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M.D Ireman
M.D. Ireman is a fantasy author best known for his debut novel, The Axe and the Throne. Ireman was diagnosed with a condition that made him extra smart in math and the sciences. Thanks to his left-brain condition, Ireman went to get a Computer Science scholarship to the Carnegie Mellon School. Against his doctors’ advice, Ireman turned down this scholarship and chose to pursue his fantasy and sci-fi passion. For nearly two decades, the talented author has been involved in developing fantasy worlds for his clients. Ireman currently lives in the Colorado mountains with his wife, where he enjoys the wonders of nature. His hobbies include CNC machining and playing card games.

The Axe and the Throne
The Axe and the Throne is the first book in the Bounds of Redemption series. This book tells the story of Tallos, a man on a mission and the challenges he encounters on his voyage north. Tallos’s friend’s sons have been captured by the Northmen. If history is anything to go by, Tallos is sure that his friend’s sons are already dead. However, against his better judgment, Tallos decided to commit to his voyage if only to recover the boys’ corpses and fulfill his promise. Once his mission is complete, all Tallos wants is to come home to his wife. Whatever Tallos meet when he gets to his destination is entirely different from what he expected.

There are two distinct groups at the heart of this story. On one side are the barbarians who reside in the north and the medieval or the civilized people found in the south. The author shows how these two groups interact and intersect over distance and time. Both groups are made of diverse individuals, all trying their best to serve their interests while confronting the challenges they find in their paths.

Tallos is forced to brave the fearsome Galatai warriors that reside in the icy forests during his voyage. Two Galatai brothers, Decker and Titon, are planning a mission of their own. The two want to undertake a raid that will bring them resources and glory amongst their kin. The boys’ father has gone south to look for medicine that could cure their mother. On the other hand is Cassen or the duchess of Adeltia. Cassen has used her connections in the kingdom to employ lady servants whose main job in stealing secrets from high-ranking officials. Crella is stuck in a loveless marriage. She is trying to find out whatever is happening to her son, who is also Adeltia’s future king.

Among the most outstanding things about this story is the world-building. The description is detailed, and it is easy to imagine the life of those who live in it. This fantasy also comes with a glimpse of magic in addition to the heart-stopping, stomach-churning, and jaw-dropping events that happen therein. You will get to meet gods and their objects and creatures that are anything but ordinary. There are also kings, queens, armies, and evil men who will go to extreme lengths to get whatever they want. People are going to die in the most brutal ways, and some of the characters you love will reveal a side you would rather not see.

You will notice that there are no heroes in this book. Everyone is flawed and easy to relate with. The cast is quite diverse and Includes some characters you will feel like slapping to reality and others you will grow to love. First, there is Annora and Ethel. While these two are different in every possible way, they are incredible. These two come with realistic power, and it is fun to see how they shrink and grow with time. Then there is Tallos and Cassen. Both encounter severe difficulties, and their response in these situations is what anyone would want in a fantasy story.

Titon, his sons, and Decker are also great characters. One can only hope that the author will expose more about them in future books. Both Titon and Keethro come with some hero components, and they provide heartbreaks and tension in equal measure. While they often don’t see eye to eye, these two are alike in so many ways. How does the story end for Keethro, given the misunderstandings toward the end? Read this book to find answers to this and more. All the characters are multi-layered, and it is easy to love some while hating others. However, you will find it hard to tell the good guys from the bad ones.

The last chapter, dubbed The Gazer, reveals the identity of the powerful character. This unexpected twist tells a lot about the story even though the character identity comes as a surprise. Is Titon beyond reproach as The Gazer paints him? Does she see everything Titon does? While this last chapter doesn’t reveal all the answers, you can only hope that they will become apparent in subsequent books.

This story is told from different points of view, making each chapter read like a mini-novel. While this may take some getting used to, it all starts making sense when you get to learn each of the narrators better. The narration here is quite flawless, and even though you get to hear from a number of narrators, the story comes together beautifully in the end. Some backstories on different characters are given, so it is easy to understand their actions even when they are obviously making huge mistakes.

The Axe and the Throne is a twisted, creative, and highly imaginative novel. When it comes to the plot, you will find it complex. Common elements include the brave Northman, the crazy price, a power-hungry eunuch, and lots of political drama. The storyline comes with many twists and turns making it hard to predict how the story will end. If you are a fantasy story fan, you will love the world-building, the characters, and the overall storyline in this novel. Join Tallos and the rest of the crew in their gritty and dark fantasy world and learn about the cultures that determine their actions.

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3 Responses to “M.D. Ireman”

  1. Mark: 1 year ago

    Love your book the Axe and the Throne hope you keep writing.

  2. Nicholas Carver: 2 years ago

    What a wonderful diamond in the rough you prepared for me to find roughly 7 years after you published it. I’m just sorry I didn’t find the sooner. I was highly entertained by the novel you wrote, so I just wanted to say, thank you. I am a big fan of ground dark fantasy, and I put volume 1 of The Axe and the Throne right up there with Joe Abercrombie. The yarn you have spun was truly top shelf.

    The last update I found online from you was in 2019, I think. So, if the publication of an ensuing novel is not to be, I will understand. Life can be very difficult, petty harsh critics out there can crush the confidence we need to put forth work born from blood, sweat and tears. But I sincerely hope you don’t let them prevent you from finishing work that simply was not appreciated as it should have been.

    For my part, I will recommend this book to everyone I know that reads (and I will recommend the audiobook to all the friends who are too lazy to do so.)

    I wish you all the best in life regardless of whether you publish another book.

  3. TYLER L WHITE: 2 years ago

    Mr. Ireman,
    First off I’d like to say I am a major fan of your book. I’m dying to know what happens. I hope this message finds you well. It’s been a few years it feels like with not so much as an update.


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