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Lunar Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Lunar Chronicles Books

Lunar Chronicles is one amazing story that has driven many thirsty souls out there craving for more. Written by one female author named Marissa Meyer, this book has portrayed the highest creativity and original that every writer should strive to have. Marissa has brought out each character in such a way that the explanation she gives will make you pin-point the character out of a crowd of a hundred football spectators.

Based on a futuristic world, she manages to marry the present with the future so that it appears real and like it is about t happen. Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is based on two “world”, with earth playing the role of one of the worlds. The characters in the story are also futuristic- if they will ever appear.

This chronicle has been produced in three novels and the fourth and final novel expected early 2015. Cinder is the first of the three already produced novels. This futuristic story is based in China and features some other human-like creatures android. Lunar herself is a cyborg- a below par creature compared to the rest.

Cinder is then followed by scarlet which is also futuristic just like its predecessor. This story is about a young girl, Scarlet, who lives in France with her grandmother, who mysteriously goes missing. Scarlet then sets sail to look for her lost grandmother whom she doesn’t know whether she left willingly or some misfortunes have happened to her. With the help of Wolf, who is a street fighter, the duo sets for Paris.

Scarlet was then succeeded by Cress which was released in early 2014. This new release brought color and pomp into this series. The features, the story, the setting, the venue, the character and the unfolding in this story is just thrilling. Like its predecessors, cress is based on a future world. This new series brings Scarlet, Cinder Wolf and Cress together. In this story, Cinder is a wanted fugitive together with Captain Thorne. With the help of Scarlet and the street fighter Wolf, they set sail to overthrow Queen Levana as well as stop her from invading earth. For this mission to succeed, they need Cress, who is a young girl who has basically spent all her life trapped in a satellite. The only company she has had are the satellite screens that she has lived among. Her association with this satellite has developed her into such a good and dependable hacker who is now the only link to victory. But is she reading from the same page with Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf and Captain Thorne?


This second sequel of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is based on “Little Red Riding Hood”. It revolves around the fugitives Scarlet and Wolf who are on a mission to look for and save Scarlet grandmother.

Scarlet is a young girl who lives in Rieux in France with her elderly grandmother. Mysteriously, her grandmother goes missing with no clue. Has she left me willingly? Has someone kidnapped her? Scarlet wonders. She cannot remain silent for long as she has to try to find out what happened to her grandmother.

She however comes across this young street fighter who seems indispensable at this moment. Wolf, the street fighter is the only link between Scarlet and her grandmother. Wolf agrees to accompany Scarlet and the duo set sail for Paris in search for the grandmother.

In the meanwhile, Cinder, who stared in the first sequel of the now already produced trilogy, is a fugitive and wanted by Queen Levana alongside Captain Thorne. Cinder, who had been imprisoned escapes from jail, by the help of one Dr. Erland and in the process meets a U.S. Republic fugitive going by the name Captain Thorne.

It is during this daring escape that the due, Captain Thorne and Cinder break into a U.S armory and steal a space ship. That they use to get out of earth and into space. However, the space ship’s auto pilot is a headache to the two. However, Cinder recalls that she is in possession of Iko’s Al chip which can be used to get rid of the auto pilot. And this chip doesn’t only keep the auto pilot at bay, but also gives the ship a new mind.

On the other hand, Scarlet and Wolf are at Paris. Incidentally, Wolf’s gang imprisons Scarlet together with her grandmother. Where should Scarlet turn to now? However, Cinder arrives to their rescue. However, at the same they have a hard task in store for them as Queen Levana is launching a massive attack on mother earth.

Cinder finally breaks the news about her identity as she is Princess Selene. She therefore has to sort out her issues with Queen Levana as she is the rightful heir of the throne and not Queen Levana. The story comes to an end as she tries to contact Cress, a young girl who lives in a satellite.

The story leaves you yearning for more- who is Cress? Will she win over Queen Levana?


In this third book, the character, cress is a young girl who has spent her life trapped in some space satellite. Cress is based on Rapunzel as she has Rapunzel-like hair. Working for Queen Levana, Cress provides this queen with security and intelligence for a period of seven long years.

Cress has received new instructions; to track Cinder, a fugitive cyborg who too away Emperor Kai from Lunar Queen Levana. The queen has got a plan to destroy earth. She wants to marry Emperor Kai by duping him it will be a sign of good relations between the two worlds. However, somebody is here to ensure the marriage doesn’t take place. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Wolf gang up to stop this wedding.

However, Queen Levana will not let anything stop the wedding; not especially this cyborg mechanic. Cinder and her group may not stop this ruthless queen, but all in all, it is the only hope the world has. Will they stop the wedding? Will they this time gather enough mighty to win over Queen Levana. Will Cress’s hacking excellent skills count?

This third novel leaves you yearning more than ever for the yet to be released sequel. The Winter is expected to be another thrilling imagination with all the stars now ganging up against the Lunar Queen Levana. The early 2015 release novel Winter, a sequel of Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer you will not want to miss out.

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