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About The Lux Series:

The Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout is the kind of series you would like to read and enjoy the intense stories of love. The bestseller, positions this series as the epitome of her identity with the titles adopting the kind of suspense that you would not ignore.

The series consists of nine works with five primary works. From Obsidian to Opposition, the writing is about mystery in love. Probably the theme contest between logic and love in an unconventional world describes the concept better.

Armentrout story is about Katy who is a human girl. She falls in love with an alien called Daemon. Daemon confesses of his love for Katy but she does not believe it. Daemon love is exemplified in the story when Katy is captured and he promises to rescue her at whatever cost.

Armentrout tells a unique story of an actual love between aliens and humans. In the story, all the likely challenges that would come with such a relationship are brought out. However, love triumphs as the two remain together despite their differences. The adversaries and their initial fears prove ineffective when their determination to be together dominates and takes the day.

Lux series are not just about Katy and Daemon, it is about a cooperation of aliens and humans. The unique connection is initially established by the ability of the two to fall in love. Armentrout paints a picture where affection for humans by aliens and affections for aliens by humans is possible. The center of the story is when the author brings out that the fears between the two are common.

Shadows which is Lux 0.5 is all about a story of alien life form on earth. Armentrout in the Lux Series brings out the challenge of an Alien that has been enticed with earth human girls. The story is about Luxen who is a male alien that finds human girls attractive. He finds it hard to resist the fun and interest in human girls as he will have to exposure his true alien identity. Temptation prevails throughout the book.

The other character Bethany faces a similar challenge. She does not need the complication that comes with boys but she finds Dawson irresistible the feeling is mutual. Armentrout brings out unavoidable love between two unlike characters.

The Obsidian, which is the first book of the series, follows a similar theme. It characterizes the relationship between aliens and human being in the context of love. Armentrout description of the alien mojo on human girls seems realistic as he develops Daemon comprehensively with characters that are similar to human apart from the powers.

The Onyx is more about being connected to Daemon. The relationship with Daemon is similar to the experiences that human being has when in love. The Alien find it necessary to convince human girls that he actually is in love with Katy. From an arrogant self-centered Daemon, he transforms to a sensitive Daemon who feels the need to show love. Trouble comes with the Department of Defense in pursuit of Daemon, which makes love for Daemon more intense than ever. The Alien characteristics of Daemon are more pronounced in this book.

In Opal, the typical love story is brought out in the character of Katy. Katy realizes that Daemon was not fooling around when he said he loved her. It was actually the truth. Katy promises never to doubt Daemon. Daemon love for his family that was brought out in Onyx is share by Katy. Katy realizes that her family may also be in danger.

Daemon character as loving is brought into action in Origin. The fourth book is all about Daemon trying to rescue Katy who was captured. He will do anything to save Katy all he needs if for Katy to stay alive for anything that stands his way shall be destroyed. The real question in this book is who are the bad guys. Could it be Daedalus, Mankind, or the Luxen? This is Atmentrout’s way of bringing out the character of hate in the book. Daemon and Katy are united through a common foe.

The final book in the series is Opposition. It is the climax of Lux. In the book, Daemon and Katy are ready to pay whichever price for their love. Their survival and the survival of their love is threatened. The future of Mankind also stands threatened. The ultimate theme in the series is brought out in the book. It has been about the future of humankind relaying on aliens and humans becoming allays. The future will never be the same again for the two kinds.

The other books are a combination of Lux 1 and 2 and Lux 3 and 4. The story is the same. Lux 0.5 is like a prelude to the story. Being an alien story with concepts that would not be easily digested, the prelude offers the reader a perspective of interpreting the subsequent books.

The flow of the plot is perfect. The consistency in development of characters of Daemon and Katy leaves the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the two. By the time you finish reading about Daemon and Katy, you will feel like you know them. Armentrout uses the series to develop the characters of Daemon and Katy completely.

Part of the story and surprise is in anticipating Daemon and Katy and the other characters. For instance, initially, Daemon is portrayed to be arrogant. However, this creates an initial perception of the character. However, by the time you finish reading the book, you will understand and appreciate him.

What would it be like if we realized we are not alone in this universe? Would the aliens kill us or would they join us? Do Aliens have feelings and can they have affections for human being? The intention of the story is to address these concerns. Armentrout does it a unique way. She creates suspense with every book being a prelude to the next. Her paintings of the events are almost real. The genius is in Armentrout imagination and her ability to paint it using words. Armentrout will fully transport you from your real world to the world of fiction, which you will be a part of and get the feel of the story.

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