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Lynnette Bonner
Lynnette Bonner is a romance writer who grew up in Malawi, Africa. Bonner’s early years were spent enjoying the warm equatorial climate in Malawi before going to a boarding school in Kenya. After that, Bonner moved to Washington for her university studies and later settled in Pierce, Idaho. After settling in her current home, Bonner was inspired to write the Rocky Mountain Oasis and the Shepherd’s Heart series. This talented author is a wife and a mother of four.

Rocky Mountain Oasis
Rocky Mountain Oasis is the first book in The Shepherd’s Heart series. The book tells the story of Brooke Baker, an eighteen-year-old who is about to become a mail-order bride. While she can only look at her future with dread, Brooke knows that she can survive whatever awaits her. There is no one she cannot endure if she survived being abused and mistreated by Uncle Jackson. In her short life, Brooke has learned that all men are the same. From her uncle to Hank, all men have treated Brooke the same, and she
expects her husband to be just as bad. How surprised Brooke is that this man is different from anyone she has ever known.
Sky Jordan is a rancher with a heart of gold and a deep love for God. When he hears that his cousin Baker is about to get a mail order bride, Sky offers to buy her from him. This explains why he waits by the river as the ferry approaches with his new wife on board. In his hand is a single yellow daisy which he hopes his new wife will love. What Sky doesn’t understand is the connection he feels to a woman he has never met. Did he make a mistake? Why did Sky think that it was his responsibility to save this young woman from his wicked cousin?

Sky turns to be nothing like Brooke expected, but she still has her reservations. What if she loves him only to end up heartbroken later? One day the unthinkable happens, and now Brooke holds a secret that could help save some innocent men but put the life of the only man who has ever shown her kindness in danger. What does a girl do when she is placed in such a position? Take a trip down memory lane to a time when the lands were wild, guns blazed from every corner, and outlaws were the norm. As a menacing villain threaten Brooke’s future, her relationship with Sky deepens. In the end, these two realize how madly in love they are with each other.

Rocky Mountain Oasis perfectly captures life in Idaho in the late 1800s. You will be drawn to the dangers that characterized the land a century ago and relate to Brooke’s feelings about her situation. It turns out some of this is based on a true story, so you can imagine that this was a reality for some back then. This story is filled with hurt, anger, hopelessness, beauty, forgiveness, and love. It is enjoyable how the author has used mystery, drama, suspense, and romance to tell this story. There is also an element of faith in God. The flow here is excellent, the narration is flawless, and the ending will leave you with a big smile on your face.

Beyond the Waves
Beyond the Waves is the first book in the Pacific Shores series. The book stars Taysia Green and Kylen Sumner. Kylen was Taysia’s only friend in high school, at least for a while. When Kylen’s family moved next door, Taysia found a friend to spend the summer with. The two friends enjoyed their time together until schools open. Kylen being the new kid in school, learns that Taysia wasn’t among the popular kids, and because of peer pressure, he joins the rest of the kids who are determined to turn Taysia’s life in high school into a nightmare. Two times in high school, Kylen turns his back on Taysia when he needs him most.
A few years later, Taysia runs her gym, and she is seeing a man she is sure will always have her back. For the young businesswoman, life couldn’t be better. The only problem is that Kylen is back in town, and after apologizing for the way he acted in high school, he confesses that he has feelings for Taysia. There is also a wannabe model who is threatening a lawsuit against Taysia’s business. Kylen has been appointed as the mediator. While Taysia would like to tell Kylen to stay away from her, it is clear that she needs him. Taysia also cannot deny that seeing Kylen left her heart beating faster than it did after kissing her boyfriend, Blaine.

It is easy to sympathize with young Taysia, who had to deal with mean bullies in addition to growing in a dysfunctional family. Instead of her classmates accepting her, they shunned her and made the young girl feel inadequate. This possibly explains why she has a hard time believing that Kylen wants to be her friend, even after proving that he is a changed man. Taysia is a new believer, and she feels like God is not hearing her because things are not going as she expected. Could this be God’s way of mending her broken heart once and for all? Is Kylen the man for her, or is she better off with her current boyfriend, Blaine?

Beyond the Waves is a sweet story of love, forgiveness, and second chances. This book is faith-based and perfect in you are into Christian romance stories. Taysia and Kylen’s chemistry is undeniable, which explains why it is so hard for these two to stay away from each other. It is admirable that these two lovers have grown into responsible adults who are dedicated to helping those around them. Are you looking for a sweet love story involving two people who fell in love in their youth and reconnect later? This book is a great choice. The story will make you cry, laugh, and leave yearning for more.

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