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New Arcadia (With: Steve Diamond) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Running From Destiny(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Code Breaker(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dispocalypse(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About M.A. Rothman

American author M.A. Rothman is a well-known writer due to his expertly written technology based science-fiction and thriller novels. Writing with a high-degree of realism, he injects his work with a real sense of immediacy, immersing his readers from the outset. This approach to writing has proven to be hugely successful for him, as he’s gained a worldwide following of readers from far and wide. Becoming a huge name throughout his field, he’s taken the genre and essentially made it his own, with his own unique style and voice.

Giving his reader a story to really invest themselves in, Rothman is also highly regarded for the scale and scope of his imagination. Letting his work speak for itself, it’s a testament to his skill as a writer, pushing the genre in new and interesting directions. Making the art-form work for him, he creates vivid imagery that really leaves a powerful impression on his global audience. With a background in the sciences himself, it’s no wonder that his work is so richly detailed and realistic as well.

Creating full worlds for the reader to really explore, Rothman knows exactly what he’s doing when it come to creating vibrant stories. Saying precisely what he wants to say with his novels, he’s seen as a writer who’s completely in charge of his art-form and creative output. The characters are also a testament to his skills as a writer, in that he makes entirely believable protagonists for the audience to engage with. There’s much more to come still, as he carries on writing, with a lot more to say, as she carries on writing into the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Born in America, M.A. Rothman was always keenly interested in writing, but would begin his career in engineering. A senior engineer at Intel, he’s also worked at UEFI as one of the primary architects, and has gone on to hold over 1000 patents worldwide. Publishing many books on the subject, he’s a key figure in his industry, and has also gone on to successfully build a career in genre fiction.

Drawing heavily from the hard science-fiction genre, he focuses on facts when it comes to writing his stories. Well reviewed, his side interest in writing would soon take over, as he’s now gone on to writer under the pen-name of M.A. Rothman. Continuing to work as both an engineer and novelist, he has lots more planned for release upon the horizon still to come.

Writing Career

Making his literary debut in 2012 with the novel ‘Heirs of Prophecy,’ this Young Adult novel would go on to be included in his epic fantasy series ‘Prophecies.’ Later, in 2018 he’d move on with the novel ‘Perimeter,’ Rothman would also begin his ‘Levi Yoder’ series of thriller novels. Other series that he’d go on to write would be called ‘Exodus,’ ‘New Beginnings,’ ‘Connor Sloane,’ and ‘Plainswalker.’

Many of his novels would be set in futuristic or fantasy worlds, as he’d pay close attention to detail throughout them all. Moving between genres, from techno-thriller, to fantasy, to science-fiction and dystopia, he’s a more than gifted and adept author. A USA Today bestselling writer, he maintains a popular profile both online and off, with more expected to follow still.

Primordial Threat

Originally published in 2018 on the 9th of August, this would first come out through the Kindle publishing platform. Marking the first novel in the ‘Exodus’ science-fiction series, it would set the template for much of what was to come. Establishing a lot of world-building, it really works on a number of different levels, paving the way for ‘Freedom’s Grasp’ to follow in 2020. The book has some big ideas throughout, with its use of scientific concepts, while also being easy to follow and accessible.

Set in the year 2066, this sees humanity resting on the shoulders of Burt Radcliffe, as he heads NASA’s Near Earth Object program. Running the DefenseNet project, he’s setting up a ring of satellites, creating an early-warning system that aims to eliminate any oncoming threats. That’s when there’s rumblings heard of a black hole that’s been threatening humanity and is set to destroy everything. Where did the original DefenseNet architect go, can David Holmes be found, and can they ever hope to stop the primordial threat?

This book is extremely imaginative, with a huge science-fiction based concept driving the narrative forwards throughout. Its use of world-building is also something to be admired, as it really delivers upon its core concept, along with introducing some engaging characters. Immersing the reader, it allows them to lose themselves in the world it inhabits, really taking the genre to the next level.

The Swamp

First published in 2022, this initially arrived on the 13th of July through the ‘Primordial Press’ publishing label. The fourth book in the ‘Levi Yoder’ series of novels, it’s another high-concept global-thriller with a lot to say. Providing a further stand-alone adventure, it follows the Mafia fixer Levi Yoder, Continuing on from ‘Never Again’ in 2019.

Working as a fixer for a New York Mafia crime family, Levi Yoder is asked for assistance by the Outfit, as he traces threats back to Washington DC and Berlin. With the world of organized crime influencing those in government, Levi knows what he has to do as he comes to learn of the many connections. Now a threat is set to destabilize Western society, and it’s up to Levi to sort it out and neutralize it before it’s all too late. Will he find out what’s really going on, can he make the connections, and why is government seen as the swamp?

There’s plenty of action here with the character of Levi Yoder already being firmly established, but this isn’t to say that arcs aren’t developed. Making the most of its exciting concept, it really pushes the action to the next level, giving it a real sense of immediacy throughout. It has a lot going on, but it never loses itself, being an easy story to follow, yet also difficult to put down with its action-packed pace.

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