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M.E. Browning is a published author of fiction.

She used to work in law enforcement for 22 years before retiring form her career as a police captain. She then made it her business to take on crime, or in this case, crime fiction. She now is a published author. She writes under the pen names of M.E. Browning as well as Micki Browning. Under her Micki Browning name, she has written the Mer Cavallo mystery series, which have won awards and been nominated for an Agatha. Nonfiction and short stories under this name have also been featured and published in mystery magazines, diving magazines, textbooks, and anthologies. She started off her M.E. Browning career with the Jo Wyatt Mystery series, starting with Shadow Ridge.

She is married and she and her husband reside together in the southern area of Florida. Together they also share quite a bit of scuba equipment that the author likes to use for research.

The author writes whenever she feels like it. Although she would like to say that she has a set schedule and is a disciplined writer, that’s not how it works for her. But she does like to know how the villain went about committing the crime so that she can reverse-engineer a story. She plans things out from the antagonist’s point of view and then writes from the protagonist’s perspective. With a good amount of tea and dark chocolate, Browning will be able to sit in front of the computer for some time and write using this method.

Some of the places that she writes about in her books are real. Everything that she’s written regarding dive sites in the Florida Keys have been based on real places. She often creates places where deeds are done, using creativity to create a name and a spot. She says that her books can be read as stand alone stories, but they will provide the reader with the most insight if they are read in order.

The author says that she hates mushrooms. She has been on and off of the aircraft carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln during the Gulf of Mexico-located war games. She has very good hearing that is very sharp but her eyesight is not quite so perfect and requires her to have glasses. She received her first byline when she was in the first grade for a poem that she wrote as a student, which she still has to this day.

She attended a Barry Manilow concert for his first concert and followed it up by going to see Rush for her second concert. She reports back that seeing Rush was better. She has read the Middle English version of Canterbury Tales and has a Stellaluna bat in her office hanging from the lamp. M.E. has also run 5ks, a half marathon, done mini-triathalons, done a century bicycle ride, done various bike races, and when in high school was on varsity swimming and the boy’s water polo team. She also has a love of fruitcake.

M.E. Browning is the creator and author of the Jo Wyatt Mystery series. The series started off with the debut novel Shadow Ridge. Steve Berry is a best selling author featured on the New York Times and describes the book as having an ‘engaging premise’ and being ‘briskly paced’ throughout all of the mystery, praising its old fashioned suspenseful feeling. The author says that while the character of Jo is not based on herself, they do have one thing in common in that they are always champions of the underdogs.

Shadow Ridge is the first novel in the fictional Jo Wyatt mystery series of novels. Readers get to meet Detective Jo for the first time in this crime fiction debut. When a series of murders hits in a small town in Colorado, it feels like death is right around the corner. Anything could happen in this exciting thriller.

Colorado is home to a special place known as Echo Valley. It is the type of place full of beauty and nature with a river valley that is picturesque. There’s also a growing hipster population in the town. It’s known for being a nice place, but things are about to change.

It turns out that a stalker on the Internet is actually operating in the real world as a killer. Just like that, this community that is all about peace and getting along starts to get disrupted. It all started with a case that seemed simple on the surface. Tye Horton appeared to have committed suicide. He was the main designer of a video game that was cutting edge.

Detective Jo Wyatt is assigned to the case. Taking a look at things, her first instinct is to be suspicious of the woman that originally reported the death, Quinn Kirkwood. She talks to her and it’s then that she is informed that Quinn is being terrorized by a stalker online. At first Jo doesn’t fully believe it, because it’s an all too convenient way to appear vulnerable and throw the detective off the scent of her original suspicions.

However, Jo isn’t going to just ignore what Quinn has said. She starts looking into it and finds out that Quinn was part of a beta-testing group that had been working with Tye on the game. Then the detective hears that one of the group has passed away due to a car accident. She follows the trail and ends up talking to the father of a deceased young man that had taken his own life a year before.

However, there’s more going on to that scenario than just suicide. There’s a whole lot about this case that Jo does not understand. She’s doing what she can to get to the bottom of it, and as she looks into it more, she just finds more information. A disturbing pattern is starting to take shape out of all of the chaos.

There’s a lot of emotion involved in these deaths. Could one individual be driven by revenge, shame, and desperation. As the detective gets closer to the truth, Jo knows that she’s closing in on the case. But when a showdown is in the cards, can she come out on top? Read this book to find out!

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