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Publication Order of Lucy Valentine Books

Truly, Madly (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deeply, Desperately (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Absolutely, Positively (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Definitely, Maybe (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfectly Matched (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undeniably Yours (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Lucy Valentine series is a series of novels written by Heather Webber, one of the US’s most popular mystery writers. The highly popular Truly, Madly first published in 2010 was the first novel in the series, that spawned five other titles. The Lucy Valentine series is one of Heather Webber’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed. The Lucy inspiration for the Lucy Valentine series of novels came from the author’s deep fascination with the paranormal. A connoisseur of TV series such as Bewitched, the concept of a protagonist that is a psychic was one she had always wanted to write about. Nonetheless, Lucy Valentine is not your ordinary psychic with unlimited powers, as she asserts that that would water down the mystery considerably. The name of Valentine is one that Webber had always loved as a child and hence the name Lucy Valentine seemed a good choice for a paranormal mystery protagonist. Lucy Valentine has a sense of wanting to right injustices, a great sense of humor, a love for animals and extreme loyalty to family and friends, traits that the author asserts she also has. That being said, Lucy Valentine has the quirky, relatable nature of a Webber protagonist and is bolder and more outgoing.

Lucy Valentine is the proverbial black sheep daughter of a family that runs one of the premier matchmaking companies in her hometown. The Valentine family are psychics that have been in the matchmaking business for generations. Lucy the only child of the latest generation is expected to naturally follow the same path. However, Lucy is showing no sign of becoming the matchmaker extraordinaire as a freak accident has robbed her of the skill to match up people with others matching their auras. Instead, the accident has given her the ability to find objects by touching the owner. The only problem is there is not much use for such a skill in the business. Moreover, Lucy has spent much of her adult life moving from one career to another with little success, and this has destroyed her self-esteem even further. Lucy also has to deal with many problems that are not unrelated to the cupid curse that everyone in her family is afflicted with. Hardly anyone in her family can sustain a romantic relationship with her grandparents, her parents, and most of her relatives going back generations, in toxic relationships or single. Lucy too seems to find it hard to sustain a relationship for any significant amount of time. In addition to Lucy the lead character, the novels feature quirky and humorous characters that have their own minor plot threads. The most important of these characters include a police officer, a newspaper reporter that turns into her best friend, her two girlfriends, her father’s butler, her grandmother, and her parents.

The Lucy Valentine series is a cozy mystery with a twist given that they are paranormal mysteries with a psychic protagonist. Similar to many cozy mystery protagonists, Lucy has to juggle issues of love, business challenges, and the usual murder mystery that holds everything together. When Lucy discovers that she could use her newfound powers of finding things to match up people, she never expected that it would complicate her life even further. Nonetheless, her clientele base has exploded ever since she discovered that she could make a lot of money by matching up people with lost loves, or people that wanted to get back together with estranged lovers. Her newfound skills have also created a new set of complications that she never expected. With her fame all over town, she is soon the go to matchmaker for all types of persons. She is involved in all manner of cases from trying to find her journalist friend Kira Fitzpatrick and her daughter that have vanished without a trace, tracking down a serial arsonist, to tracking down a mysterious man who has been giving money to the town resident who she seems to have fallen for. In the meantime, she has not been so successful with finding a long-term romantic partner, and has been tapping into mysterious powers to help her in the quest. The novels are a great treat for any paranormal mystery fan seeking stories full of lies, deceit, and twists and turns of plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Truly, Madly the first novel of the Lucy Valentine series introduces Lucy Valentine the chief protagonist in the novels. While Lucy is one of the smartest girls in her hometown, she is notoriously single, and hence by all accounts would be the worst choice to run a matchmaking company. But when her parents are forced by circumstances to step down from the business, it is up to Lucy to step up and run Valentine, Inc.. The only problem is Lucy does not have any skills to be a good matchmaker. According to family legend, all members of the family had been blessed with cupid with the capacity to see people’s auras and match them up perfectly with people they are most compatible with. Lucy no longer has these powers as an electric surge had zapped away all her powers leaving her only with the ability to track missing objects. As far as she knows, her object finding skills are useless in the matchmaking world. But she soon finds that the people of Boston can find a use for any skill. When a wedding ring turns up on a dead body, she believes that she may just be able to reunite the dead man with his partner. Therefore, she asks the gorgeous private detective that had moved into the building to help her unravel the perfect crime, and while at, it maybe she could get a chance at love.

Deeply, Desperately the second novel of the Lucy Valentine series of novels sees Lucy Valentine travel the globe on a quest for true love for her clients. She still lacks the skills of matching up the auras of people to other similar people but is determined to use her other less glamorous skills to grow Valentine Inc. Finding lost loves is one skill that no other matchmaker excels in more than Lucy. It is not long before her business creating new sparks and reuniting old flames is booming. But an unfortunate incident throws a spanner in the works when she finds herself embroiled in what is likely a murder. She now has to turn to the handsome neighbor, Sean Donahue to find answers to a murder mystery that threatens to destroy her business. Sean is a highly skilled private detective, and who knows, maybe he is the one she has been waiting for all these years she has been playing cupid, without getting a man for herself.

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