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Lucy Parker is a published author of fiction.

She resides in New Zealand in the Central Otago region, noted for its beauty. The author has plenty of opportunity to view natural beauty at her home, noting that she feels lucky to have the chance to go out every day and take in lakes, mountains, and vineyards.

Lucy pursued a degree in the field of Art History. As a result, she has a passion for art galleries and going to museums. When she can’t think of anything to write, she sits down and draws flowers.

The author spends much of her time writing. When she’s not busy doing that or sleeping or working, she takes the time to get to her stack of books to be read that somehow manages to never decrease in size. There is always yet another book waiting for her to read it.

Lucy first became interested in romantic fiction when she was young. She saw Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which inspired her to sit down and read the book too. When a friend of the family suggested that she read Georgette Heyer, it solidified her interest in this type of fiction for good.

Lucy Parker is the creator and the writer of the fictional series of novels, London Celebrities. The series first made its debut in 2015 with the publication of the first novel, titled Act Like It. The second novel would be published in 2017 and is titled Pretty Face. The third book came out the next year and is titled Making Up. This was followed by the fourth novel in 2019, titled The Austen Playbook. The fifth novel was published in 2020 and is titled Headliners. If you are looking for a new romantic series to catch your interest, this one is it! Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Act Like It is a contemporary romance novel and the first in the London Celebrities series by author Lucy Parker. It’s time for romance to become the main focus as an intelligent female lead and a handsome leading man may just find love together. But are they too opposite to have any chance at a modern fairy tale romance?

This story features the main characters of Richard Troy and Lainie Graham. Richard is an actor based in London. He’s acquired plenty of fans in his time as a celebrity in London and used to be the hottest ticket around. However, things might be changing as he’s gaining a bit of a bad reputation. He may be hot, but so is his temper, which seems to be taking center stage in terms of the attention that he’s getting.

Everyone loves a bad boy most of the time. However, Richard’s actions are starting to have a negative tarnish on his reputation. Fans are slowly starting to be disappointed by his antics. However, a new romance might be just the thing to turn all of it around. Elaine Graham is his fellow cast member, and perhaps this new romance will help this West End theater actor to change his public perception.

There’s no denying that the public loves a good romantic coupling, and this English rose might be just the ticket to change the perception of him in the press and in the heart of his fans. Lainie might just be able to convince him to turn things around and make this actor into an entirely new man all together.

The two of them may seem an unlikely match, but sources have been reporting that the actors have been seen at different places and events. They’re attached at the hip and constantly locking arms. The rumors are swirling, and this surprising new romance has caught everyone’s interest.

But are the two really as in love as they seem to be? Or could this be the case of two actors knowing exactly what they are doing and swaying the public for their own benefit? It’s anybody’s guess whether these love birds are the real deal or this is another case of treating all the world like it’s a stage. Are Elaine and Richard really in love? Read the first book in this series to find out!

Pretty Face is the second novel in the London Celebrities series by author Lucy Parker. The city of London and its stages are back as the main setting for this next romantic tale from Parker that will have readers turning the pages to find out what happens next!

The main characters in this story are Lily Lamprey, an actress, and Luc Savage, also in the entertainment industry as a director. Lily knows that she’s an attractive actress, with a curvy body and an attractive voice. But she wants to be more than just a pretty face and is desperate to find a role that will allow her to show off her talent.

Lily knows that she could boost her career if she could just find the right opportunity. Then she hears talk of Luc Savage, the famous director, working to renovate a theater in the West End. Rumor has it that it’s all for a new production that she has in mind. This is it, and Lily know that this could be a huge opportunity for her to get a break out role.

The only problem is that Luc is known for being in bad temper and a bit of a dictator. However, he also has a lot of experience, is attractive, and is respectful and always conducts himself with integrity. The second that he meets Lily he feels an attraction to her. Luc wants to dismiss his feeling as simply being in the middle of his life.

However, he’s as attracted to her for her talent as an actress as he is her personality and looks. On the whole, he’s finding her irresistible. When a romance starts up between them, it’s wonderful. But with his position as director and her career on the rise, the pair are finding that their reputation could be threatened by this budding relationship.

Can the two stay together despite rising pressure on their careers? Or will their love fade as quickly as it began? Read this book to find out!

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