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Lulu Moore is a best-selling romance fiction author that is best known for the “New York Players” series of novels.

She published “Jasper,” her first novel, and the debut of the “New York Players” series of novels in 2020 and now has more than 10 works to her name.

As for how she became an author, Lulu Moore has said that it was all an accident. In fact, she was surprised to find herself stuck in the fictional world writing about billionaires, baseball, and ice hockey.
While she found herself in that world by accident, she does not intend to leave as she has come to love her heroes and heroines.

When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found navigating through the many romance fiction novels on her bookshelf and trying to figure out the latest social media platform she can join to post her fiction works.
As such, she is very active on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Bookbub, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. It is on social media where she usually keeps her fans and readers up to date with her latest news and bonus content about her books.

“Jasper” by Lulu Moore showcases her exceptional skills at turning a tough and big hockey guy into a very sweet guy.

The man in question is Jasper Jacobs, whose life is all hockey, even though he is now in the last days of his career and has realized that he is single, even if he has all the money in the world.

On the other hand, is Wolfie Williams who has taken time away from her busy life in the English capital and has moved to the US. She is working at the American branch of her employer and this is where she ran smack into Jasper.
Right from the moment he set her eyes on her, he knew that she is just the type of person she wants in his life. She is beauty and sass personified, and is also funny, fiery and so sexy too.

With every eye roll she gives him, Jasper gets more into her and becomes determined to make her his. The only problem is that she hates him and will be going back to England in a few months’ time.
He is battling the clock in his quest to make her understand that they belong together.

It is a slow-burn romance that will have you swooning as Jasper does his best to try to break down Wolfie’s walls.

Lulu Moore’s novel “Cooper” is another interesting novel full of emotional moments and laughs.

The lead in the novel is Cooper that was introduced in the previous work as Jasper’s best friend. Cooper is an athletic, smart, and possessive alpha male and there is usually more to him than what most of the people who know him know.
On the other hand, is the strong-willed and free-spirited Freddie who has never had any luck with men. She is a fierce woman with a take-no-shit attitude which is something that Cooper may require from time to time.
Freddie is unapologetic about who she is as she has over the recent past had to deal with massive amounts of sadness and trauma which has hardened her.

Cooper is a domineering alpha male paired up with a little feisty hellion making for a surprisingly perfect match. The bickering is addictive, the sex is hot, and the chemistry is electric.
These two have a sweet, explosive, and hot romance and it is very funny how they often get under each other’s skin. However, it is very clear that they are meant for each other.
The series is always getting better, even if it is a slow-burn romance of the evolution of a love story.

“Drew” by Lulu Moore is an interesting novel that introduces Drew, who has to be one of the sweetest characters in the series. He met Emerson a year earlier while he was visiting Las Vegas but had ultimately lost contact with him.
He had then spent nearly a year wishing he could set his eyes on her as he believed that she was his soulmate. He is a man full of joy and is what you would refer to as a cinnamon roll man.

He had never been a relationship man but now he cannot stop wondering what would have happened had he not lost her number, known her name, or slept through his alarm. When he finally finds her he vows to never let her go no matter what.

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