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Publication Order of Gregor Reinhardt Books

The Man from Berlin (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pale House (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Divided City / The Ashes of Berlin (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
From a Dark Horizon (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The British author Luke McCallin has been writing for a number of years now, with a whole collection of novels under his belt. Largely known for writing books inspired by his time spent as a peace-keeper, he is a writer of fiction that feels extremely realistic. Creating espionage novels, he also has a gift for suspense and tension fueled narratives that are carried along by enigmatic and engaging characters.

Early and Personal Life

Born in the United Kingdom in Oxford in 1972, the author to be Luke McCallin grew up in Africa where he spent his formative years. Harboring a strong passion for both reading and writing from an early age, he worked on harnessing his skills and voice as a writer. Putting a lot of his experiences into his work he would manage to get an insight into his craft, giving him a clearer, more articulate voice in the years to come.

Educated around the world whilst growing up, McCallin saw and experienced a lot during his early years. This would allow him to build upon his material, something which he would also continue throughout his education as well. Graduating with master’s degree in political science he also has a strong interest in world affairs, something which has also greatly informed his work.

He would take this into his later career as a peace-keeper for the United Nations, whilst also working as a humanitarian relief worker. Operating in the Caucasus for some time, along with the Balkans and the Sahel, he would get a lot of experience that would also help inspire him. Putting a lot of this into his work he would adopt a far more realistic and engaging tone due to his time spent abroad.

Currently living in France he still writes full-time to this very day, living with his wife and two children. Bringing out a number of works at a regular and consistent pace, he maintains a highly vocal presence on the literary scene. With a lot more set to come on the horizon, it appears that he’s not stopping any time soon either, as he looks set to continue on into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

It was in 2013 that he brought out his first book and he’s come a long way since then, with a subsequent two books. Following on from the first they are sequels in the ongoing ‘Gregor Reinhardt’ series of novels, the first being ‘The Man From Berlin’. Tracking the progress of Gregor Reinhardt as it’s lead protagonist, his debut novel was also instrumental in establishing him as an important figure in the literary industry.

The series itself is a historical one being set in Europe in the second world war, as it follows Captain Gregor Reinhardt as a military intelligence officer. Charting his progress as an officer, it sees him leading the action as a strong and ever resourceful character in the midst of turbulent times. Its attention to detail is also something that’s worth noting too, as McCallin manages to build a realistic and impressive world.

Winning plaudits and praise throughout the years as well, he is not without his fair share of acclaim for his work too. Getting positive reviews from publications such as ‘Publisher’s Weekly’ and ‘Kirkus Reviews’, he is respected by both his many peers and contemporaries alike. With a growing audience worldwide, he also garners a high level of commercial success, as well as critical acclaim.

Using his experience as a humanitarian aid worker, he also has a lot of material to work with, something which has also garnered him attention. Dealing with themes of conflict and people dealing under pressure, he’s been able to carve a career out of characters dealing with situations in a realistic manner. This is coupled with his ability in not only creating engaging situations, but people that resonate strongly with his loyal following of readers.

With a lot more to come yet, this is definitely a writer to watch, as he will continue to write for some time to come. Building upon his initial franchise in the years to come, he will carry on bringing out novels, especially those concerning Gregor Reinhardt. As his writing career grows from strength-to-strength, he will carry on building upon his work, with more and more readers discovering his novels every day.

The Pale House

Published in 2014 on the 1st of July, this was brought out just one year after the first novel, marking the second title in the ongoing ‘Gregor Reinhardt’ series. Picking up from where the last left off, it manages to provide another adventure in much the same vein as before, whilst developing the arc even further in the process. Brought out through the Berkley publishing label, it works at further establishing not only a world, but a leading character as well.

Joining the ‘Feldjaegerkorps’, Captain Gregor Reinhardt hopes to make an impact on the advances of the Nazis and curb their progress. Teaming up with a number of other dissenting Germans, he aims to use his new position in the military police to further his goals. As he retreats through Yugoslavia he lays witness to the Ustase who are massacring the civilians there, leaving his investigation ever more important. Will he be able to help push back the Nazis? How does his own past with the Ustase affect the outcome? What lies in the Pale House?

The Divided City

Released through the Berkley publishing label once again, this was to be the third book in the ‘Gregor Reinhardt’ series of novels. Carrying on from the previous title as before, this was first published on the 6th of December, just two years after the second book. With the character and the world having already been firmly established, this now manages to take the story even further for his readers.

With Germany having now been defeated, this is set in the aftermath of the second world war, as Reinhardt is posted back in Berlin. Working as a member of the civilian police force he finds himself caught in the turmoil of allied tensions, as the city is now divided. Pursuing a killer out to exact revenge, he comes into contact with Germans that want to continue the war, along with allies working with soviets. Will he be able to keep his head above water? Can he catch the killer? What will become of the divided city?

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  1. Sue Bunnell: 3 months ago

    I have just discovered your Gregor Reinhardt series – quite fascinating and they are keeping me enthralled!

  2. michael cudlipp: 1 year ago

    Went to my library today to reserve his books. Only one copy of The Man from Berlin is available from one of the Devon mobile libraries and The Pale Horse & The Ashes of Berlin only available as E books. So Amazon here I come.

  3. Bill Burke: 2 years ago

    Mr. McCallin, Thank you for your work. The Reinhardt
    novels are amazing. As Alex Grecian felt, I was
    transported to another time and place. I love
    history and historical fiction, and your books give
    me both. Bravo.
    Bill BUrke


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