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Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter Books In Order

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Publication Order of Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter Books

By: William W. Johnstone, J A Johnstone
Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Shot (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bloody Sunday (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Men Die (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Rides Alone (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legion of Fire (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burning Daylight (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hired Guns (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prairie Fire (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bullet Stops Here (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American writer William W. Johnstone was a prolific author of western novels during his lifetime, as well as writing survival and horror novels too. Many of these he’d write with his nephew J.A. Johnstone, who would later go on to become an author in of his own right, creating his own stories and ideas. Together the both of them would manage to create a number of series during his lifetime, especially those set in the world of the western, as they took the various themes and tropes, making them work and, ultimately, bringing them to life, as he left behind a legacy that is still acknowledged to this very day. One such series that has become extremely prevalent over time is that of his ‘Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter’ collection of novels, which is a western series of books. Capturing the essence of the genre well, they follow Confederate soldier turned bounty hunter Luke Jensen, as he seeks to make a new life for himself following a major tragedy. Despite his own past in the Confederate Army, he is seen as the hero of the story, leading to him and his plight being at the forefront of the story throughout, as the narrative continually follows him and his exploits.

Working with material already laid out by William W. Johnstone with various other series concerning the plight of the Jensens, this series was brought to fruition by J.A. Johnstone in 2012. With four books in total running from 2012 to 2015, it was a fairly short and concise series, drawing it all to a final conclusion with the title ‘Bad Men Die’, giving the series closure. William W. Johnstone would write about the Jensen family prior to this, something which was heavily drawn from by his nephew for the creation of this series, using it as a source of inspiration with which to formulate many of its ideas.

Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter

Originally published through the Pinnacle publishing label in 2012, this was the first in the series of ‘Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter’ novels set in the old west. Setting up a lot of the principle themes and ideas, this manages to establish the style and the tone of the world that’s all set to follow in the books to come. It also introduces Luke Jensen as the main protagonist for the first time too, setting up his backstory and giving him an adventure to undergo as well, all of which gives the reader a clear idea of what’s going to follow soon.

Setting up the series overall, this manages to draw upon a number of disparate elements from the western genre, producing the first book in the franchise. Taking the broad characters and building them into a very particular view and perspective of the ‘old west’, it works at creating a stylized sense of what it was like back then. Occurring all across the wild west, it goes about using this landscape as its center stage, telling the story that it wants to tell through the eyes and voice of the author.

The long lost brother of Smoke Jensen, previously seen in series’ elsewhere, Luke Jensen was thought to have been killed in one of the fiercest wars in history. Looking to get gold out of the city of Richmond in the last days of the Civil War, Jensen is a Confederate soldier who’s left for dead following an ambush by four deserters in the final days. Taken in and nursed back to health in a Georgia farmhouse, the farm is soon held under siege by a group of carpetbaggers, as he is then heads out on his own once more. Will he become the bounty hunter that he’s always wanted to be? Does he make amends with his past? What will become of Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter?

Dead Shot

Published just one year after the first in 2013, this was initially released through the Pinnacle publishing label once again, this time on the 2nd of July. With the character now already being firmly established by Johnstone, the story jumps straight into the main action of the story, getting the narrative immediately underway. Picking up from where the last title left off, it works at developing the characters and the world that it’s set within, building the narrative arcs in the process as well.

In much the same vein as the original, it contains a lot of the same themes and ideas, using them to elaborate upon the work and the material in it. This remains the same for the characters as well, as many of them return, with some new secondary characters being introduced into the action as well. In regards to the location, the wild west takes center stage once more, as Johnstone injects his own very specific perspective into the narrative, something which really shows his voice and outlook on certain subject matter of the time.

Bringing a killer’s body to Rio Rojo, Luke Jensen is looking for a payout, which is when two criminals hit the bank nearby, leaving it up to Jensen to catch the culprits. On the tail of Gunner Kelly, as well as his trusty Apache sidekick, as it is up to Jensen to capture the both of them and collect his pay and reward as well. Accompanied by a young sidekick himself who goes by the name of Hobie McCullough, they aim to bring those guilty to justice by any means necessary. Will they succeed? Can they get their reward? Who will be the dead shot?

The Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter Series

Whilst many may find some contention over the choice of hero and some of the broader characterizations, it still continues to garner a number of fans to this day, regardless of the subject matter. Using the western template it fits into its particular genre, allowing it to appeal to a certain audience with its specific brand and message, using old fashioned values typically assigned to such a novel. Finishing now, this leaves behind a particular legacy, one which will continue to appeal to people throughout the following years to come for some time yet.

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