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Lynne Matson is a noteworthy author of the Young Adult genre. She is from The United States and loves to read and write books in her free time. As an upcoming author, Lynne is highly inspired by the works of authors Anne McCaffrey and Jane Austen. Lynne says that she is addicted to books and cannot function even for a single day without them. They are like bread and butter for her. Lynne says that she likes to write books similar to the ones that she reads and has written a couple of novels in her debut novel series named ‘Nil’. She is about to release the third novel of the Nil series and has said that this novel has a catchy name to it. Other than writing, Lynne is very fond of eating cookies. She particularly likes the thin mint flavor. In an interview, she has said that she likes to read those stories which are full of suspense and also likes to write her own stories similar to them. In particular, she likes to write books based on the young-adult fiction. Lynne is very much interested in the stories that come with the twists of everyday life and also the ones that take you to an imaginary world of your own or in the future. Other than that, Lynne also likes to have some romance in her life and hence, she likes to read adorable and romantic novels. Gaining inspiration from the kinds of novels that she reads, Lynne likes to write her stories in her own style.

Lynne Matson has spent most of her growing years in Georgia, in a house which was full of books and had a backyard consisting of gnarly pines. As an enthusiastic reader, Lynne had developed the habit of staying up late at night and reading her favorite books, sometimes under the covers with flashlights after the lights go out. She has continued the habit of reading for late hours and has also added writing along with reading during the dark nights. When Lynn is not busy in reading or writing, she is often seen listening to music or doing some painting work. She even likes to hang out with her husband and their four sons. As a child. Lynne used to love drinking lemonades and sweet tea. Her room used to be choked with books all the time. Her favorite books included science fiction novels, Dr. Seuss and mystery novels. The habit of reading was present in all the members of her family. During every fall season, Lynne used to travel to North Georgia along with her family for picking up apples and pumpkins. She used to love roaming in the fields and getting the crunchy feel of the leaves. During the summer seasons, she used to travel to South Carolina and walk along the beaches. She used to spend her time equally on the beaches and in the mountains, as she loved trekking very much. After finishing her college studies, Lynne Matson enrolled herself at the University of Florida, where met with her future husband and fell in love with him. She loved to stay in Florida and continued to stay there after finishing her studies, along with her husband. Lynne likes to go to concerts and also follows yoga exercises. She likes to walk along the beaches and spend some time on the tennis court, soccer field, lacrosse field or basketball court along with her husband and children. Before becoming an author, Lynne used to work as an attorney. She wishes to go to London and other parts of Europe as well.

The novel series Nil, written by Lynne consists of two novels published in 2014 and 2015. The first novel of the series was titled ‘Nil’ and was published by the Henry Holt publishing house. The plot of the novel of the series depicts a mysterious island named Nil, which is full of hardships for the dwellers. It is a rule on the island that everyone on the island has just 365 days to make attempts and escape. After that, there is no other option but dying. The novel introduces Charley as a 17 year old girl, who does not know the rules of the Nil Island. She is also unaware of the fact that she is on the Nil Island. One day, she finds herself lying naked in an empty field and the only thing that she could remember was blacking out. Charley seems to have been lost on the island and alone. She does not find the trace of any other human being on the island. Soon, Charley meets Thad, who is the leader of a teenage refugee clan. After meeting Thad, she finds it even more difficult to leave the island. She also finds it difficult to hide her feelings of love towards Thad. However, Thad’s time seems to be running out and Charley is required to save him in order to have a happy future along with Thad. In the middle of the dangers of the island, Charley and Thad face the most deadly danger, that is time, which seems to be running faster than normal.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2015 by the Henry Holt and CO. The novel was titled ‘Nil Unlocked’ and depicts the island of Nil which has the older rule for the dwellers. They have the time of 365 days for escaping or dying on the island. The plot of the novel shows Rives as the undisputed leader of the Nil City. However, he finds it difficult to keep the city united. The raiders of the island have become bolder than ever and the non-human inhabitants of the island have taken a deadly turn. The supplies on the island are also dwindling. Rifts continue to take place in the Nil City due to the new arrivals. This makes Rives to question everything that he knows and he joins hands Skye in order to find answers desperately. Skye is also a new arrival and has a mysterious past. She and Rives get involved in a desperate race against time in order to save the residents of the Nil Island. They seem to have intentions of destroying the island, but fear to pay a heavy price for their attempts in doing so.

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