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with Mary Daheim, Nancy Atherton, Elizabeth Peters, Victoria Thompson, Sara Rosett, Sharyn McCrumb, Mary Higgins Clark, Charlotte Elkins, Aaron Elkins, Barbara Paul, Joan Hess, Parnell Hall, Harriette Sackler, Jan Burke, Audrey Peterson, P.M. Carlson, Elizabeth Foxwell, Charlotte MacLeod, Wendy Hornsby, Joyce Christmas, Josh Pachter, Susan Moody, Stephen D. Rogers, Marcia Adair, Laura Brennan, Verena Rose, Edith Maxwell, Elizabeth Perona, Shawn Reilly Simmons, Kate Willett, Ruth McCarty, Ang Pompano, Leslie Budewitz, Terry Shames, Christine Trent, Nancy Cole Silverman, Debra H. Goldstein, Cynthia Kuhn, Barbara Paul, Lisa Preston, Marni Graff, Gabriel Valjan, Stacy Woodson, Kristin Kisska, Rita Owen, JoanLong, Richard Cass, Rosemary McCracken, Ellen Larson, L.D. Masterson, Adele Polomski, Mark Thielman, Sharon Lynn, M.A. Monnin
Malice Domestic 2 (By: Mary Higgins Clark,M.D. Lake) (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Malice Domestic 14 (With: Victoria Thompson,Sara Rosett,Parnell Hall,Harriette Sackler,Josh Pachter,Stephen D. Rogers,Marcia Adair,Laura Brennan,Verena Rose,Edith Maxwell,Elizabeth Perona,Shawn Reilly Simmons,Kate Willett,Ruth McCarty,Ang Pompano,Leslie Budewitz,Terry Shames,Christine Trent,Nancy Cole Silverman,Debra H. Goldstein,Cynthia Kuhn,Lisa Preston,Marni Graff,Gabriel Valjan,Stacy Woodson,Kristin Kisska,Rita Owen,JoanLong,Richard Cass,Rosemary McCracken,Ellen Larson,L.D. Masterson,Adele Polomski,Mark Thielman,Sharon Lynn,M.A. Monnin) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Each book is an anthology, with the listed author credited as the editor of the book.

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Malice Domestic 14(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lynne Ewing is an American published author and screenwriter. Her fictional novels are largely written in the young adult fiction genre. She has chosen to reside in Los Angeles as well as Washington, D.C. Besides being an author, she also spends her time charitably, working to counsel teens.

Ewing spent a lot of time when she was young moving around. Her father had a job working for the Marine Corps. As a result, her family relocated and moved around quite a bit. The author has two sisters. She would eventually attend seven schools in total before attending her high school located in Lima, Peru. Her time there also allowed her the chance to learn to speak Spanish.

Ewing went on to pursue higher learning in Santa Barbara, attending the University of California. Around the time that she was thirty years of age, Ewing pursued writing professionally. She would find success writing for documentaries, magazines, newspapers, and doing screenwriting. Her first novel was published in 1996 and is titled Drive-By. She says that writing this book took a total of six years.

Ewing would follow that novel up with her novel Party Girl two years later. The book was adapted and made into a film that was titled Living the Life. She would compose another stand alone novel that came out in 2014 titled The Lure.

The author also has composed several fictional series with several books within them. These include the Daughters of the Moon series, which debuted in 2000. She has also written the Sons of the Dark fictional series as well as the fantasy-influenced Sisters of Isis series.

The author has two children, a boy and a girl. Now grown, her son Jonathan has found work in the field as a molecular biologist. Her daughter Amber works as an international lawyer. Ewing has traveled to many countries all over the world. These include Russia, China, various spots in Europe, Japan, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Her books have done well, necessitating them to be translated into different languages. In 2005, the author received the honor of winning the Arizona Teen Readers Award. In addition to reading books, she also enjoys art in all forms.

Goddess of the Night is the debut novel in the Daughters of the Moon series. First published in 2000, this is a uniquely creative story that will prove to be just as compelling as the characters that are in it.

Readers will get to meet the main character of Vanessa. A bright young woman, Vanessa has always known that she was different. Her special power is something that she has known for a long time but has also gone to lengths to keep secret. Her power is that she can become invisible.

Now she’s being followed by someone, and she has no idea who it is. They must want something, even if she doesn’t have any idea what that could be. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she can go invisible. The thing about this power is that she has no control over when it comes out. She can’t just turn it off and on like a light switch.

Vanessa has always been scared that her power would be found out. Who knows what the consequences of that would be? She has always guessed that for her, they would likely not be positive. Her best friend is the only person in the world that knows her secret, and for a good reason. That’s because Catty is also not part of the normal human race.

Catty is different from most people in a very special way. Catty is able to travel through time and can even take people with her. When she finds out that they both are actually goddesses of the moon, things start to get complicated. When they find out about evil being Atrox, they must decide whether they have what it takes to join together to fight this evil once and for all.

Can the two girls overcome this foe? Or will they fall in the process? Read the first book in this enchanting series to find out!

Into the Cold Fire is the exciting second novel in the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing. If you loved the first installment of this series, be sure to check out the thrilling sequel. This is a great read for young adults or any fans of the fantasy genre.

Vanessa has long known that she can become invisible and just recently found out that her best friend is essentially a time-traveler. But their powers are about to double as they find out that two of their other friends also have powers. Jimena has the power of premonitions, while Sirena is literally able to read people’s minds.

They’re unlike any other girls living in the Los Angeles area, but these Californian young women know that they are strong together than apart. These daughters of the moon have embraced their destiny to fight evil and have united together to do what they can to try and win. This will mean taking on Atrox and any other evil out there.

They know that they have a fight coming, thanks in part to Jimena’s premonitions. The girls know that Atrox’s devoted followers have set up a trap designed to have Sirena enter through a cold fire which will transform her into following the darkness. Jimena is frightened as she was able to perceive Sirena going into the fire. Whether it will happen or not is still unknown.

Meanwhile, Sirena must face up against nemesis Stanton and do battle. Which one will win is anyone’s guess. At the same time, their old enemy Morgan takes things to the next level when she becomes a follower of evil. The group is doing their best to fight evil. When they get assistance from Goddess Hecate, things might just be turning around.

The Daughters come up with their plan to try and conquer the forces of darkness. With romance and magic swiftly coming into their lives, the girls may just be in over their heads. Can they win or are these high school teens doomed to fail? Check out this fun book and find out!

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