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Luke Jennings is a dance critic for The Observer and a writer. His writing has appeared in Time, Vanity Fair, and the New Yorker.

His book “Killing Eve” is the basis for a BBC America TV Series of the same name. The series was adapted by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is a writer and actor, who serves an executive producer for the series. It stars Jodie Comer as Villanelle as well as Sandra Oh, who plays Eve.

He wrote teenage stage school books with his daughter Laura, which are the “Stars” books. He also writes the “Villanelle” series. His debut novel, “Breach Candy” was released in the year 1993. Jennings writes thriller and memoir.

“Blood Knots” was shortlisted for William Hill and Samuel Johnson prizes in the year 2010. “Atlantic” was nominated for a Booker Prize.

He grew up in the sixties, and he was fascinated by the lakes and rivers located near his home in Sussex. He believed there to be alien and mysterious worlds lying underneath. Using library books to guide him, he learned how to fish. For years he caught nothing, and his progress was slow. Jennings had the help of different people to show him how to fish better. All of this was collected in “Blood Knots”, his memoir that he released in the year 2010.

Jennings reads a lot of thrillers, but grew bored with the male cardboard characters that are quite gadgety and tech centric. It was because of this that he wanted both the villain and hunter female in his stories starring Villanelle and Eve. Villanelle was also the first character that came to his mind, during his writing of the first novella she stars in.

“Atlantic” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 1995. June 1947. The departure siren is sounding, while Carmelia (a transatlantic liner) is heading for open sea, over Southampton’s Ocean Dock. Reginald Parks (who is an Intelligence officer) and Cato (Reginald’s sixteen year old son) are on board the ship.

In New York, Cato will have a risky heart operation, and he may not survive it. He plans on taking in every single pleasure the ship has on offer. The ship moves through the North Atlantic with the dance bands playing and its lights blazing. All the while, Cato looks for love.

This author is great at making you feel for them, despite their hearts being deeply broken. The ending of the book shatters the reader. It is truly fitting that a book about crossing the sea is first class and swell. Luke Jennings does a great job of capturing the post war period in this book. Luke follows up his debut novel with a second book that is entertaining and excellent.

“Codename Villanelle” is the first novel in the “Villanelle” series, which was released in the year 2014. Oxana Vorontsova is waiting for her murder trial to start in the isolated remand centre located in the Ural Mountains. She is on trial for the murder of three people. Two were shot in the face, while a guy got his throat slashed clear to the bone. Not exactly the kind of behavior you would expect of a bright linguistics student at a top university in Russia. The signs had always been there, as the string of disturbing incidents show.

Someone has made a note of Oxana’s potential, half a world away. She is recruited as an assassin on the behalf of a global and secretive power-elite. Oxana is born again as the lethal and beautiful Villanelle. There are some big rewards that come with this new life, but there are also some deadly risks, too. She is given a job to take out a senior Mafia boss, it is obvious the job will have to be done at close quarters.

This is a great way to be introduced to this female killer. Fans of the novel find Jennings’ descriptions and knowledge in the writing to make things feel very realistic. Villanelle is a likable character, especially considering she is a sociopath and a killer. Nothing is left out in her backstory, yet it is always engaging to the reader.

“Hollowpoint” is the second novel in the “Villanelle” series, which was released in the year 2014. She has returned. She is predatory and gorgeous, and is the lethal instrument of a major secretive organization that has dedicated itself to manipulating the events of the world from behind the scenes. Villanelle is truly the ultimate killer.

Her target is a firebrand Russian leader who has some political theories that are extreme and threaten some global conflict breaking out. Waiting for Villanelle is MI5’s own, Eve Polastri. Eve is a hunter by nature, not to mention highly intelligent. She is ready to hunt her adversary wherever she has to.

“Shanghai” is the third novel in the “Villanelle” series, which was released in the year 2015. Villanelle paces Shanghai’s streets under a monsoon and bruise dark sky. She is tasked with eliminating the leader of an elite group of Chinese hackers that is stealing some vital information from the West.

“Odessa” is the fourth novel in the “Villanelle” series, which was released in the year 2015. While night descends on Odessa, a city in the Ukraine, Villanelle is getting ready to break into a fortified mansion. Inside, her mentor (who is named Konstantin) is being held hostage.

Back in London, Eve has just found a breakthrough as she and her team chase Villanelle and the secret organization she is killing for. Villanelle is in a battle of the wits with the intelligent and fiercely determined Eve.

This book was furious and it was fast, and some cannot wait for more from this series. Fans of the novel find themselves liking Villanelle, even though she is robotic and shows no mercy and kills who she is told to. It is her effortless glamour, cleverness, and cool that makes sure of this. She is a killing machine and is able to get paid for it, and never stops to wonder about the right and wrong or the ethics of her work.

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