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The Bromance Book Club (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undercover Bromance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crazy Stupid Bromance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Isn't It Bromantic? (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Very Merry Bromance (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Seventh Inning Heat (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lyssa Kay Adam

Lyssa Kay Adam is a Michigan based author of romance novels. The award-winning journalist turned writer gave up her job writing real stories to concentrate on writing stories that feature sexy heroes and commanding women who know what they want. After a close to 20 year career in journalism, Lyssa published her first romance novel in 2015, and she has been writing fulltime ever since. Her love for this genre started much earlier; a romance novel she borrowed from her grandmother’s library while in eighth grade steered her in this direction. Her RITA-nominated novel Wild in Rio is among her most remarkable books to date.
Aside from writing, Lyssa is a fun of the Detroit Tigers. Her Boston-born husband has also influenced her to enjoy the occasional Red Sox event. Some of the things that she loves include mashed potatoes and baseball pants. Her dislikes include melting ice cream cones and mean people. Lyssa stays in Michigan together with her family and her beloved Maltese assistant named Domino.

Seventh Inning Heat
Seventh Inning Heat is the first book in the Vegas Aces series by Lyssa Kay Adams. The novel features Eric Weaver, a Vegas Aces Pitcher who is facing a career end after putting in all the effort and Nicki Bates, an ambitious coach who wants to work with the best teams in the world. Nicki’s is happy to get the much-awaited call that will set her career goals in motion. However, contrary to her expectations, she lands a coaching job in Eric Weaver’s team. Now, she will have to help a man who dumped her seven years ago put his career back on track.

Eric Weaver was trained to believe that he was nothing without his career. His father pushes him to excel in sports, but his losing streak has him worried that he would miss out on a trade deal that could potentially change his life. Although his success in the past two disappointing seasons had him questioning his abilities, he is willing to do anything to improve his game. His team proposes a new coach who will tweak his skills even though this is mighty humiliating for him. He agrees, albeit reluctantly. He is surprised to discover that the new coach is not a stranger but the only woman he ever loved.
Nicki is dedicated to her job, and she has vowed that matters of the heart would never distract her from the goals that she has set for her life. Even though the discovery that Eric will be her student startled her, she is determined to push and carry on her duties faithfully. However, this is not to be as the once buried emotions begin to erupt as the two continue working together. Deep secrets are revealed, and a fiery passion that puts both the coach and her student in an awkward position ensues.

This beautifully written story will leave you eager to find out what happens to the two love birds. Will their feelings for each other come between them and their dreams? Could all the work they have put into advancing their careers be all in vain? Is a second chance at love a higher achievement than any career accomplishment? From the opening page up to the end, this captivating story will have you hooked and eager to find just what happens next.

Wild in Rio

Wild in Rio is the first book in Love at the Games series. It takes place during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Both the hero and heroine have come to win and are not looking for anything that will distract them from winning gold. However, as fate would have it, these two ends up concentrating more on each other, and the main aim of joining the Olympics is momentarily forgotten.

The prologue highlights how a chance meeting of the hero and heroine starts a fire that burns free when the two meet again during the Olympics. Ever Beckinsale, a highly competitive athlete, met Padraig O’Callahan in Ireland, two years before the Olympics. Padraig met a crying Ever by a bay in Ireland. He offered the much-needed shoulder to cry on and even goes ahead to offer Ever a friendship ring that we later learn was a treasured gift from his brother. The handsome stranger had left quite an impression after showing extreme kindness and encouraging her to fight for the kind of life that she wanted.

Ever is an accomplished American equestrian who is not just talented but also wealthy. She often feels trapped by the demands of her wealthy family and is determined to break free and enjoy her life for once. Her goal is to win the Olympics so that she can finally be in a position to live her life devoid of her wealthy family’s influence. On the other hand, the hero, Padraig, is an overconfident man who believes he has the power to size people up in a single glance. It comes as a surprise when he discovers that the girl he met two years back is not just an accomplished athlete, but also an heiress. It is evident that she is way over his league, and the smart thing to do would be to stay away from her.

Padraig works to push Ever and the feeling he has for her away. Soon enough, Padraig discovers that pushing this talented girl is a costly mistake. Aside from the apparent characteristics, this woman has a lot more to offer. Padraig is intrigued, and he discovers that he wants both her soul and body. A wild love follows, and an unforgettable night sets the course for a romance that sees Padraig go to great lengths to convince Ever to take a chance with him.
This is an opposite-attract novel where two people from totally different worlds fall in love at first sight. Their brief meeting has them fantasizing about each other for two years. When fate gives them a second chance together, their intense feelings get the better of them, and things move way faster than they both expected. It helps that the novella is written in the first person present tense, which gives it that intensity and forward momentum that sets up apart and makes the story more thrilling.

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