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Cinderella and the Duke (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Duchess and the Wolf (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Governess and the Duke (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lydia Drake
Lydia Drake is a reader of all things romance and drinks all things tea. A New Jersey resident, her favorite activities include scouring through used bookstores, taking the train to New York City, spending time with her family, and wrangling her hyperactive cockapoo.

“Cinderella and the Duke” is the first novel in the “Renegade Dukes” series and was released in 2022. Miss Julia Beaumont has precisely one night to find a husband for herself.

The Weatherford Ball is the last shot that Julia Beaumont’s got for her to escape the clutches of such a horrid stepmom. Any possible husband would do. Poor, rich, even a reasonably well-groomed walrus. However all of her matrimonial chances get totally shattered, all thanks to the actions of some utterly rakish and infuriating duke.

The stepmom falls ill and is unable to attend the ball, Julia sees an opportunity and jumps at it. So she offers to chaperone her younger stepsister. She spends most of the night thinking it is unsuccessful until she meets Gregory.

Duke of Ashworth, Gregory Carter, would never risk his cherished bachelorhood by flirting with marriage-starved debutantes. One of these women (who is a former paramour) attempts to entrap him, and it is Julia that comes to his rescue. Just one look at this refreshingly clever and luscious Julia, and he just cannot resist a stolen kiss, scandal be damned. Then right when things begin getting deliciously interesting, the lady up and leaves, leaving just a slipper behind her.

And it had to have been a dandy of a kiss. Because now Julia’s gone and proposed to him. Julia is not above taking life by the reins at this point in her life, and he is quite a worthy candidate to play husband for her. After all, this lady needs a husband, and this roguish duke is going to certainly do, even if it is just one of convenience. It is just a matter of making him the perfect scandalous offer. But neither one of them intended on their feelings getting in the way.

This is a well done debut novel which once again proves that reformed rakes make the best of husbands. It’s an enchanting read with two main characters that are just wonderful together. They are a perfect pairing, with each one being a force to be reckoned with. Their banter with one another, energetic, sarcastic, and is hilarious, at times. There is steam too, to be sure. Lydia creates a world filled with wonderful characters, love, and laughter. Lydia does a great job of recreating the fairy tale of Cinderella here. The twist where Julia proposes to Gregory was also a nice added change to this story.

Upon reading this novel, people enjoyed this one and are fans of her work. Her characters rise right up off of the page with their cheeky wit, plenty of irreverence, and a butt load of charm, all of which makes this novel a delight to read.

There are so many references to Cinderella throughout this story. Julia meets Gregory at a ball. She loses her slipper while fleeing the ball. There is even a wicked stepmom that is attempting to foil Julia’s plans. They are all fun reminders of the fairy tale yet with this unique Regency twist which makes all of it so new and fresh.

“The Duchess and the Wolf” is the second novel in the “Renegade Dukes” series and was released in 2023. Susannah Fletcher has got everything that a young lady could possibly desire: the attentions of a well-to-do duke, wealth, and a reputation just as spotless as an angel’s petticoats. But she’d throw all of it away for just one chance to perform her music on stage-scandalous as that might be. Which is exactly when the menacing and rich “Wolf of Mayfair” makes her this offer that she could not possibly refuse.

Rafe Winters, born on the streets of London, only knows ruthless ambition. However he is missing one thing: respectability. It is within reach, if he can just draw the polished aristocrats to his establishment with one classically trained musician, and just a soupcon of mystery, like the flame-haired Susannah. Obviously, he will have to make it worth her while. After all, he is not a total beast.

Now she performs in a red cloak as the enigmatic “Red Duchess”, and all of London’s entranced by her. So is Rafe. He promised her that he would do everything necessary to protect her reputation on stage. However on stage, the wolf waits for Susannah to stray from the path and into his arms. No matter what the risk might be.

Lydia delivers a steamy, well written, and entertaining novel; it is excellent for staying indoors to keep out of the heat and just spend reading this one. It’s got an engaging and likable female protagonist, and an ambitious, hard working, male lead. There is also a fairy tale romance, music, family, humor, wit, sizzling chemistry, and relationship drama. The Duke is an interesting character since he is genuinely nice yet just a little self-absorbed and clueless. Readers like that he has Jacks, a woman, as a business partner.

Readers like how Susannah doesn’t shy away from confronting Rafe when he puts up these emotional walls in order to guard his heart. Rafe rapidly recognizes her uniqueness, her inner strength and beauty, yet feels like he couldn’t ever be good enough for her so he snarls in an effort to scare her off, however she’s not too impressed. She just talks with him and was not at all cowed by his snarls or his attitude. Susannah never lets him get away with being rude to her but confronts him or rips these walls down by merely being herself with him, which is new to him. She sees behind the guy’s mask that he’s kind and good to her.

“The Governess and the Duke” is the third stand alone novel and was released in 2023. Things go disastrously wrong when this young girl plays matchmaker between her governess and some duke in this funny and romantic Regency novel.

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