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Luna Mason is a bestselling author of dark contemporary romances and romantic suspense novels who is best known for the “Beneath the Mask” series of novels.
She published “Distance” as her debut novel in 2023 and has since published at least five titles.

Mason has become known for penning some of the most addictive novels in the genre as some reviewers have wished they could just snort up her books – they are that good.
The author currently makes her home in the United Kingdom, where she lives with her husband, her son, and their little rescue dog.

When she is not too busy writing her novels, she can usually be found with her head deep in romance novels.

“Distance” by Luna Mason is a beautiful romance fiction story about Sienna and Keller.

Keller is a world heavyweight boxing champion even though he has risen from a lowly and poverty-stricken underground street fighter. But what nobody knows is that he is also a monster who hunts in the shadows.

He has no choice but to work for the mafia until his debts are paid. He also needs to unify his belts and it seemed like a simple task until he met an enchanting British firecracker that knocks him sideways.
Wanting her was dangerous for them both but he took her anyway. Now he has no choice but to fight for her freedom or his. But the question is will she still love him when the truth is uncovered?

On her part, Sienna is focusing on building his new life in NYC as he is newly single and has sworn off relationships for the foreseeable future. Her men never stuck around long enough to let her believe in fairytales until she met Keller.
He tried to keep her at arm’s length but she would not let him.

But what will happen when the truth comes out and her life is at stake? Will they get past their fears about love and relationships and have their happily ever after?

Luna Mason’s novel “Detonate” is a riveting work of fiction that tells the story of Grayson and Maddie.

Grayson left his home and the special forces seven years ago following her tragic betrayal. He would then make a new life in New York and now believed he had it all as he lived as a mafia hitman by night and one of the most famous boxing trainers by day.
He is free to live in the shadows doing what he was trained to do and finally feels free. But it only takes one kiss to shatter that illusion as a woman who hated his guys climbed the walls he had built around him just when he believed he had it all.
He will do anything to fight for her but will she truly love him when he cannot give her the fairy tale she desperately craves?

On her part, Maddie hates being the disappointment in her family. She has never been able to get a man that could stick around has kissed far too many frogs and has yet to find her Prince.

Instead, she has fallen for the only man she thought she would never love as she craves his darkness while he calls her sunshine. She never thought she would ever find herself in his world but once she is in it she does not want to ever leave.
He is a monster but is now offering her the world even if loving her puts all of them in danger.

“Devoted” by Luna Mason is a riveting romance fiction novel that follows the intriguing romance of Luca and Rosa.

Luca has gone from a foster kid to becoming a mafia boss and feels himself the undeserving king of the throne since he had to take responsibility following the death of his estranged father.
He gave up everything to build his empire and nothing else was important until he kidnapped the daughter of his biggest rival and she captured his heart.

It seems fate dragged Rosa into her world but he does not want to make mistakes given how expensive they can be.

The future of his organization depends on his arranged marriage but resisting Rosa is almost impossible and he cannot bear the thought of her marrying another man.

On her part, Rosa is a spoilt and wild mafia princess who hides behind a mask as she believes no one understands her pain. But then she met Luca Russo who steals her heart only to let her back into the arms of her abuser.
While he has caused her pain this does not stop her from falling for him even harder.

But the world is against them and the question is how much are they willing to sacrifice to get their happily ever after?

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