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Lynette Noni is a published Australian author of fiction. She spent her childhood growing up in the outback of Australia on a farm. Later, she moved to the Sunshine Coast.

Noni attended university, where she studied academic writing and journalism. She received her degree studying human behavior. Her hobbies include watching animated movies, baking, or dreaming about what it would be like to go away and visit another fantasy world. Often she finds herself watching movies while baking cupcakes and fantasizing in her own day dream world all at once and then follows it all up with a nap after the fun is done.

Noni admits that she has always been quite the reader. Growing up, she spent many of her days being lost in a daydream that took place in a magical far off land. She always hoped that her letter from Hogwarts would arrive by owl inviting her to be a student. When it did not come, Lynette decided that she would look inside wardrobes to find her own way to the land of Narnia.

While that has not necessarily worked out yet, there’s still time. In the meantime, Noni has dedicated much of her life to creating her very own magical worlds. This author loves weaving worlds of fantasy and when she is not preoccupied spinning her own worlds, she really likes to spend some time with the many characters that she is running into while she is visiting them.

Lynette Noni is the creator and the writer of The Medoran Chronicles. This fictional series of novels is fantasy based and kicked off in 2015 with the release of the first book, titled Arkarnae. The second book to come out was the sequel Raenia, which was put out for eager readers the next year. Check out all of the cool books in this series for yourself!

Arkarnae is the first book in the exiting and totally unique fantasy series, The Medoran Chronicles. In this engagingly written story from Lynette Noni, readers get to meet the main character of Alexandra for the first time. Alexandra Jennings is just sixteen years old, and she’s your average teen. She’s starting off the year in a new school and is full of nerves on her first day. She has no idea that one single step is about to change her entire world in a totally literal way.

Alex is surprised when she goes through a doorway one day and suddenly has no idea where she is. She is surprised to find that the world she has landed in looks totally different from the one that she came from. She has been transported to Medora.

This fantastic world contains within it all sorts of impossibilities. She wants to go home very badly, and finds out that there is someone in this world that could be of service to her. Professor Marselle may be able to help Alex, but the only catch is that this man has gone missing.

Alex has no other choice but to see if the professor will turn up again. On the way she enrolls in a boarding school in Medora called Akarnae Academy. The school’s student body is made up of teens that possess gifts like none other.

She is actually surprised that she is starting to really like this other world .To think that she was so anxious to get back to her home world! Alex is surprised that she is even starting to make new friends, who act like she is just one of them. Even though everything is going great, it turns out that weird things are going on in this world.

Alex likes it here all right, but will she find out that her fears about something sinister going on are right? She may be new to this world, but she senses that something may be coming in the distance. As she slowly becomes a pawn in a game that could easily turn deadly, she finds out that she alone may be the key to an entire people’s destiny.

When she discovers that the survival of a race rest on her shoulders, she wonders what she is going to do. If she is the only person that is able to rescue the Medorans from their fate, will she be able to stand up to the task?

It’s unclear whether this newcomer to this world will be able to give up the one thing that she needs in her back pocket– a way to get home. Can she tolerate giving up her chance at ever going back in order to save a world and its people? Read to the very end of this book to find out!

Raelia is the exciting fantasy sequel in the Medoran series by talented author Lynette Noni. Life is full of choices, and teen Alex is finding that out the hard way.

She’s living a life that she never thought would be possible. She’s a student at a prestigious academy that happens to be located in another world. Akarnae Academy is a place where gifted young individuals come to study and hone their craft.

Alex has made a ton of new friends at school and is now coming back for her second year. Medora is a beautiful world and she is thrilled every time she manages to be in it. Even though this is a magical place, there are still risks and dangers lurking.

Now she has to worry about Aven Dalmarta on top of all of it. He’s a prince from a lost city that has a bone to pick with her. Now he wants to claim what he says is rightfully his. It’s up to Alex to protect the people of Medora once more.

This time she has friends on her side. As they search for a mysterious city, they are looking for answers at the same time about an entire race? Alex is doing her best to try and defeat the prince and keep him from the city. With lives at stake, can she do it? Read this book to find out!

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