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Publication Order of Detective Shona Oliver Books

In Dark Water (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Man Deep (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girls in the Glen (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lynne McEwan is a Glasgow-born bestselling author that is best known for her novels in the “Detective Oliver Shona” series of novels.

During her time working as a photographer, she has worked on stories such as the first Gulf War, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and a range of high-profile murders.
In her earlier years before becoming a bestselling fiction author, she studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia.

Lynn made her debut when she published “In Dark Water” in 2021. She has since kicked on and written several other titles. For her work in her debut, she was named the Crime in the Spotlight author at the 2021 Bloody Scotland.

Lynne currently makes her home in Scotland and Lincolnshire. She usually spends much of the time when she is not writing teaching creative writing for The Elder Tree Project funded by the Arts Council.

“In Dark Water” by Lynne McEwan is a great introduction to one of the most intriguing police procedurals set in Dumfries.

The lead in the novel is Detective Inspector Oliver who works as a volunteer when she is not too busy keeping the streets safe and solving crimes.

It is while she is on one of her shifts that she and her team find a woman’s body in a body of water with a shore in England and Scotland named the Solway Firth.
The police in Cumbria claim jurisdiction but soon enough, a piece of evidence suggests that the killed woman could have links to Shona’s patch of jurisdiction.
Shona finds herself unexpectedly drawn into the case, even though her boss would prefer that she does not take any part in it.

But she works hard at it and soon uncovers a network of criminal activity that links coverups and wrongdoing to the very top.

Attempting to find justice, her family life and career handing in the balance but she will risk everything to get to the truth.

In “Dead Man Deep,” detective inspector Shona Oliver gets a call from Kilcatrin Island. Arriving on the shore, she finds the badly scorched body of an unidentified man, and nearby lies a boy that is also severely injured.

All over the scene are tens of incendiary bombs from the Second World War. It is presumed that these have been washed up on shore from an offshore arms dump named Beaufort’s Dyke in the Irish Sea.

Investigations reveal that the victim is a local fisherman and the boy found on the scene is his son. The crime shocks the tight-knit community of Solway Firth where Shona makes her home.

While she has been experiencing some problems of her own, she cannot stand aside as closed cockle beds and fishing quotas wreak havoc.

With the beaches shut, most people’s livelihoods are withering including the B&B business that has been run by Shona’s family for years.

Arguments erupt when Becca her 16-year-old daughter becomes part of an idealistic cult that campaigns for the environment while a journalist has come to live with them.

Shona’s work is cut out as she has to deal with all manner of suspicious behavior while the truth is just out of her grasp.

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    Hi found your books by accident on amazon and I have now read all three, I’m really looking forward to the next one.


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