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Publication Order of DI Sean Corrigan Books

Redemption of the Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Killing (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Keeper (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Network (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Toy Taker (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Jackdaw (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rain Killer (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Imperfect Killing (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killing Mind (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of DI Sean Corrigan Books

Publication Order of Sergeant Jack King Books

The Rule of Fear (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Luke Delaney is a British author. He worked as a cop with the MPS in the eighties. His first posting ever was to South East London, a notoriously bad area of the city that was known around the city for its extreme violence and having a lot of crime. Later, he joined C.I.D. and there investigated a range of murders from beginning serial killers to executions via gang assassination, so he can relate to the tough world of one his more popular characters, Sean Corrigan.

Now a fiction crime and mystery writer, he channels some of his past career histories into his novels and ideas. His first series is the D.I. Sean Corrigan series. The series features four prequels in total as well as five books, all featuring the same character.The debut novel in the series is called Cold Killing and was published in 2013.

Luke Delaney also has three omnibus collections involving Sean Corrigan. There is also the Toy Taker series, which features four books in the series (all published in 2014). He is also the author of the Sergeant Jack King series.

Cold Killing is the first book in the D.I. Sean Corrigan series. This debut crime novel is set in London and employs authentic storytelling and setting with a psychological touch. If you love Peter James, Mark Billingham, and Stuart MacBride, you’ll love the first book in this series by Luke Delaney.

The main character of this book is D.I. Sean Corrigan. He is maybe not your average detective– and he certainly is not like all the other detectives that he has worked with in that he had a very abusive childhood growing up. Despite his horrible past, he still tries to enjoy his life with his two daughters and his wife. Corrigan also has a bright and prosperous career working in the South London Murder Investigation Unit. His work there along with what he has been through makes it easy to pinpoint darkness in others since it still exists in his own mind. Corrigan wants it to stay buried there, for the most part.

However, when he is hot on the trail of one of the worst killers he’s ever encountered, Corrigan starts to get worried. For one thing, this killer seems to have no m.o. and doesn’t even leave any evidence behind, meaning that he or she is careful about the work that they do. They are leaving nothing up to chance and what’s even scarier is that they are doing this on purpose so that they can avoid getting caught indefinitely and thus have that much more time to go out and make their murders happen, so to speak. But there is something about this case that makes it more complex than your average murder cases would be ordinarily.

The killer also has another thing going for them, whoever they are. The victims that they have killed seem to have absolutely no easy to identify link among them. Not one of them has something that appears to be in common with the other, making it even more difficult for Corrigan or the authorities to figure out what the killer is doing and who they are while they are at it. Who knows who the killer will strike next while they are at large and how many will be dead before it is over?

Corrigan believes that all of these people were killed by the same person, but he has to prove it. Corrigan knows that he must find the evidence that they cannot seem to discover. After that, he’s going to convince his higher-ups of what he thinks is happening and ultimately pin down the man or woman and stop them forever. But he must hurry up before the killer starts to figure out that he is on the trail and decides to get rid of any loose ends that could lead to identification and being caught. It’s detective inspector versus murderer– who will win out? Pick up this thrilling and fast-paced book to find out!

The Keeper is the second book in this exciting series about the tough detective. This crime fiction train does not stop rolling in the sequel to the debut novel series– Sean Corrigan is back, and the ex-Met detective doesn’t have any time for games or messing around. This time, he means business. Although there’s nothing about him that makes him more able or supernatural than the other detectives and cops, his past brushes with the darker side of humanity mean that he does have a bit of an edge.

Corrigan can arrive at a crime scene and understand the mentality of the person that’s the reason why he’s there. He can see what exists in people that drives them to offend, from arson to rape to torture and murder. But his heightened abilities as the result of this edge mean that he also isn’t the lightest man in the world. D.I. Corrigan isn’t going to be walking on air and sunshine anytime soon. That’s a certainty.

Most murders occur away from prying eyes and most kidnappings don’t involve women going missing from their homes in the middle of the broad daylight. It’s just strange, and a missing person case seems like the last thing that the Murder Investigation Team would need. Corrigan changes his mind when he sees the first body, a young woman found in the woods, and he knows that he must get into this murderer’s mind and find out what the killer wants. He also strongly suspects that the murderer already has a target in mind.

Corrigan must use his past to see what and why the killer is doing what they are doing. Like it or not, his gift must help him out on this one and help him stop the murderer. It seems that the killer is also taking women captive after he kidnaps him and it is a pattern. Is the murderer just searching for the perfect woman and throwing out his unwilling auditioning women when he’s done? Pick up this exciting thriller from Luke Delaney to find out for yourself!

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