holliday is an author of several popular books. Her bubbly personality is best brought out by her literary works, all of which are hilarious and the ultimate definition of relaxing books. Lucy is married, and has one daughter; a young toddler she is very proud of. She resides in Wimbledon.

If there is any one word that describes Lucy in a nutshell, it is dedicated. Famous for her Libby Lomax series, Lucy does not shy away from telling her fans the enormous effort that went into the making of the books. Funnily enough, the idea of writing the books first occurred to her when she was quieting her irate child in the wee hours of the morning, and when she was in a rather sleep- deprived state. Gradually, the nebulous idea took form and with time, she came up with a plausible plot for the series.Admittedly, writing a series of fictional books that have real characters is not an easy task. Some of the main characters in Lucy’s series are not only real, but they are also some of the most famous people in history. Her books star characters like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn- people who although deceased, left a perpetual mark in history. To Lucy, settling on such a series was a wakeup call; she had to do an extensive research on the stars, and find the best way to portray them in her books. This is undeniably a major detour from the works of many fictional- books authors, but Lucy eagerly accepted the challenge and did a commendable job at it.

Lucy’s first love was writing. When she was barely five years old, she wrote her first work ever, a four- line poem she titled The Post Man is Very Good. She derived immense enjoyment from writing the poem, and ever since then, she vowed to become a writer later on in her life. Although writing is not easy, Lucy finds contentment from spending countless hours in her office- which by the way is in her home- writing books. So passionate is she about her writing that she once said she actually feels a compulsion to write. Her fans are grateful for the compulsion though, as they are always on the lookout for another of her thoroughly entertaining books to devour.

Lucy’s Books
Lucy’s books are funny, entertaining and completely thought provoking. With her, there is really no haste in the pace of developing her story. But one has to admire Lucy’s sense of humor, because she has a unique sense of humor. Her jokes, although sometimes subtly told, will keep you punctuating sentences with bouts of infectious laughter.

Lucy also brings a bit of Hollywood fame to her fans through her books. The much- needed glimpse of stardom does a lot to advance her plot, not to mention keeping her writers absorbed in the books. Although her books are admittedly a bit laidback, they are still fascinating- you can never willingly put down any of her books.

Best Books by Lucy
A Night In With Audrey Hepburn is one of the most amusing and compelling stories written by Lucy Holliday. In this book, readers are introduced to the miserable Libby Lomax. Libby is a young lady who decides to try her hand at acting classical movies. Part of the reason she settles down on classical movies is because her love life is nothing if not boring. Classical movies have a reputation for being very romantic, and Libby hopes that they will give her a much- needed break from the boredom in her life, although the excitement will be short lived. Her rosy fantasies are however marred when she embarrasses herself terribly in front of the entire movie cast and especially the star of the movie, a sexy, bad- boy named Dillon O’Hara.

When she gets home that evening, she feels like the ultimate definition of a failure, and one cannot really blame her. She decides to watch Tiffany’s breakfast for the umpteenth time. She is startled when Audrey Hepburn materializes next to her and seats on her battered sofa. Audrey has some tips for Libby, which if followed, can transform Libby from the mediocre actress that she currently is to a Hollywood star. Libby adores Audrey, and she doesn’t really need much persuasion in order to execute Audrey’s advice.

Told in a light- hearted tone, this story explores the dreams, passions, struggles and developments in Libby’s love life. It might not be fast- paced, but the pace at which the story unfolds is simply perfect.

Another book by Lucy is one entitled A Night In With Marilyn Monroe. As you have probably already guessed, in this book, it is the charming and vivacious Marilyn Monroe who turns up with some tips for Libby. Here, Marilyn has some dating advice for Libby, and actually Libby does need all the relationship advice she can get. She is in a relationship with the hot actor Dillon. The bad part of it is that the relationship is headed for the worst. Libby is only realizing how deceiving looks can be, because in the course of time, Dillon reveals his true character as an unstable boyfriend, which is every girl’s nightmare.

Libby is however skeptical about taking relationship advice from Marilyn Monroe, and does not shy away from pointing out the tragic death and questionable lifestyle the former actress led. Libby is however in confused state, and it is her best friend, Ollie, who sticks by her side throughout her down times. This book, albeit sad, is also funny in its own way, flirty and absolutely stimulating.

All of Lucy’s books are pervaded by a sense of never- ending humor, and are a must read for anyone who is in search of hilarious and relaxing books. Lucy knows how to maintain the attention of a reader, how to make her readers laugh, and how to make them sympathetic. She does all of this in a seemingly effortless manner, which is not surprising considering the fact that she is a talented writer. She certainly enjoys doing her writing, and ensures that her readers derive the same enjoyment from reading her books.

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